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Current Loners
Given Fronds
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Acorn
Mother Mist
Siblings Gaze, Night
Mates Nina, Ice (formally)
Kits Dawn, Fleck, Sun,Dusk
Owner None

Fronds is a handsome golden-brown tabby tom with brilliant green eyes.


Fronds is a she-cat kind of tom. He always liked to hit on lot of she-cats, until he met Nina, a really special cat. He's really determinded to do what's on his mind, or in his heart. Alot of she-cats like him for his looks and personality. That's Fronds for you.


Fronds was born to Acorn and Mist, with his brother and sister Night and Gaze. A flood separated them all at birth, but Fronds got separated with Gaze, who only survived 2 days after. Fronds used his cute looks to manipulate loners and rogues to give him food and teach him how to get some his self. Now, he's a she-cat's tom, getting almost every she-cat he meets to like him.

He took Nina as a mate, and had conflicts with his ex Ice. They all became friends and Fronds and Nina have Dawn, Dusk, Fleck and Sun. Moons later, Fronds is old , weak and frail and is so desperate for food that he eats night-lock and dies in front of Sun and Fleck.


Father: Acorn - Status Unknown

Mother: Mist - Status Unknown

Sister: Gaze - Deceased; Residence Unknown

Brother: Night - Status Unknown

Mate: Nina - Living, Ice (formerly) - Living

Sons: Dusk - Living, Sun - Living

Daughters: Dawn - Living, Fleck - Living

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Character Pixels

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Nina: "Well, this is our den"
Fronds: "Yes. Mine and yours and nobody elses"
Loners/Roleplay/Archive 1



  • Fronds was created by Hazeleye, but is roleplayed by Rowan
  • Fronds is a she-cats' kind of tom, who loved to be with she-cats, but all that changed when he met Nina.

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