Elkleap is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Elkleap is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current WinterClan
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Apprentice Fallowpaw
Owner None

Elkleap is a slender, notably tall, tabby tom with soft gray-brown fur. He has thick fur in which keeps him protected from the chilly weather during the winter, and he has warm copper eyes. Paler markings can be seen significantly along his pelt, which can make him appear to have a light creamy-brown underbelly. Elkleap also is known to have white, thorn-sharp claws.



Elkleap is quite tall considering his age, though he does have strong muscles. His fur is extremely soft, and resembles the colour of tree bark- possibly a shade lighter. Elkleap has paler markings, such as an underbelly and face, along his body. His face is neatly shaped, while his head is broad. When he is thinking, Elkleap's eyes are narrowed in focus. Aside from this, one cat can easily tell that Elkleap is a welcoming tom just by looking into his round, gentle eyes. His gray-brown fur is striped, and is thick, but not terribly long.


Physical Health

Since Elkleap has a strong immune system, he is usually resistant to sickness. However, when he does end up falling ill, Elkleap's symptoms are difficult to cope with, and he can easily find himself in a possibly-fatal situation. Elkleap is quite strong, but he finds it difficult to win battles through brute force, and instead, uses his speed instead. He relies on his claws the most, especially while hunting. Considering that Elkleap prefers hunting to fighting, his paw-pads are used to any kind of rough terrain.

Mental Health

Elkleap is highly intelligent; he can solve several conflicts that appear for WinterClan. His knowledge of the forest is quite extensive, therefore proving that he has a firm memory. Able to outwit any opponent in battle on top of his quickness, Elkleap also finds himself using valid logic and reason in almost any conversation he has. He enjoys thinking to himself while out of camp.


Elkleap has a soft, kind heart, especially to the cats he cares about. He's willing to fight any battle so long as he can defend his friends. However, before he makes a decision, Elkleap will evaluate the specified situation before he does anything. While Elkleap is extremely determined, his mind is not easy to budge, and once he makes his choice, it is near impossible to change it. Sometimes, Elkleap might get lost in his memories, but at the end of the day, he is a loyal tom to WinterClan. He will protect his friends if needed, but with common sense and reason.

Skills and Abilities

Elkleap chooses to manage with his speed during a battle. He is a quick-witted fighter, but Elkleap avoids conflict for the most part as he believes there is a better way to solve disputes. However, he is very skilled in battle, especially when he feels confident about the battle. Elkleap can easily recall battle tactics, and apply them in modification. Even though he is a worthy fighter, Elkleap knows that he is best at hunting.



Elkleap is first seen rising from a plentiful rest- blinking his eyes open and ready for the day ahead. While he is still a young warrior, Elkleap is mentioned to have a strong desire to serve his Clan to the best of his ability. He stretches out his long legs before proceeding towards the den exit. Elkleap shakes out his fur, removing the clinging moss, before emerging out into the camp. He takes note of the busy cats currently heading out of the main camp. Upon realising that he was a tad late, Elkleap decides that he will hunt later to make up for lost time, and heads toward the camp entrance to go on a walk.
As he is about to leave, Elkleap suddenly notices cats gathering by the Highobject, causing him to retreat towards the crowd. Elkleap seats himself in silence, avoiding social contact with the massive group. He then wraps his tail neatly over his paws, and peers upward calmly to witness what is going on. Soon after, Breezesky catches sight of Elkleap, and pads toward him, warmly asking him how he has been. Blinking at the sound of his name, Elkleap greets his former mentor with a dip of his head. He purrs that he has been well, forwarding the same question to Breezesky herself.

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