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Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Age Approx. 36 Moons (3 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut The Battle of the Century
Last Post Unknown
Father Risingspirit
Mother Wildheart
Siblings Opalgaze, Topazmist, Lifekit, Snakestorm, Shadowshade, Rookheart, Russetfoot, Hollykit, Troutkit, Beetlekit, Ashkit, Honeykit, Morningkit
Mate Lightningstorm
Kits None
Mentor Risingspirit
Apprentices Buzzardclaw, Stoneclaw
Owner Stoem

Fallingheart is a smokey black tom with faint ghost stripes on his legs, face, and tail, and gray-green eyes.

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He is born to Wildheart and Risingstar along with his sisters Opalkit, Topazkit, and his still-born sister Lifekit. He was born during the battle between WinterClan and SummerClan, and the battle that his father became leader in.

He is seen squealing after Wildheart walks away, and she licks him and his siblings on the head. He runs around while his mother chased him, his tail high. He stumbles on his sister and then he walks out.

Later, he is seen playing with his sister and Irisfrosts litter, Leafkit, Gempaw, and Snowpaw. He calls himself Fallingstar. He tackles Opalkit and then Ball the kits talk. She says she wants the her one day, and Wildhert comes and tells them the story of how she and Risingstar fell in love. He listens and is amazed by how they met and fell in love.

Later, he is seen at the birth of Icefeather's kits. He says he wants to be like his aunt Beautifulface and help her give birth. He is shood away by his uncle, Brambleshadow, and ordered to go play. He scampers off, unaffected.

He is seen later walking to Flintkit and Opalkit. He listens to how Flintkit is dying, and that he likes her. He is amazed, and is seen saying how he is really brave.


He becomes an apprentice, Fallingpaw, and his father and Clan leader, Risingstar, is his mentor. He is seen super excited, and bouncing around happily. He runs to his den to ask him to go train when he catches his sister, Topazpaw, already in there, showing him her catch. He praises her, and so does Risingstar. The two talk and Fallingpaw becomes slightly annoyed that he hasnt gone out training with his mentor yet.

Later, he is seen fighting in the battle against badgers. He attacks a badger with Opalpaw, and he slashes it. It throws him against a tree, but he instantly gets up and fights when he realizes that Opalpaw is already injured. He attacks it head on, knocking it over and killing it with his powerful muscules. Opalpaw congradulates him, and he makes her to go thier aunt.

Later, Opalpaw asks him of she is fit to be a warrior, and he is suprised, and highly agrees, saying she deserves it. She disagrees, but he insists, and she finally agrees with him.

Later, Risingstar and him train when he comes and asks. He shows his dad a move for fighting a badger, and he misses. and hits a tree, winded. He looks up and sees two Risingstar's, and asks if Beautifulface had morfed into him, or if he had a twin.


He becomes a warroir, Fallingheart, and is thrilled with his achievment of becoming a warrior, though is very sad that his dad wasn't there to see his kits become noble warriors.

Later, he goes out hunting with Lightningstorm. They race, and he becomes annoyed that she beat him and his tom pride. When they get back, he immediatly says that he had a fun time, hiding the voice of desperation from his mew, knowing that he had some affection for the pretty she-cat.

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Risingspirit - Living


Wildheart - Living


Topazmist - Living
Opalgaze - Living
Lifekit - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Troutkit - Living
Ashkit - Living
Honeykit - Living
Morningkit - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Hollykit - Living


Snakestorm - Living
Russetfoot - Living
Shadowshade - Living
Rookheart - Living
Beetlekit - Deceased; verified StarClan member















Fallingpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Azurestar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath here for a Clan meeting!"
Narrator: "Clan gathers"
Azurestar: "Will Briarpaw, Lightningpaw, Dyingpaw, Leafpaw, Gempaw, Flintpaw, Daringpaw, Dreampaw, Snowpaw, Toppazpaw, Opalpaw, Fallingpaw, Sapphirepaw, Bramblepaw, Chillpaw, and Eaglepaw step forward?"
Fallingpaw: "Steps forwards"
Azurestar: "Do you all promise to uphold the warrior code, and protect it, even if it costst you your life?"
Fallingpaw: "I do"
Azurestar: "Then by the powers vested in me, you shall get your names. Briarpaw, you will now be known as Briarshine, Lightningpaw as Lightningstorm, Dyingpaw as Dyingflame, Leafpaw as Leafgaze, Gempaw as Gemheart, Flintpaw as Flintpelt, Daringpaw as Daringheart, Dreampaw as Dreamflight, Snowpaw as Snowbreeze, Topazpaw as Topazmist, Opalpaw as Opalgaze, Fallingpaw as Fallingheart, Sapphirepaw as Sapphirewave, Bramblepaw as Brambleshade, Chillpaw as Chillfoot, and Eaglepaw as Eaglefeather. StarClan admires all of your talents and strengths, including your faults, and we all welcome you as warriors of WinterClan!"
WinterClan/Roleplay/Archive 35

Fallingkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Risingstar: "May all cats old enough to hunt at night Gather beneath Highpine for a Clan meeting! It is time for a ceremony, and boy, is this Helluva one. Fallingkit, Opalkit, Topazkit, Lightningkit, Snowkit, Dreamkit... Daringkit, Flintkit, Countrykit, Gemkit, Dyingkit, and Leafkit, step forward."
Risingstar: "Do, two, you eleven promise to uphold the warrior code even at the cost of your own lives?"
Fallingkit, Opalkit, Topazkit, Lightningkit, Snowkit, Dreamkit Daringkit, Flintkit, Countrykit, Gemkit, Dyingkit, and Leafkit: "*all nod* I do."
Risingstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your apprentice names. Leafkit, you will be known as Leafpaw with Shadowclaw as your mentor, Gemkit, you will be known as Gempaw, with Tanzaniteshadow as your mentor, Countrykit as Countrypaw, with Beautifulface as your mentor, a medicine cat everyone! Flintkit as Flintpaw, with Shimmershadow as your mentor, Daringkit, as Daringpaw, with Shallowsplash as your mentor, Dreamkit as Dreampaw with Rainsong as your mentor, Snowkit as Snowpaw with Hawkheart as your mentor, Lightningkit as Lightningpaw with Snowshadow as your mentor, Topazkit, as Topazpaw, With Iolitefrost as your mentor, Opalkit as Opalpaw, With Gustywind as your mentor, Dyingkit, as Dyingpaw, with Silverberry as your mentor, and finally, Fallingkit, as Fallingpaw with me as your mentor."
WinterClan 30




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