Freedreamer is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Dark Forest
Past The Wind Chasers
Age appox. 42 moons old
Status Deceased
Cause of Death We just don't know
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Glowingcloud
Mother Mockingbird
Siblings Prancingdoe,Softwhispers
Mate Lavenderfang
Kits Emberclaw, Sheepheart, Froststep
Owner Osp

Freedreamer is a slender ginger tabby cat with breath taking, out of this world cornflower blue eyes. Their scent changes in whatever mood he's is or what she wants to be. Currently they are dead, but Froststep resurrected their body into a zombie state. The body is currently roaming Wind Chasers' territory.



At one glance at Freedreamer, any cat would fall in love with him/her. With stunning, breath-taking ginger spotted tabby fur that seems to glow, even flicker in the night like a brillant fire and sometimes in the day, in direct sunlit the tom/she-cat sparkles like stars. They has a brillantly stunning slender figure cat. With perfectly shaped ears,paws, head, and everything is just so perfect. They have the most beautiful and perfect shade of pink for the leathers on their nose and pads. They have lighter underbelly and beautiful, perfect shade of white on his tail. They have no scarring, because whatever attacks him will end up falling in love with them. His eyes are prefect, out of this world, breath-taking, jaw-dropping, stunning shade of cornflower blue that when you look into these perfect, perfect eyes you can see another universe in them, and stare to long, and all you can see is the beauty of at this Freedreamer.Their scent is different everytime, somedays it's a nice smell of that fresh of sage and cirtrus, to even a friuty scent of strawberry, or even black cherries, to the flowerly smell of roses, and even smell like honey suckles. 


One thing that comes with perfect and handsome cat is kindness any cat he/she meets, a respectful and polite cat to any one, even the rudest cat hearts soften at his/her personality. One thing, this perfect cat adores is kittens and befriending everyone. He/she is always by side of his/her friend and will always try to cheer them up. When his/her clan-mate is attack he'll defend them as if he/she is facing the Dark Forest and StarClan combined. He/She is very charming with many suitors of she-cats and toms alike at his/her will, that he/she holds dearly to his/her heart, and would sad if they died.

Sometimes Freedreamer will cause others harm, and secretly enjoys it for it fuels his/her power to full extend, and often likes watching others struggle until they come ask him/her for help. After all creating nightmares was the away he/she gain popularity and will never the truth, because he/she loves having friends to suck all their dreams out and replace with nightmares. One thing he/she loves is too torture others, and if word got out about how he/she treats others, Freedreamer more then often has to make a cat disappear.


Freedreamer has a list of powers, including Pheromone Manipulation, which the power that gives them the ability to control pheromones. They can also manipulate other cats into feel despair, this power often goes hand in hand with Freedreamer's ability to create nightmares. They can freely walk through any kind of dream as along as they don't died inside of dream, then they die for real.
As a fail safe encase, they are dying, their body has been set to just explode itself. They also have minor ability of necromancy, which allows they to bring back only prey animals half alive, in more of a zombie state. They have the power of telekinesis and was currently at the advance level of it.
Advance level of telekinesis includes the ability of homing effect, motor-skill manipulation, object manipulation, spatial sense, telekinetic blast, telekinetic compression, telekinetic destruction, telekinetic flight, telekinetic constructs, and unarmed weapon wielding. Though, most their telekinetic ability is very minor, they can crush a small object, but crushing and destroying a much larger object requires a lot of energy.
They fuel up by literally eating the dreams of others.


Kithood & Adolescence

Freedreamer was born to two gorgeous cats, named Mockingbird and Glowingcloud with his/her sibling Prancingkit and Softkit. Originally born a male kit until he/she sneeze when his/her mother's tail brushed over his/her nose. With Freekit's parents becoming extremely confused why they now has two she-cats instead of two toms kit. They shrugged it off figuring it was the kit's power and Freedreamer a normal kithood minus his/her new found power to change gender every time he/she sneezed.

Now an apprentice Freepaw began to gain more powers, causing his/her siblings to be scared of their brother/sister. Freepaw had also gained the power suck energy from dreams to his/her powers and every night began to suck the dreams of his/her sibling. Causing terrify nightmare, Freepaw would wake up and watched them suffer. For time to time Freepaw as an apprentice became more brutal towards his/her family when no one was around trying to kill them with his/her powers. 


As a warrior, Freedreamer got extermely more and more aggressive while his family started to get weaker and weaker. Until one day he persuded them into joing him on a hunting partol. Getting them far away from the clan as possible, when they got tired. He conviced them to take a nap in highly dense clearing where he used his powers to drain the what little lifeforce they can and then brutally strangling them with vines. After his family was dead he ate their corpses and buried the bones deep under the ground. Freedreamer returned and told his clanmates that the rest of his family left to loners while he was often chasing a hare. When an cat got even close to the truth and confronted Freedreamer, threating to tell, he can them kill in the same fashion and claiming they died an tragic accident. 





Mockingbird; deceased


Glowingcloud; deceased


Softwhispers; deceased


Prancingdoe; deceased


  • Freedreamer is an amab intersex genderfluid individual and basically is fine with any pronouns really
  • Freedreamer is panromantic pansexual, he's attracted to all romantically and sexually.    
  • Freedreamer's gender is X-Files Opening        



Character Pixels

Life Image


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