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Current SummerClan






Age 37 Moons
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unnamed Loner
Mother Sparkingflame
Sibling Burningflame
Mate Frostleaf (Formerly)
Kit Igneouskit
Mentor Ivyfoot
Apprentice Cranepaw
Owner Whiskers
Flaringflame is a large, handsome, thick-furred feiry colored ginger tom with a tint of gold to his pelt, and a small flash of white on his chest, and blazing green eyes. He is currently an apprentice of SummerClan, and the brother to Burningflame, whom he has a strong connection with. His mother is Sparkingflame, and his father is an unnamed cream loner. Flaringflame is the only Grandson of Sunstar and Eclipseblaze. Flaringflame was mentored by Ivyfoot, the Clan deputy, and is currently mentoring his nephew, Cranepaw. Flaringflame is the mate of Frostleaf, but they are currently kitless.

Flaringflame is described multiple times as a vain show-off. This is true, since the tom is very self-obsessed, and loves showing off what he's got. But it is known that below his vainness, he has a big caring side, which is always shown to his sister, Burningflame. He's also one who will put up a fight, and argue away, which seems to come from his bloodline (and the vainness). Flaringflame doesn't seem very trustworthy, but he's as loyal as can be to friends and family...Well, certain family members, that is. Flaringflame isn't one who likes change, and he prefers things the ways they are.



Flaringflame's pelt is quite a brillaint color, as if he was born from dying embers. His pelt is short, and dense, keeping him warm in the winter. His pelt is a bright, fiery ginger color with a small snow-white flash on his chest. His ginger pelt has the slightest tint of gold to it, slightly like his Grandmother's. Flaringflame's pelt is often smooth and sleek to show off his young, strong body. His brightly colored pelt only has few stripes on it, on his head, tail, and legs. But, on his shoulders, he has one stripe reaching from the left to the right.  Flaringflame's pelt is often dsuty from battling or hunting, but underneath, it's perfectly clean, because he just leaves the dust on for looks to impress others.

Flaringflame has a cute pale pink nose and tough, pale pink paw-pads.  His bright, brilliant emerald green eyes stand out on his pelt, leaving she-cats in awe.  His white whiskers are long, and often entangled due to their length. Flaringflame's paws are massive and well-rounded, telling others that he will grow tall. His muzzle is larger size with an ever-so-slight sqare shape,  and his bone structure is amazingly sturdy and strong, yet it has an average thickness. His ears are a perfect triangle shape, but don't happen to be feathered at the tips. His legs are well-muscled and a bit bulky, yet long with vast strides. Flaringflame's shoulders are broad, as well as his shoulders, chest, and back, making him quite an intimidating cat. His tail is a bit longer than an average cat's, having a strong, long bone structure.

He has long, sharp claws inside his massive paws that deal quite the damage. Flaringflame's lower jaw is strong, and contain sharp, yellow-white teeth.  Flaringflame's claws are hooked, helping him get a better grip on his enemies and prey. His claws tend to poke out from his paws due to their longer size, and they often catch on leaves or grass as he walks. Like most of his family members, Flaringflame walks with his tail and head high in the air, proud of himself.


Flaringflame is a very healthy tom, in both mind and body. He's overall fit and muscular, and not a single disease flows in his blood. Flaringflame keeps himself fit by working often, and running from predators. His stamina is quite brilliant, allowing the tom to run about for quite sometime without running out of energy. His strength is also very high, to his liking, so he tends to show this off.  Flaringflame's fairly slow though, to his disliking, but he can run for long amounts of time. His heart is fairly large and quite healthy, and keeps up with him well. His muscles are solid and strong, without any known tears or damages to them.

Flaringflame's healthy mentally also, though is arrogence is sometimes thought to be a mental issue, it's not. That's just his personality. His thoughts are clear, and occasionally positive, and he's known to think quickly. Flaringflame does have any types of cancer or tumors, not even on his brain. But, Flaringflame does have a bit of an anger-issue problem, since it seems to run in the family, showing mostly in Lionstar and Sunstar. He can hide his anger issues usually, unless he's enraged or pestered. His anger issues are generally mild, usually resulting in a quick, short argument, but they can occasionally result into a long-time argument or a grudge. Flaringflame usual moves to his sister or training to ease his mind, since he is aware of his anger issues. Other than that issue, Flaringflame is an overall healthy cat.


Flaringflame is quite the show-off, and is a very loyal tom. He shows only interest in SummerClan, and rudely comments on all the other Clans.  He's a talented tom who does anything to get attention, and constantly attracts she-cats. Of course, he charms them, but currently shows no interest in any mollies. Flaringflame enjoys bragging, mainly because it makes him feel good, and it pleases Sparkingflame and his ancestors. Flaringflame doesn't matter how the attention he receives, whether it's negative or positive, he enjoys it. Flaringflame believes attention will get him to a higher position in his Clan, socially and orderly. One of Flaringflame's most favorite things to do is brag about SummerClan and his ancestory, though it makes some cats nervous since he is related to Lionstar. Not only is Flaringflame a show-off and loyal, but he's an extremely vain cat, often observing himself in puddles and purring. He'll compliment cats, making others think he's weird, but he ignores those "rude" cats.

Though he's a show-off, Flaringflame is a very caring tom, ecspecially to his little sister, because she's disliked by their ancestors. He's always there to aide a friend, and lend a paw when needed. His heart is known to be very large, and he's always willing to jump in front of a flying claw for an ally. If a good friend of his is sick, Flaringflame will sit by their side all night long to make sure they're safe. Flaringflame will always being willing to stand up for a friend in a fight, and will defend them to his death. He'll make sure a friend's safe, and will take their place if they're not. Flaringflame will often hunt of train with his friends, just to make sure they're safe, no matter how tired he is. He'll check up often on his friend, which can get quite annoying, but he ignores comments about being annoying. Flaringflame really dislikes it when another cat is made fun of, especially if it's about their family, since he can relate.

Flaringflame's known to have a strong hate towards change, whether it's sudden or graduale, he just hates change. Flaringflame prefers the ways things are, so he'll complain when something's changed. Cats believe he hates change because of his past experiances with his sister, having their mother love her daughter and then suddenly hating her. Even if it's just a small change in a little plan, Flaringflame dislikes it. Flaringflame can be quite rebellious, being shown to be rebellious towards his mother at times.

Skills and Abilities

Flaringflame's well-known to be a shocking talented battler. Because of this, cats fear him, believing that Flaringflame will become like his Great Grandfather, but he knows he won't. Flaringflame's muscular body gives him great strength, delivering strong blows that confuse his enemies and send them flying. Flaringflame's sharp, hooked claws give him a great grip on his enemies, and his fangs easily pierce flesh. Since Lionstar is a second mentor towards Flaringflame, Flaringflame knows many great battling moves, most of them being deadly. Not only has he learned from Lionstar, but he's also learned from Sunstar and his offical mentor, Ivyfoot. Flaringflame practices often, being sure to learn more and more every time.

Flaringflame's also a good runner, but not in speed. He has a great amount of stamina, but his larger size makes him slower. Flaringflame's long legs give him vast strides, but he doesn't go too fast. His powerful lungs allow him to keep on running for long distances. His claws allow him to get a good hold on the ground, so he doesn't slip or fall, and his tough paw pads allow him to run on rough or painful surfaces. Since Flaringflame's fur isn't long, it doesn't create a drag on him, and it doesn't block his sight when running.



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Flaringpaw is seen returning to camp from hunting all day, just to impress the she-cats. He places his multiple catches on the Freshkill pile and hen leaves camp in search of Burningpaw.

Flaringpaw finds his sister half-way dead on the Thunderpath after getting hit. He races to Burningpaw, and gets his front paw hit by a skinny monster (Motorcycle), but it's only bruised. He drags his sister to camp, and after crying for help multiple times, a cat finally grabs Burningpaw and takes her to the Medicine Cat Den. He mourns, gravely worried about his sister.

Rainingflame wakes Sparkingflame, which is a grave mistake. Rainingflame tells Sparkingflame that her daughter was hit by a monster, but Sparkingflame shows no interest. She rushes to Flaringpaw, noticing his paw and starts smothering her son, saying she has no care for his sister. Flaringpaw is outraged, and insults his mother multiple times before bounding away.

After awhile, Sparkingflame makes up with both her kits, and the family goes hunting. The three are ambushed by rogues, and once attacks Burningpaw, and almost kills her, but Sparkingflame jumps in and saves her daughter. After the rogue leaves, Sparkingflame's heart is beating so fast, she has a heart-attack and dies. Both apprentices mourn greatly for their mother, and are gravely hurt by their loss.

After Sorrelface's warrior ceremony, the newly made warrior talks to Burningpaw, mentioning Flaringpaw. Pikepelt considers an apprentice to fetch her some herbs, and calls over Flaringpaw. The apprentice - who wasn't paying attention to anything and was very depressed - races to Pikepelt, thinking that his mother may have sent a message to Pikepelt, wanting to talk to him. Pikepelt tells him his mother wasn't say anything, and made him fetch herbs at the SpringClan border. There, he meets Honeypaw, and tries to show off to her. She ignores the tom, and tells him not to steal her herbs, making Flaringpaw realize that she is a Medicine cat, and she can't fall in love. Cypressclaw comes along, and Flaringpaw tries to show off to the deputy, and she yells at him for trespassing into her territory. Flaringpaw tells her he was getting herbs, and the deputy excuses him, making the tom proud.

Back at camp, Sorrelface overhears Burningpaw talking about how others shouldn't speak of Lionstar - their Great Grandfather - in a mean way, and says Lionstar is a bad cat. Flaringpaw gets into a big arguement with the newly made warrior, and eventually shoves past her and into Pikepelt's den, dropping the herbs there.

Burningpaw too, gets into an argument with Sorrelface, and the two lay in the Apprentice's Den together.

Flaringpaw later races up to Ivyfoot, begging his mentor to train him. Before she can do so, Flaringpaw is made into a warrior with the name Flaringflame.


A loner by the name of Clearview enters camp, so Flaringflame challenges her right away. He ends up scaring the she-cat, so Burningflame barges in, apologizing and becoming friends with Clearview. Flaringflame too makes up with her, and ends up becoming friends with Clearview, finding out that she too had family problems.

She asks to join, and Flaringflame tells her that Magpiestar's busy, so he ends up showing her around. On the way back, he ends up trusting Clearview, and tells her about Lionstar. She tells him that he can't controll him, and that Lionstar's evil, so they aruge for a bit, and Flaringflame reveals that he trusts Lionstar and thinks he's good. The two end up making up again.

Ivyfoot finds them, and rushes them to Magpiestar. While he talks to them, Flaringflame begins to doze off as Lionstar tries to make him train, calling him to sleep. Magpiestar gets angered by this.

Burningflame leaves, and ends up mating with an AutumnClan warrior named Pouringfall. Rainingflame finds out and informs Magpiestar, so Flaringflame can be excused from his den. Rainingflame takes Flaringflame out of camp and informs him about Burningflame, but doesn't tell him who the father is. Flaringflame is enraged that she won't tell him, so he attacks Rainingflame, who doesn't fight back. After awhile, Lionstar controls him, but eventually, Flaringflame regains control, refusing to fight. Thus, Lionstar attacks him, and then leaves. Clearview tries to break up the fighting, but only ends up getting into an arguement with Flaringflame.

Magpiestar breaks the fight up, and ends up scolding Flaringflame, making him do apprentice duties. Flaringflame makes up with Clearview, who ends up becoming an apprentice.

Flaringflame chases a fat rabbit out of camp, and runs into Clearpaw training with her mentor, Alderfoot. He offers to train with her, and she's shocked, but accepts, trying her move on him immeadiately. Flaringflame tenses, used to battling with Lionstar, but remins himself that he's just training, not battling. Clearpaw stops, asking what's wrong and informs Flaringflame that he's not training wtih Lionstar. The two fight again, and Clearpaw ends up leaving.

Flaringflame climbs into a tree, while Sunstar appears  behind him. Clearpaw sits below the tree, trying to talk to Flaringflame, and then notices Sunstar, mistakening her for Lionstar, so she freaks out. Sunstar wants to talk to Flaringflame who continues to ignore her, so she claws him a bit, until she ends up climbing down, ordering him to follow. He does, but Clearpaw still thinks that Sunstar is Lionstar, so she chases her, calling her a tom. Flaringflame pins Clearpaw, telling her to leave Sunstar alone and that she's not Lionstar. Sunstar takes in a breath, angered by Clearpaw's words, so Flaringflame shrinks back, covering his ears, telling Clearpaw that now she's done it. Sunstar yells at the white apprentice, and then takes Flaringflame away and talks to him in a tree, ordering him to stop training with Lionstar. Flaringflame argues with her, saying he can't and he just wants to be a good warrior. Sunstar, to his surprise, pulls Flaringflame in, understanding him and telling him and that she will watch over him.

Flaringflame goes to sleep and trains with Lionstar, who pins him to the ground and digs his claws into hsi shoulder. Clearpaw talks with Rainface, who offers her her powers. Flaringflame had told Clearpaw not to take them, and Clearpaw says that they'll just  go to an innocent cat, which Flaringflame later storms away. Clearpaw and Rainface rush to Lionstar and Flaringflame in the Dark Forest, telling Lionstar to stop. She charges Lionstar, and he calls her a white fuzzball, lashing out his claw, but Rainface takes the blow for the apprentice. Rainface calls Lionstar an idiot, and Clearpaw orders him to stop forcing Flaringflame to train. Flaringflame remains silent, waiting for Lionstar to continue training him. Clearpaw tells Lionstar that the only reason Flaringflame trains is that he's afraid of Lionstar. This makes Flaringflame angry, because he hates it when cats make assumptions that are incorrect, so he yells at Clearpaw, ordering her to leave him alone.

Flaringflame tells himself that Sunstar will save him, and Rainface hears his thoughts, insulting Sunstar by calling her lazy. Both Lionstar and Flaringflame freeze, anger burning inside them as they insult their relative. Flaringflame screeches at Rainface, telling her that Sunstar was the best leader ever, saving Rainface's tail after Lionstar's terrible rule. He gets into an attack position, telling them to leave, in which they do.

Flaringflame awakes, bleeding badly from his "training" with Lionstar. He remains in his den, panting, waiting for his death, stating that he diserved it and felt horrible (not because of what he said to Clearpaw and Rainface). Flaringflame's neck begins to bleedy badly, and his eyelids slowly droop. He tries to straigthen himself, but grows weaker and weaker until Burningflame rushes inside to find him. The two siblings press together, crying, and Flaringflame apologizes for all he's done. Buringflame steals herbs, and fixes her brother up when Clearpaw comes in and asks if she can do something for him. Flaringflame is angered by her, and ignores her while Burningflame tells her she can get Flaringflame some water. Flaringflame begs Burningflame not to tell about his training, and she agrees, while Clearpaw yells at Flaringflame, telling him not to make his sister lie. Flaringflame tells Clearpaw to leave, since she only came to nag at him, and he continues talking with Burningflame.

Once he begins to feel better, Flaringflame play-fights with Burningflame like they did as kits. He played as Flaringstar, leader of FireClan. After playing, the two lay down and go to sleep, bidding each other good night. He dreams of himself and Burningflame as kits, when he scratches Sparkingflame's nose when she tries ordering Burningkit to stop playing with Flaringkit.

He visits Burningflame to find her kitting, so he races to Pikepelt, ordering her to help his sister. She does, and the queen kits three kits, one being a stillborn. During her kitting, Lionstar posesses Flaringflame, while Clearpaw tries to come in. "Flaringflame" attacks Clearpaw. He pins her and bites her paw. Cranekit squealed, snapping Flaringflame out of his trance and releasing Clearpaw.

Flaringflame goes to the Gathering, following Rainingflame as she was told to lead him. He listens to the rumors about Guppystar and her kits, but does nothing.

After hte Gathering, Flaringflame visits his sister, asking how things are. Ivorykit clings to Flaringflame's tail, but the warrior doesn't know what to do, making a :/ face. Quartfeather laughs, telling his kit to release the ginger tom's tail, and he does. Flaringflame returns to the Warrior's den and goes to sleep, waking to see Flashit walking around on unsteady legs. He catches the kit before he falls, and Flashkit asks who Flaringflame who he is, and Flaringflame explains that he is his Uncle.

Clearpaw distrubs them, cheeryfully asking Flashkit who he was, making Flaringflame irritated. Flashkit snorts, saying he was the best warrior. Clearpaw playfully shoves Flaringflame playfully, telling Flashkit his weak spot was his tail. The kit sinks his claws into the warrior's tail, making him grunt. Flashkit leaves to tackle his brother who had awaken, and Flaringflame goes to sleep, telling himself to train. He does, and is attacked by Lionstar, and the two train. He finds himself in a tree, praciticing tree-battling with Lionstar, but the leader wins, shoving him out of the tree and injuring his shoulder.

Flaringflame wakes and limps out of the Warrior's Den, noticing Flashkit once more exploring. The kit asks to learn some moves from his Uncle, and Flaringflame declines, stating that he's just a kit. Flashkit asks why he's limping, and mocks his limping, irritating the ginger tom. He says that he's in pain, and Flashkit asks why, and Clearpaw interupts, telling Flashkit to go bug someone else. Flashkit gives a sharp retort, telling the apprentice off. Flaringflame gets herbs from Pikepelt to dull the pain in his shoulder (not poppyseeds), and sits in the center of camp, happy that Flashkit was now playing with his sibling.

Cranekit ends up playing Hide and seek with Flashkit, and Flashkit is playing in the Warrior's den, searching for his brother, but Frostleaf lays on him, unaware that he's there. Flashkit squeals, and Flaringflame approaches him, asking what he's doing, and Flashkit replies that he's playing with Cranekit. Frostleaf apologizes, and Flaringflame lets Flashkit play with his tail. He looks for Cranekit, noticing his scent trail leads out of camp. He leaves, and Frostleaf later follows, noticing him in a tree. Flaringflame scents Cranekit, and another cat who he recognizes. Frostleaf helps him search for Cranekit, and they find out the cat that was with the kit was Lionstar. Frostleaf threatens the leader, while Lionstar calls Cranekit a blundering fool. Frostleaf angers Lionstar, who leaps at the she-cat to kill her, but Flaringflame jumps in the Leader's way and starts fighting with him. Flaringflame gets injured, and Lionstar leaves, saying they'll continue in their training.

Frostleaf brings Flaringflame to camp, crying for help with Cranekit close behind. Burningflame patches her brother up, while Cranekit watches. Frostleaf apologizes, trying to take the blame, but Flaringflame explains that it was Lionstar's fault for attacking. The she-cat later leaves to train with her brother, while Burningflame takes her brother into the sunlight to keep him warm and comfy. When Cranekit falls asleep, Flaringflame asks who Cranekit and Flashkit's father was. Burningflame explains that it was Pouringfall from AutumnClan, and adds that she needs to find them a foster father to prove her loyalty. Flaringflame remains calm, to Burningflame's surprise.

Flaringflame walks into the Warrior's Den to find Frostleaf there too. The two chat for awhile, mainly about Lionstar, and Flaringflame states that he fears the leader may attack him in his sleep, but adds that he's promised him two days off from Dark Forest training. Frostleaf tells him that the training's dangerous, but Flaringflame tells her it's training. She leaves, and he goes to sleep, and is awoken by a fever. He shivers, curling into a tighter ball. Frostleaf finds Flaringflame in the Warrior's Den, and calls Burningleaf over, escorting the tom to the Medicine Cat Den. Burningflame explains that she doesn't now herbs for illnesses, only for wounds. Frostleaf says that she does, and she gives Flaringflame Feverfew, and the tom begins to feel better. She leaves, telling him to rest, and he friendly sasses her, telling her to make him. Frostleaf tells him that he's sick, and needs his rest.

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Frostleaf (Formerly) - Status unknown, suspected to be deceased


Igneouskit - Living


Sparkingflame - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unnamed Light Cream Loner - Status Unknown, suspected to be Deceased


Burningflame - Living


Sunstar - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Eclipseblaze - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Great-Grand Fathers:

Lionstar - Deceased, verified Dark Forest member

Talloak - Deceased, Faded

Great-Grand Mothers:

Brilliantflame - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Lightflare - Deceased, Faded

2nd Great Grand Mother:

Fatestar - Deceased, Faded

2nd Great Grand Father:

Pearlescentpelt - Deceased, Faded


Cranefeather - Living

Flashkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Bramblekit - Deceased, verified StarClan member




Flaringflame has a strong bond with his sister, even though she is strongly disliked by their ancestors. No matter what others say, Flaringflame will always be there for his sister, to defend her from anything. He would never insult her or harm Burningflame ever, and will come to her aide no matter what the problem. Flaringflame knows Burningflame dislikes his vainness, but he sticks to her side like a tick. If anything happened to his sister, Flaringflame would be lost forever.


Flaringflame dislikes and loves his mother at the same time. He dislikes her for Burningflame's sake, but loves how much attention she pays to him, and how much respect she gives him. Flaringflame enjoys impressing his mother, but feels bad for his sister, and is often irritated by the coldness Sparkingflame shows to Burningflame.




Dawnwhisper has probably become Flaringflame's one and only friend, definitely his best friend. She's always there to comfort him and distract his mind when he needs it, or just to chill with him whenever he's lonely. He relies strictly on her and his own son for joy. Without Dawnwhisper, Flaringflame would probably be one big lonely mess, who'd end up leaving the Clan to find Frostleaf and beg for her return. But thanks to his good friend, Flaringflame learned that his former mate was a back-stabbing cheat, and also, thanks to his friend, his son finally has a good, new mother. Dawnwhisper managed to get Flaringflame back on his feet and return to his fighting spirit, as well as make him laugh every once in a while. However, he can't help but feel warm and something more for the molly, and often feels embarrassed around her, as if he had just totally flopped in front of the entire Clan.



At first, Flaringflame had a very strong dislike for the loner who walked into SummerClan camp clueless. He quickly started trying to pick a fight, but only seemed to scare her. But, Flaringflame finds a few things that he and Clearpaw seem to have in common. He also sees multiple things that Clearpaw has in common with Burningflame, so Flaringflame finds it his duty to protect both white she-cats from harm.  He doens't know her much yet, but Flaringflame knows that he'll keep Clearpaw safe from harm's way, just like his sister. He hopes that he may even get to mentor the younger she-cat and teach her the ways of SummerClan. Once again, their relationship is becoming very bumpy, and he often fights with her because she tells him he's making "the wrong choice".

Frostleaf: (Formerly)


To Flaringflame, Frostleaf didn't seem the nicest, she seemed rather arrogent. But after they chatted and interacted a bit, Flaringflame's found himself befriending Frostleaf. He respects her as an equal, and is always willing to lend her a paw. But, he does feel like a kit at times when around her, since she often cares for him when he's hurt. Flaringflame does plan to pay her back for all her help, since she heals him when he's sick, and is by his side when he's upset. But then she betrayed him, so now he hates her guts.


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Love Interests



Coming Soon Himself:

Flaringflame's a very vain cat, and is self-obsessed. Flaringflame believes that he's the hottest cat to walk the Earth, in both muscle and face. Flaringflame thinks he's a flawless cat, and that he has a right to show off his moves and looks, though everyone else seems to think he's wrong, and he is wrong. But, Flaringflame will love himself no matter what.

Frostleaf: (Formerly)

See Enemies



Flaringflame occasionaly liked his mentor, then he disliked her, it was a bit confusing for him.  He respected her teaching and occasional wide words, but sometimes he thought she was a bit mean towards him. Flaringflame understands that she needed to get him under control at times, but still doesn't feel so close to his former mentor.



Coming Soon Rainface:

Ever since he met her in the Dark Forest while training with Lionstar, Flaringflame knew he wouldn't like her. When Clearpaw explained that Rainface was going to give her powers to her, Flaringflame thought Rainface was just trying to brush something off onto Clearpaw that she didn't want. Now, Flaringflame hates Rainface with a burning passion for insulting his mother, saying she did nothing, though she saved the Clan from Lionstar. If those words hadn't been said, Flaringflame wouldn't even care about Rainface, she'd just be "another cat".


  • Flaringflame will quit training and become a good cat again, most likely soon.
  • He will eventually become less vain and search for a mate to settle down with. (But he will always be vain <3)
  • He will go to StarClan when he dies. (Which is far from now)


Burningkit: "Flaringkit, get off of me!"
Narrator: "Squealed Burningkit, her brother batting her ears as he sat on her, letting out a yawn. She squealed once more, squirming around."
Flaringkit: "Why, you scared? Told you I'm Flaringstar, leader of SummerClan! You can be deputy, but I'm leader!"
Burningkit: "But when you die, I'll become leader!"
—Flaringkit playing with his sister, Burningkit A Burning Passion
Burningkit: "Do you really want to be leader one day, Flaringkit?"
Flaringkit: "Yeah, with all my heart, like Sunstar, our Grandma!"
Burningkit: "...Could I be your deputy, Flares?"
Flaringkit: ""Flares? That's a funny nick-name, I like it Burningkit! I'll call you Burny...It depends though, if you're a good, strong, and brave warrior, I'll make you my deputy in a heart-beat, Burny, I know you're a good cat. But, if you turn bad, I don't want you to be it, but still, I loves you, yours my sista, so I'll have no choice anyway."
Rainingflame: "Your daughter's in the Medicine Cat Den!"
Sparkingflame: "Mmhm, good for her. And-Oh, my dear Flaringpaw!"
Flaringpaw: "And what about Burningpaw?"
Sparkingflame: "Oh my poor dear, your paw, your holding it up! For StarClan's sake, Burningpaw always gets you in harm's way, let her burn for all I care!"
Flaringpaw: ""Let you burn, you rat! I hate you, rot in the Dark Forest, you ungrateful piece of Crowfood! Show some respect to Burningpaw, she's my sister and I love her! Sunstar ought to be ashamed of her daughter, your Sunstar's daughter, and you were brain-washed by her Mother-In-Code to disrespect your own children if they didn't have a fleck of ginger or gold on them!"