New Autumn

ForestClan is located north of SplashClan, to the west of the city. Because of its location near the city, the Clan is very open to any strays - or kittypets - joining their Clan, as long as they can prove themselves useful to the community. ForestClan territory is mostly made up of tall pines, which take up the centre of the territory and the northwest corner. The waterways are lined by willow trees and other mixed deciduous trees. Their camp is located deep in a pine grove, sheltered from outside eyes.

These cats are known to value their family bonds and often have the saying; family doesn't end in blood. ForestClan was founded after the other five Clans, and their founder, Winchester, was supposedly a former member from one of them. The tom set up his territory with his own family and ForestClan grew from there. Cats in this Clan have pelts of all colours, but tabbies and solids make up at least a third of the population. ForestClan cats are generally nimble hunters and swift runners. But, they can also be strong fighters, and merciful opponents.
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Reedstar—golden-brown tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Max


Oakheart—brown tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Max


Wigeonleaf—dilute calico she-cat. Roleplayed by: Max


Cardinalflame—ginger and white she-cat Roleplayed by: whiskers
Enero—silver tabby tom Roleplayed by: whiskers
Perentie—tortoiseshell she-cat Roleplayed by: Max
Morningfang—tortoiseshell she-cat Roleplayed by: Mink
Lioncloud—golden tabby tom Roleplayed by: Patch
Zinniablossom—calico she-cat Roleplayed by: Mink
Daisypad—golden and white she-cat Roleplayed by: Patch
King—black tom. Roleplayed by: Max


Oilpaw—black tom Roleplayed by: Patch
Rookpaw—black tom Roleplayed by: Mink
Nightingalepaw—striking chocolate tortoiseshell she-cat Roleplayed by: the birb

Queens and Kits

Magpienose—black and white she-cat. Nursing Reedstar's litter. Roleplayed by: Max
Fallowkit—golden-brown tabby and white she-cat. Roleplayed by: Max
Dustkit—dark brown tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Max
Frostfur—snowy-white she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Ternkit—back and white bicolor she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Rainkit—black smoke and white bicolor she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Firkit—brown tabby and white tom. Roleplayed by: Mink