Fogstorm is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Age 209 moons old
Status Deceased
Cause of Death sickness
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Bubblebreeze
Mother Unknown she-cat
Sibling Falcontalon
Mate Sunheart
Kits Sunnyriver, Clearflight, Crowfoot
Apprentices Nightfall (temporary), Rubypaw
Owner Rosie

Fogstorm is a grey tom with a white underbelly, a nicked ear, and green eyes.


He is snappy and does not like to cooperate with others. But he is an amzing mentor.

His favorite prey is vole, and he likes to eat alone.


He is seen a couple times in the roleplay, hunting, but isn't seen much after.

Fogstorm take his apprentice Rubypaw out for training. She 'hurts' her leg while they are practicing battle moves. Fogstorm runs back to camp yowling that Rubypaw is hurt, but Sunheart tells him she just saw Rubypaw hunting. Angry, Fogstorm races back to the training area and punishes Rubypaw. Then he comforts her.

Is then seen having a weird dream and waking up. Rubypaw jumps on him and pins him down. Then they go train.

He is fussing over his retirement, telling Sunheart he is joining the elders when his apprentice is made a warrior. Sunhearts says he is old, and that she will join him later, when she is older. 

He asks Rowanstar about the training. He and Sunheart go train, and then they both agree to retire together. 

He trains for the battle with his mate.

He and Sunheart fight in the BOC. He fights with Sunheart as a team. He attacks Badgerclaw viciously, thinking the WC tom had killed Bluemoon on accident. 


Mate- Sunheart

Father- Bubblebreeze

Brother- Falcontalon

Uncle- Fogface

Cousins- Crowfeather, Heliafur, and Lionheart

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