Elodie is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Elodie is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Elodie life
Current The Storm Fronts
Given Elodie
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut The Storm Fronts
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling Crystal-Shae
Mate None
Kits None
Owner None

Elodie is a point tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She is a member of The Storm Fronts, and the sister of Crystal-Shae. The two sisters were born in the Storm Fronts, but their parents have either left or died.



Elodie is gifted with a very elegant appearance. She has a triangular-shaped head, and a beautiful glossy pelt. She has light paws and long legs, which enhance her running skills. She has a long, fluffy tabby tail, and pointed ears.
She has magnificent dark blue eyes and curved white whiskers. She manages to keep her teeth reasonably white, but due to being a wild cat, they are tinted slightly yellow, which is absolutely normal.


Physical Health

Elodie is very healthy physically. She does lots of exercise, such as hunting, swimming and climbing. She also does a great deal of running, as she 'specialises', so to say, in hunting fast-running animals such as rabbits and hares, rather than birds or fish.

Mental Health

She hasn't shown any signs of mental illness.


Elodie is mostly kind-hearted and goes out of her way to help. But sometimes she can be extremely bitter and rude to cats she dislikes. When she forgives she will forget and there will be no strings attatched, meaning she won't demand any extra apologies, as she thinks an apology is enough on its own.
If any cat makes an enemy of her, they will soon realise that it is a mistake, as she will lash out and attack any cat who tries to hurt her or those she considers dear to her.

Skills and Abilities

She is skilled in running and fighting. Her long legs enhance her ability to run, and her sharp claws help her to injure cats, and her thick fur helps to prevent her from getting injured too easily.



She was born in The Storm Fronts to two unknown cats, along with her sister, Crystal. The two grew up and were taught by their mother to hunt and fight, but when they were young members, their parents either left or died, without Elodie nor Crystal knowing what happened.




Mother: - Unnamed She-cat (Suspected to be deceased or a loner)

Father: - Unnamed Tom (Suspected to be deceased or a loner)



Coming Soon


Elodie life


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