Enero is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current ForestClan
Past Loner
Age 17 moons (approx. 1.41 years)
Status Living
Debut ForestClan/Roleplay/Archive 1
Father TBA
Mother Ysolt
Siblings Swampstar, Shore, Galaxy, Sicily
Mate None
Kits None
Owner whiskers

Enero is a silver tabby tom.



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Enero has always been an outsider, due to his lack of recalling his past, and his enhanced abilities. He keeps to himself and is an introverted character, feeling like an oddball. He fears being judged and chased off by others because of his unnatural abilities. Enero does not wish to be considered a monster, and would give just about anything to be normal. He hardly communicates or interacts with his clanmates unless absolutely necessary, fearing that he will somehow bring them harm, or they'll figure out that he's abnormal.
He's a very sneaky and secretive character, and not always on purpose. With his past currently unknown to him while he gathers his memories, Enero doesn't have much to share. With his introverted nature, he doesn't share much with others, and acts as a silent outcast. It's not that be lives his life in shame, rather he's greatly confused and lost. Enero also fears that he'll lose any friends he attempts to make, or he'll accidentally bring them harm.
With a great lack of self confidence, Enero isn't very sure of himself. He's curious of his past and what his inner self is like, all the meanwhile fearing he might be a monster deep down. The fluffy tom tends to avoid conversation and break eye contact, and think hard of his actions before performing them. Unknowingly, Enero has a very warm inner core and a strong urge to protect those he deeply cares for. Unfortunately because of his lost memories, he doesn't exactly know who he cares about at the moment.
He's also not great with humor. Not that he doesn't appreciate, it's more or less that he doesn't always understand it. Fortunately for Enero, this makes him look pretty goofy, as he tends to react very awkwardly under pressure, either with long silence, or some sort of innocently confusing response. Below all that fluff and intimidating silence, he's a big and dorky lapdog.


Like his littermates, Enero was one of the handful of cats to escape an experiemental facility. As a result, he has been blessed with unique abilities, although he is not yet aware of them. However, with these abilities, he lost his memories as well, but seems to be slowly recollecting them. Despite not standing out like most of his fellow experimentees with extremely out-of-this-world powers, Enero has enhanced strength and regeneration. Although perhaps not the "coolest" of powers, they do come in handy, particularly in combat. Enero has realized that he is much more powerful than the average cat, and it has been easily pointed out that his wounds heal almost instantly. As a result, the tom is unfortunately attempting to hide his enhanced strength and regeneration, although it doesn't always go as well as he plans.
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Kithood & Adolscence

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:Ysolt - Deceased, residence unknown


Galaxy - Living
Shore - Living


Sicily - Deceased, residence unknown
Swamp - Living


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  • His name is Spanish for "January".
    • If he is to ever have kittens, they may be named after the Months of the Year (in Spanish) as well (but not mayo).
  • He won't take up a warrior name.




Character Pixels

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