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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Given Warrior: Featherstorm
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Blueflame
Mother Squirrel
Sibling Squirrellight
Mates Shinefeather (formerly), Happybird
Kits Spider, Silentspark Specklethorn, Snakepaw, Cricketpaw, Goosekit, Fallowpaw
Mentor Blueripple
Apprentice Pepperpatch
Owner None
Featherstorm is a huge, long legged, battle scarred, blue-gray tom with clear, bright, leaf green eyes, and torn, scarred ears.


Featherstorm is sarcastic, feisty, and a slight smart-alleck. But, he is also humorous, kind, very smart, and fiercely loyal to what he believes in. He truly loves Shinefeather, but has moved on with Happybird.


Featherkit and Squirrelkit were born to a rogue, Squirrel, and a SummerClan warrior, Blueflame. When his mother left SummerClan territory, his heart-broken father, carried the two SummerClan, where Featherkit and Squirrelkit were raised by the only nursing queen at the time. At the age of six moons, he was apprenticed to his father's former apprentice, Rippleblue. When he and Squirrelpaw chased badger off of SummerClan territory, they recieve the names Featherstorm and Squirrellight.

After his warrior vigil, he meets Shinefeather. The two young cats immediately become mates. It is not long before Shinefeather is expecting kits. When the kits enter the world, the two toms earn the names Specklekit and Spiderkit, and the she-kit is named Silentkit.

He participates in the battle against WinterClan and fights Bristlemoon. He beats Bristlemoon, but earns a bad scar.'

He asks Rowanstar if he can mentor Pepperkit. She replies yes, saying she was going to give him Pepperkit anyway. At the ceremony, he is so proud, all he can do is nod. He takes Pepperpaw out, and shows him the WinterClan border. He tells him he got the scar on his side from fighting a WinterClan warrior. Pepperpaw tells him he doesn't want to fight, because his sister, Brindlepaw, might get hurt. Featherstorm comforts him, making points at Brindlepaw's strength and charisma. Pepperpaw is less worried. They have a race back to camp.

He goes to the Gathering and takes Pepperpaw. He introduces Pepperpaw to Bristlemoon. Pepperpaw is shy and murmurs "Hello," quietly. When SummerClan leaves, he says goodbye to Bristlemoon and the Clan leaves.

Featherstorm, Silentkitt, and Shinefeather have a talk about how far away Silentkit, Specklekit, and Spiderkit's apprentice ceremonies are.

Spiderkit disappears, and he is distraught.

Shinefeather asks him if he wants to go for a walk. He says yes and licks her cheek. They walk through the forest, talking about their kits, and the disappearance of Spiderkit. They reach the Thunderpath, and they want to cross. He twines his tail with Shinefither's, and tells her to stay close to him. They start across the Thunderpath, and Shinefeather is hit by a monster. He sobs and tries to comfort her, bringing up her mother, Petalseed allowing Featherstorm to be her mate. He carries her back to camp, where she dies.

He eats in the clearing in SC camp, and looks up at Silverpelt. A single tear rolls down his cheek and he whispers, "Protect her StarClan...".

He cheers for Pepperpaw at his warrior ceremony as he earns the name Pepperpatch.

He begins to grow close to Happybird, and confides in her about his depression. She understands, ans says she's sorry to hear that. Later, he asks her to be his mate, stating moving forward is a part of life. She agrees and not long after, is expecting kits.

Shinefeather comes down from StarClan, and seeks out Featherstorm. He sees her, and purrs in delight, stating that she's back. Happybird has his kits, Snakekit, Cricketkit, Goosekit, and Fallowkit, and he names Snakekit. Shinefeather comes down again and they fight. He tells Silentpaw even though she's mad, she should come see the kits. She snaps at him she will when he starts loving her, and he snaps back at her, telling her what he's done and been through.

He goes to the Gathering and sits with Longstripe and Brightdrop. He spends a lot of his time worrying about his kits, and telling himself he knew they'd be safe. He congratulates AutumnClan's new leader, Thunderstar. The white tom purrs and thanks him.

'His son, Goosekit, and his two friends, Bluekit and Cedarkit go missing. He isn't very worried, thinking he was probably just messing around. When he can't find Goosekit over night, he becomes extremely worried. He spends days looking for Goosekit, but can't find him. He becomes depressed, and more over protective of his remaining kits.

When Rowanstar comes back from losing a life, he tells her she had had him worried. Snakekit squeals for him to catch him, and Cricketkit bounds off after his brother. Featherstorm purrs and chases after his sons.

His kits become apprentices, making him very proud. Not long after, he fights in the battle against WinterClan. He kills Mistcloud, calling her an old flea-bag. He kills Cuckoofoot as well, and is in turn killed by Sedgeheart. He calls Strongheart over, and tells him to Happybird he was glad to raise these kits with her, and to tell his kits he loves them. He also tells Strongheart to tell Silentspark he was sorry, before sighing and joining StarClan.



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Everything will be alright in the end. So if everything is not yet alright, it is not yet the end.
-Featherstorm to Pepperpaw about Brindlepaw being safe in battle.

Featherstorm: "SHINEFEATHER!"
Narrator: He crouched over her body, sobbing.
Featherstorm: "How could I let this happen? Why not me?"
Narrator: He sobbed again.
-Featherstorm after Shinefeather is hit by a monster.

I won't let you go! Remember when Petalseed said I could be your mate? I told her I would never let anything hurt you."
-Featherstorm to Shinefeather.

"You know I talk to you! You know I help you when Brownpelt isn't here. And I nearly died when Spiderkit dissapeared. Did you know Rowanstar punished me for spending nights in Twolegplace looking for her? And I train with Specklepaw when Rowanstar can't, so you can't say I don't love you!"
-Featherstorm to Silentpaw



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