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Current SplashClan
Age 36 moons (approx. 3 years)
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Owner Rose

Fernstream is a light brown tabby she-cat with white paws, and a white muzzle and chest. She is currently a warrior of SplashClan, with an unknown family.



Fernstream is a light brown tabby with distinctive stripes on her legs, body, and tail. On her face she has a stripe extending from each eye and tabby M on her forehead, these being a slightly lighter color than the stripes on the rest of her body. She has white on her paws, muzzle, and chest. The white on her muzzle extends up to between her eyes, where it tapers off. On her paws the white reaches a different spot on each paw. She has two light pink, barely visible scars on her front left leg and a torn right ear.
Her body has a rather skinny build, with thin, long legs and a long tail. Her fur is very thick, but short. Her entirely intact ear, her left, is rounded at the top. She has a long muzzle, with a pink nose. Her eyes are a yellow-ish gold, and are of a round shape. She has long white whiskers, sharp claws, and dark pink pawpads.


Fernstream is of a strong physical health. She does occasionally get sick, but it is rarely anything that could be life threatening. She frequently exercises, finding joy in running and swimming, often doing these things for no reason other than to do it. She doesn't sleep as much as she should, often staying up late and waking up early, but knows her limits and will sometimes spend most of a day asleep so she can recharge.
Fernstream is quite intelligent and creative, even if a lot of her ideas stay inside her. She constantly tries to prove herself to others, and can sometimes be rather paranoid about whether or not another cat saw a mistake she made. She doesn't feel comfortable in high leadership positions, feeling pressured and trapped if other cats rely on her to make important decisions, and worries that she'll make a mistake.


Fernstream isn't the most social cat around, preferring to be alone a lot of the time. She is quiet when she speaks to other cats most of the time, and sometimes has trouble putting thoughts into coherent sentences. While she tries to be nice to every cat she speaks to she can't help but let sarcastic comments slip through sometimes.
She can be rather clumsy, often not looking where she is going while running, which leads to her running into things on occasion. She tries to be careful about things like that, not wishing to embarrass herself in front of others. Fern prefers to follow rather than lead, not liking the feeling of having others depending on her to make the right choices. She also tries to follow rules, but if she thinks something isn't right she is not going to do it. She prefers to work alone, often rejecting all but a few cats help.


Fernstream is an okay hunter, as she is able to support herself, but she sometimes makes mistakes repeatedly, which can cause her to lose several pieces of prey in a row. She is a fast runner and swimmer, with good endurance and stamina from practicing these two things often. She tries hard to be good at fighting but her small stature and reluctance to hurt others hinders her efforts greatly. She knows that she can't win fights through brute strength and tries to use strategy, but she often can't keep up with how fast things are moving.



Fern was born to two unnamed loners. There were three kits in the litter, but two died before Fern was even a moon old. She lived with her mother and father up until she was ten moons. At this point Fern struck out on her own. She had some skills at this point, enough to be able to survive alone.


Fern never really set down a permanent den anywhere, choosing to wander throughout the land. She kept to herself, never really making friends, though she did talk to others. At one point she stumbled across The Storm Fronts. She liked the way the group was organized and how the cats worked together, so she settled down with them, becoming a member.


Fern is out and about in the forest, hunting. She had been attempting to catch something since daybreak, but had only managed to lose a small bird and take a run through the forest. Padding along, she sees a small squirrel, and crouches down to make an attempt to catch it. Just as she gets close enough to jump a twig breaks under her, startling both her and the squirrel. Making a clumsy jump, she lands face first upon the ground. Sitting up, she can hear branches rustling in a nearby tree. Talking to herself, Fern mews that the squirrel was probably already halfway up the trees, and that she might have better luck by the river. Giving her fur a shake she sets off to the river, determined to catch something.
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Unnamed she-cat: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Unnamed tom: Deceased, Residence Unknown


Two unnamed kits: Deceased, Residence Unknown


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  • Fern is based off of her roleplayer, Shimmer in some ways.


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