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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past Loner, Rogue, WinterClan
Given Kit: Mouse
Alternative Kit: Fadingkit
Apprentice: Fadingpaw
Warrior: Fadingshadow
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Fell in a hole
Debut Winter and Fading's Tears
Last Post Unknown
Father Darkshadow, Redstorm
Mother Baize
Siblings Winterblaze, Holly, Redfrost
Mate None
Kits None
Mentors Flickheart, Thornwhisker
Owner Stormeh
Fadingshadow is a very handsome, muscular light gray tom with white patches kind of like clouds, huge, bulky paws with long, hooked claws, sharp teeth, a broad muzzle, muscular shoulders and legs, multiple scars across his body and face, and huge, brilliant, stormy handsome blue eyes that reflect anything he's looking at.


He can be feisty and sometimes reluctant at times, but is purely devoted to his Clan, WinterClan, and thinks poorly of the other Clans. He is actually older then Fernshade and the rest, but came very late to the clan. He isnt sour, and is very cheerful when you get used to him. He is very affectionate, and very sweet if you dig deep. He can be overproud and wont admit his hurting or embarressed until the last moment. He isnt mushy and its hard for him to fall in love. He is now over Fernshade, knowing he cant chase around her tail forever. He is very troubled by his past, it usually depresses him. He is actually a excellent hunter and a true friend. He really likes Glasspool.


His past was revealed in Fadingshadow's Tears

He was born to Baize in a cold and hard leaf-bare with his siblings Winter, Red, Holly, and Flick. He was called Mouse when he was born.

Mouse oneday caught a large mouse for his family, saying he was a great hunter. His mother saw a sign from StarClan that his name was Fading, and she renamed him and his siblings to Winterkit, Redkit, Hollykit, Flickkit, and Fadingkit. He is shown to be proud.

Later his mom freaks out and tells them to hide. They all do and she runs out. Curious, Winterkit and him go and investigate. They find him threatening Baize, thier mother, and suddenly he trips and the tom picks him up, saying he will be the first one to die if she didnt give them up in three days. The tom throws him at a tree and he is knocked out.

He later wakes up with his mother injured. Baize gets up and tells them they need to run. The tom appears, naming himself as Darkshadow. He is about to kill Baize when Flickkit comes up to him, she tells him to leave her alone, thinking it is a game. He takes her and shakes her until her back opens up and she is shook to death and dropped onto the floor and stepped on like a bug. He then walks out, saying a dark remark about them. Fadingkit and Winterkit huddle around her as she says her dying words, and dies. They stay with her all night.

Fadingkit and Winterkit wake up in StarClan, and is visited by three StarClan cats, Bisonfur, Cloudywind, and thier grown up sister, Flickheart. She tells them that she is ok, and that they have come to bless the two. She first gives Winterkit the power of winning battles and the gifts of Strength and compassion. She then whispers to him to look out for a white she-kit who will bring out the best in him, refering to Icekit. She then turns to Fadingkit.

She gives Fadingkit the gifts of Wisedom, courage, and pure detirmination. She says that he will have a hard path ahead of him, but she will be with him the entire way. She tells him to watch out for the one who makes him happy, because thats the one who will break him of his depression. She then tells them to always believe in StarClan and that they will always be with them. Fadingkit asks what they do about Darkshadow, and she replies to run. All three wish them good luck and disappear, leaving the two kits stunned in sleep.

When they wake up, he and Winterkit get up and warn the others, and tell them they must run with them. They all run. leaving thier mother and life behind. They dont stop running until they see a wartering hole and take a drink. That is where Hollykit decides to leave them and stay with her mom, because she may need help after Darkshadow leaves. Redkit decides to go with her and the two leave, leaving Winterkit and Fadingkit.

They keep traveling together until they reach the great mountain. Winterkit suggests they climb it, and Fadingkit suddenly feels coldness rush into him, they fight and he slashes his brother on the face, leaving him bleeding, Fadingkit becomes so scared that he runs away, leaving his brother calling after him.

He hids for two moons, living alone. He is seven moons old, and his brother is already Winterpaw in the clans. He has a dream and Flickheart gives him his apprentice name and gives him fresh-kill. He is overjoyed by this, but knows that he will have to go to the clans. He decides to go and travels far to go there, training with his StarClan mentor, Flickheart.

He reaches thier territory and spots a patrol. He sees a black tabby tom and a tortoishell she-cat first with other cats, his sister comes to him and tells him that the black tabby is Risingpaw, and she says that he is going to be the best WinterClan and behond will ever see. She disappears and suddenly he sees a brown and white tabby she-cat with dazzling green eyes, refering to Fernpaw, and feels like he actually likes her already.

He later settles into clan life, and was welcomed in kindly by the leader, Reedstar, and some of the other cats. Some apprentices are sour to him and dont really care hes there, but it doesnt matter to him, He is drawn to the lake one night for some reason and ends up spilling words to himself as he looks into the lake. He sighs and returns to camp, feeling oddly in love.

Later, he is seen running after Fernpaw, confused and sad for her. He was there when she was sick, and stood by her the entire way. But she ignored him and went with Coyotefang. He became sad, and when Blackstar wouldnt make him a warrior, he almost felt like running away, he knew he was older, and could do it, but no one believed in him. He still feels love for her, but never admitted it. When Fernshade asked Coyotefang to be her mate, he felt as if his entire heart fell out, but he still lived with the pain.

He is later talking to Fernshade, and he finds out she likes him a bit, This makes him feel super happy, and he feels like the evilness within him is already vanishing. Though he notices that everyone is mad at Fernshade for liking him, including her own sister, Irisfrost, and Talonclaw. He kinda feels bad for Coyotefang at the moment, and immediatly walks away sadly, letting him talk to Fernshade,

He later becomes a full member of the clan, earning his warrior name Fadingshadow. He takes a sideways glance at Fernshade, but looks away. He is later seen talking to her, but she ignores him. He later decides to forget about her, and just find someone else to love.

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Fadingkit: "Dont die, please dont...."
Flickkit: "D..ear brother, I will always be with you, I prom..ise"
Winterkit: "NO! Please... I need you here..."
Fadingkit: "We... we were going to be the greatest, we had our lives planned out! We were going to be... great"
Flickkit: "I.. I would have held you back, from doing what you wanted to do, all I am is waste"
Fadingkit and Winterkit: "No your not, you will never be, Goodby, Dearest sister."
—Fadingkit and Winterkit at Flickkit's death bed Fadingshadow's Tears



Fadingpaw's Apprentice Ceremony

Flickheart: "This kit has reached 7 moons of age, and has done what no kit has done before, defeated a muderer who has desreved it for countless moons. He has proven himself worthy of this, and has shown courage, wisedom, and bravery behond a normal clan cat. Since you have no clan yet, I, representing StarClan, shall give you your honor, because it is long deserved"
Fadingkit: "Flickheart, you should be getting your name too, and recieving this honor, so when I get my new name, I request one thing, that it is on your honor"
Flcikheart: "Thank you, Fadingkit. From this moment forwards, you shall be known as Fadingpaw, and your mentor will be me until you go to a clan, then you will have two mentors. Protect the ones you care for and the things you love"
Fadingkit: "I promise I will"
—Fadingshadow's Apprentice Creremony in StarClan Fadingshadow's Tears

Fadingpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Blackstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!"
Narrator: "The cats gather from the clan"
Blackstar: "It is time for Fadingpaw to become a warrior. I, Blackstar, leader of WinterClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn. Fadingpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and protect and defent this Clan, even at the cost of your life?"
Fadingpaw: "I do"
Narrator: "Fadingpaw takes a sideways glance at Fernshade, who was sitting down by the other cats"
Blackstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Fadingpaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Fadingshadow. StarClan honors your courage and strength, and welcome you as a full warrior of WinterClan"
—Fadingshadow's Warrior Ceremony WinterClan/Roleplay


Fathers - Redstorm - Living, Darkshadow - Living

Mother - Baize - Living

Sisters - Holly - Living, Flickheart - Desased; verified StarClan member

Brothers - Redfrost - Living, Winterblaze

Aunts - Silvermoon - Living, Silentwind - Living

Grandfather - Icestar - Deseased; verified StarClan member

Grandmother - Skyheart - Deseased; verified StarClan member

Decended from - StarClan - Confirmed because Baize was created by StarClan.

Cousins - Wildheart - Living, Brambleshadow - Living, Moonleaf - Living, Cloudclaw - Living, Dawnpaw - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Nightpaw - Deseased; suspected StarClan member


  • He was first described as a gray she-cat with green eyes and was Ivyheart's cat, but Stoem changed it.
  • He doesnt know his parents or siblings, but knows his past better then any of the others.
  • He used to love Fernshade, but after a while, didnt like to chase her around, so he decided to forget about her.
  • He had two mentors, one in WinterClan, and one in StarClan.

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