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Firesky is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Given Kit: Firekit

Apprentice: Unknown

Warrior: Firesky

Queen: Firesky

Elder: Firesky

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Old age
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Fireblaze
Mother Brindleflower
Siblings Spottedheart, Nightpelt
Mate Cindershade
Kits Thunderblaze, One-ear, Berrynose, Smokeheart, Morningpaw
Apprentice Eclipsemoon
Owner Bbun

Firesky is a  ginger tabby she-cat with white paws, muzzle, chest, and bright sky blue eyes.


Firesky is very kind, loyal, and sometimes worries about those who are her clanmates, but this often annoys her clanmates when she worries about them too much. She is a great hunter, but a poor fighter. Firesky is one of the cats who used to recieve prophecies from StarClan along with Rainface and Silverflower, and often boasts about how great she was. She is always serious and has one of those speeches like the one about Shadowpelt, but her clanmates usually pay no heed to them. Firesky never jokes about serious things and always wants balance in and out of the clan, and this usually makes her an unfavored cat to bring on patrols.


Firekit is born to Fireblaze and Brindleflower, a day after they were born her father got murdered, Snakefang, one of the warriors, said a rogue killed him and he found her father dead. Later on, when it was dusk, WinterClan attacked and took Firesky's brother and sister, Nightpelt and Spottedheart, but her mother died trying to protect them. Instead of getting taken too, Firesky was left alone, the WinterClan cats thinking her useless since she was the runt, but they were wrong. After both her parents died, her father's sister, Robinfeather, took her as one of her own kits. Firesky was raised not knowing what her parents looked like for her eyes were not open yet. When she became an apprentice, she started to have dreams sent from StarClan, the cats of StarClan gave her a prophecy about her keeping things balanced and the attacking of WinterClan. She is also visited StarClan,t hus meeting her parents, great aunts and uncles, and everyone else in StarClan. She became a warrior and earned her warrior name, Firesky. Firesky started to have feelings for Moonstorm, but recovered after he chose Rainface over her. She then fell in love with Moonshade and started to have a love triangle between Moonshade, herself, and Silverflower. She now has five kits with Moonshade: Thunderkit, Berrykit, Duskkit, Smokekit, and Morningkit.


Mate: Cindershade - Deceased; Verified StarClan member

Father: Fireblaze - Deceased; Residence: StarClan

Mother: Bridleflower - Deceased; Residence: StarClan

Sister: Spottedheart - Deceased; Residence: StarClan

Brother: Nightpelt - Living

Aunt: Robinfeather - Status Unknown

Great Aunts: - Sweetsong - Deceased; Residence: StarClan, Whiteberry - Deceased; Residence: StarClan

Great Uncles: - Cinderfall - Deceased; Residence: StarClan, Pebbleclaw - Deceased; Residence:StarClan, Ashblizzard - Deceased; Residence: StarClan

Sons: Thunderblaze - Living, One-ear- Living, Smokeheart - Living

Daughters: Berrynose - Living, Morningpaw - Living

Life Image

Orange cat1

Character Pixles

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  • Firesky is named after her old roleplayer, Firestream12.
  • She is named Firesky for her flame-colored ginger pelt and sky blue eyes, her aunt Robinfeather took care of her when her parents died, descibed Firesky as 'a warmth-bringing flamed-colored cat with pieces of the blue sky or water to keep the warmth just right'.
  • It was rumored that the former medicine cat who helped deliver Firesky, said that it was very dark in the nursery as he/she helped deliver the second kit of Brindleflower. When the third kit came,her ginger pelt glowed like fire,thus lighting the nursery for a couple moments until it stopped glowing.
  • Firesky almost got kidnapped by WinterClan, a day after she and her litter were born,but since she was the runt of the litter they left her,thinking she was useless.
  • She also has a grudge against a cat named Clawtooth in WinterClan, who planned the mission to steal her brother and sister, and was the same cat who tricked a tom who was jealous of Firesky's parents' love, to kill Fireblaze.

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