Fell is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current None
Past Kittypet
Given Kit: Fell
Loner: Fell
Kittypet: Fell
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Loners & Rogues 9
Last Post Unknown
Father Copper
Mother Tansy
Siblings Starling, Airmead
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Copper and Tansy
Owner Stoemm
Fell is a well-musculed black and white tom with amber eyes, in which one eye has a fleck of green.



Fell is a large tom. He is rather large for his age, being about the size of a grown tom cat. He has thin, dense black for that help him when swimming. He has white paws, tail tip, underbelly, chest, neck ring, muzzle, and stripe that run down his head and to his neck. His fur is almost water-proof, making swimming a breeze for him.

Fell is a musculed tom to the bone. He has a almost fat, thick stomach that is stone-hard to the touch. He gains weight easily, making him look and be fat only from a few meals. He has a short, thin tail that is tipped white. He has a well-arched back with a long neck. He has long, thin legs that don't match his musculed body and massive paws, tipped with long, thick and sharp claws.

Fell has a large, finely shaped head. He has small amber eyes with a fleck of green in one that is almost unnoticable. He also has a long, narrow muzzle and a large grey-pink nose. He has short black whiskers and round, large ears.


Mental Health


Physical Health




Skills and Abilities




Even though born in Roleplay, his Life is unexplained in Roleplay.
He is the first born of the litter, although not the largest yet. He is named after the fall that Copper and Tansy felt when they left their Kittypet homes with Cheetahspirit.
He opens his eyes in the safety of the den, knowing that the outside world is dangerous. Although, he is very independent, and doesn't want to listen to his parents when they tell him that he can't go out there.
Starling asks he and Airmead to go out into the Forest, and he reluctantly agrees after a long time of arguing with Starling and Airmead. When Tansy leaves with Copper to hunt due to the shortage of prey, they leave into the Forest.
They travel frather then they attended, and they try to get back, only to end up farther and at a Twoleg home. They ear some food, feeling helpless and hungry, and they are captured and turned into Kittypets.
After being Kittypets for nearly 5 moons, he and his sisters decide they must escape, so they leave when the Twoleg man leaves the door open. He and his sisters find that Copper and Tansy had left, and they soon realize that they must form a group together if they are to survive.


He was born to Copper and Tansy along with his sisters Airmead and Starling as a Loner. Even though he was born in Roleplay, his story that wasn't shown in Roleplay is explained in his Backstory.

Life Image


Character Pixels

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Father - Copper - Living

Mother - Tansy - Living

Sisters - Starling - Living, Airmead - Living

Grandmother - Starling - Deceased; residence unknown


  • He is based off of Fell from the books The Sight and Fell
    • The reason why he is black and white instead of black is because Stoem wanted him to have more colors then just a black cat, and Stoem imagined him black and white.
  • He and his siblings will join a clan, but he and them will leave because he wanted to be a loner more.
    • His name will be Oakfall
  • He, Starling, and Airmead have a special bond that makes them best friends.
  • He'll believe in StarClan until he dies, along with his siblings, and will go to StarClan.
  • He won't see his parents ever again most likely.

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