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Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Given Kit: Miracle
Alternative Kit: Fox
Loner: Fox
Apprentice: Foxpaw
Warrior: Foxwhisper
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Died from an unknown disease
Debut None yet
Last Post Unknown
Father Biological: Unnamed Somali Tom

Adoptive: Darkshadow

Mother Biological: Unnamed Somali She-cat

Adoptive: Finalfeather

Sibling Three Unnamed Deceased Kits
Mates Starling (Formerly),Thunderstorm (Formerly), many other she-cats (Formerly)
Kits Snape, three unnamed deceased kits, Owlpaw, Ivypaw, Dapplepaw, many other kits
Apprentices Tigertail, Rookpaw
Owner Stoemm
Foxwhisper is a ruddy colored tom with bright amber-red eyes of Somali decent.



Foxwhisper is a large-sized tom. He has thick, soft, fluffy ruddy-colored fur that is unstriped and ginger-colored/red. He has a lighter colored chin, underbelly, and paws. His tail is tipped black and so is his forehead and back.
Foxwhisper has a long, narrow body. He has a thin, caved in stomach that shows he is under-fed. He has long ginger legs with strong joints and longer back legs. He has well-defined white back haunches and larger back paws then front paws. His front paws are thin and small with long gray-black claws. He has the same in the back but a little shorter claws. He has broad shoulders that kinda stick out against his muscular body and muscular front legs and even thicker back legs. He has a long, fluffy tail that doesn't curl much whenever he walks around, as he prefers to keep up high. He has a thick, fluffy white neck that is hard to the touch.
He has a finely shaped head with a long muzzle. He has very large, but bright amber-red eyes that usually are twinkling with humor. He has weak-like jaws with two large fangs in the front like a fox, with short white whiskers and well-rounded cheeks. He has a large pink-grey nose and large, wide pointed ginger ears.


Mental Health

He is a stable tom cat that loves to be out there and is always ready for anything that comes his way. He is quite intelligent, but doesn't catch onto things easily. He loves being in a large group of cats, because thats when he can scoop the she-cats into his claws. He is a focused tom that is goos at sorting out his priorities in life, and hates when a cat throws him off track. He is very curious, and very outgoing.

Physical Health

He is a healthy tom cat with very few health issues, though his outbreak of an unknown disease made him weaker then he should be in his immune system. He is a large tom, but he is extremly skinny for how much he eats, showing he has a good metabilism. He is an active tom, always wanting to get out and stretch his legs, his favorite activity being hunting.


Foxwhisper is a thick, sarcastic, and very self-comcerned tom. He likes to think of himself as superior, and likes to act as if there isn't a care within the world. He likes to be on top of everything, and he loves to do what he does best; complain and talk. His tongue is very sharp, and his sarcasm stretches a mile long. He loves to woo the she-cats, and mating is a game he likes to play. He's never fell in love before in his life suprisingly, considering the amount of cats that has been his mate. He still looks around for that perfect she-cat, but he prefers to not fall in love, as he only think it will hurt him or that means he most commit to the one she-cat for the rest of his life.
Although his ego ranks high, he is a caring tom within, when you get past that very thick 'act' he plays, he can be the most protective and sweet tome there is, though his tongue still is barbed even when he is in love. He is brave and very curious, and he would die for his clan, secretly, and he really likes his clan, although he doesn't understand the clans boundaries, and always thinks that the rules aren't meant to be followed fully, only something to believe in.
He usually melts under pressure, but continues to do whatever he was even when he wasn't pressured, though he tries to avoid pressure. He also hates being concerned, and he hates the feeling of guilt and hate. He tends to hold grudges, and when someone does something against him, he will lash out at them under they are dead, which he doesn't mean to do, since he has a rather large temper. He can blow up at any time at times, and when cats tick him off, he will slash out with claws or words at the cat until he wins, and he also loves to get the last word when in fights.

Skills and Abilities

He is good at multiple things. He definatly makes a good tracker, having a very sharp nose that could pick up the faintest scent in the grass, and telling if it's stale or not is like a breeze for him. With his sharp nose comes with great hunting skills, which he takes pride in. He has special teniques that he knows only of compared to his clan-mates. He could catch a wiff of a mouse and catch it anywhere he goes. His fighting skills, which is slightly less sharper then his hunting, are rather good for a tom, though he does fight constantly, but not with his claws, but his barbed words that slice any cat in the neck. He is a horrid swimmer, and water is one of the only things he fears. Climbing is something he is moderatly good at, though getting down is like a chore to him.



He is born to an unknown Somali tom and she-cat along with three unnamed kits. Those three kits, born horribly disconfigured and one dead, were killed by Darkshadow, the she-cat's mate at the time, due to their problems. He soon brings them to his new mate, Finalfeather. She names him Miracle, but Darkshadow renames him Fox.
Fox grows up under his father's mentoring and strict rules, constantly having to do his dirty work as a young kit. Fox's usual deed to do for his father was go to an old twoleg's home and steal eggs from his chicken farm, in which Fox was taught at two moons to hunt the larger chickens, which he sometimes got brutally hurt by them, to Darkshadow disconcern.
Fox, now about seven moons old, heard his mother's desperate cries, and he asked her what was wrong. She said that she was leaving, and that he must come with her. Fox decided to go with her, and they both snook away together.
Finalfeather tells him that she was forced to mate with Darkshadow, and that she only stayed for the kits, and the fact that she used to love him. She says to him that she's taking him to a clan she used to belong too, and they both journey back together and to SpringClan.
He becomes an apprentice immediatly, Foxpaw, with Silentwind as his mentor. Throughout his training, he is very intentive, and always listens to his mentor. Although, as he ages, he starts to disappear more frequently, mostly visiting she-cats and becoming more and more interested. Silentwind becomes more worried for him, and starts to demand his full attention, so for awhile, he misses out missing random she-cats from random clans, not understanding the full lengths of clan boundaries and rules.
When he becomes a Warrior, he is named Foxwhisper, and is happy he can now go back to what he did before. Although he remains as loyal to his clan as ever, it's just part of his nature to do it.


He goes out with Burntflower for a hunt and starts to like her, as he realizes. He, in a way, starts to feel something he doesn't feel with the other she-cats he once was with, besides Thunderstorm. They go to the WinterClan border, and Burntflower tells him of stories of her crossing it with Cheetahspirit and Sappho.
Coming Soon
He is soon killed by an unknown disease after some time and mating, and leaves his apprentice, Rookpaw, mentor-less.



Mate - Starling (Formerly) - Living, Thunderstorm (Formerly) - Living

Son - Snape - Living

Kits - Three unnamed deceased kits - Deceased; residence unknown, unborn kits - unborn

Father - Darkshadow - Living

Mother - Finalfeather - Deceased; residence unknown

Siblings - Unnamed deceased kits - Residence unknown

Half-Brothers - Winterblaze - Living, Fadingshadow - Living, Redfrost - Living

Half-Sisters - Holly - Living, Flickheart - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Aunt - Pawprint - Living

Grandmother - Whisper - Living

Grandfather - Trucker - Living

Great-Grandfather - Blaze - Living

Great-Grandmother - Annabelle - Living

Great-Aunt - Ember - Living

Great-Uncle - Wing - Living

Love Interests

  • Starling - Met one day while hunting with Silentwind, about one year old. He told his mentor he would chase her off, but instead they talked for awhile and decided that they should meet again. Every night they would meet, and each time grow closer and closer until Foxwhisper, Foxpaw then, was able to move in and mate with her. After that, they met two more times until he decided that he wanted to see more she-cats, and then they broke up, and he has little to no feelings for her anymore.
  • Thunderstorm - A SummerClan she-cat he met with for a long time as he became a new warrior. He met her at a Gathering, and she seemed pretty depressed over her missing relatioship with Shiftkey making Foxwhisper move in and comfort her. After much thinking, the she-cat decided they talk besides at Gatherings, and the two begin meeting more frequently, the most they meet being about two times a day. He starts to have feelings for her, real feelings, and he mates with her. After that night, she decides to end it, and tells him that it was wrong to meet together since they were from different clans, also her feelings for another cat starting to take effect against her other relationship. After this, he is left saddened, because this was the only she-cat he felt something for so far.
  • Other she-cats - He had many relationships, mostly from the she-cats that fall for him.


Coming soon~


Coming soon~


  • Stoem loves Foxwhisper, mostly for his personality.
  • He has some kits he really doesn't know of, due to his spree of mating and the fact he likes it.
  • Stoem'll make those she-cats and kits later, possibly, or just randomly name a cat mate of or son/daughter of Tony.
  • She thinks he will settle down with one she-cat one day, but it will be hard for him due to the fact he doesn't like being with just one she-cat.
  • He kinda is like his father, Darkshadow, except he isn't bad or anything like that, he just mates excessively.
  • He is a Somali cat, which is where he gets the ginger fur without tabby.



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