Finalfeather is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current None
Past Rogue
Given Kit: Final
Rogue: Final
Apprentice: Finalpaw
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Loners & Rogues
Last Post Unknown
Father Trucker
Mother Whisper
Sibling Pawprint
Mate Darkshadow (Formerly)
Kits Foxwhisper, unnamed deceased kits
Mentor Cheetahspirit
Owner Stoem
Finalfeather is a tiny, stealthy, long fured silver she-cat with white tabby stripes, large, bright ginger, almost red, patches, a finely shaped head, short ears, short, sharp claws, and large, sharp, piercing mixed colored eyes, one a fiery amber-green, and one deep, dark blue.


Coming soon~


She is born to Trucker and Whisper in Loners & Rogues along with her sister Pawprint.

She is seen playing with her tail with her sister. Then, at some point, she runs away and joins SpringClan as an apprentice, Finalpaw, with her mentor being Cheetahspirit.

She somehow becomes a warrior later on, earning the name Finalfeather. She dies later because she falls from a tree, and she never belived in StarClan, so she doesn't go anywhere.

Life Image


Character Pixels

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Mate - Darkshadow (Formerly)- Living

Kits - Foxwhisper - Living, Unnamed deceased kits - deceased; residence unknown

Mother - Whisper - Living

Father - Trucker - Living

Sister - Pawprint - Living


  • Her Life Image shows a gray and ginger cat when she is a silver tabby with ginger patches and mixed colored eyes
  • She was kinda just added to SpringClan because Stoem's plans for her were forgotten by her.

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