Flashstrike is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

This character is a NPC and can be claimed freely.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Given Flashstrike
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Lightstorm (formerly)
Kits Blazeheart, Shootingheart, Bluespirit
Mentor Guppysplash
Apprentice Lightpaw
Owner None

Flashstrike is a huge, long legged, broad headed, well muscled, powerful, broad shouldered, chestnut and white tom,with sleek, shiny fur, and bright, flashy, striking amber eyes.


Flashstrike is funny and kind. He is also sarcastic, and can make any cat laugh in any kind of situation. He loves his kits very much, and would die to protect them and his mate, Lightstorm.


Flashstrike's early life is shrouded in mystery. Nothing is known about it. He is seen giving Blazekit advice about how to get Icekit to like him back, or how to find out if he should choose her or Wildkit.

He is seen patrolling the SpringClan border with his apprentice, Lightpaw.

He and Bristlemoon get killed by a monster on the Thunderpath while chasing a frog.

Life Image

Top Cat by Grant Thomas


  • He was killed because we was never roleplayed.

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