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Frostshell is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

This character is a NPC and can be claimed freely.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Hawkheart
Debut WinterClan 3
Last Post Unknown
Father Breezecloud
Mother Willowflame
Siblings Pumpkinpatch, Shallowsplash, Gustywind, Winterbreeze
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Snowfall
Apprentices Skywhisker, Paleclaw
Owner None
Frostshell is a pure-white she-cat with blue eyes.



Coming Soon


Physical Health

Mental Health


She is very caring and kind, unlike other WinterClan cats. She is scared easily, and would avoid fights if she could. Frostshell is one to remain quiet when she feels things are wrong, but when it is over the top, she will say something, even if it means disobeying her leader.

Skills and Abilities




She randomly pops in and out of camp and can be seen any where in WinterClan. She has an apprentice Skypaw, and is seen fighting Thornstar in FreeClan.
Moons and Moons later, she is seen talking to Mottledpaw and her mentor, Snowshadow. She tells the apprentice that it hasnt't been her day because she injured her paw by stepping on a thorn. She asks Mottledpaw if she's seen Beautifulface.
Later on, she is lied to by Hawkheart when he tells her they have been assigned a border patrol together. She fears him, so she goes along with it anyways and heads to the border with him.
Frostshell always acts nice and caring around the kits. She acts as their mother so that they will feel at home, because she never wanted to take them in the first place.
At the last Gathering of the season, she feels nervous when Rowanstar starts talking about the kits. Her Clanmates give her glances, but she ignored it and stands up. Frostshell admits that WinterClan has the three kits, and that Hawkheart made her take them. She receives hisses of frustration from her Clanmates. The Gathering ends when Rowanstar and Blackstar got physical and Frostshell returns to camp with her head down and her tail between her legs.
She is seen defending the kits many times. The pure white she-cat goes to her brother, Gustywind, asking him if he think it is a good plan to ask Duskshadow to be her mate. Gustywind said it was her choice, and Frostshell decided she would. Later in that day, she goes to ask Duskshadow to me her mate, and she gets decline, being told by Duskshadow that he loves Sedgeheart. Frostshell fights back a sea of tears in her eyes, but tells him it's okay and returns to camp, heart broken and feeling shatttered..
When Hawkheart comes to camp with the three kits, two alive, one dead, she asks him what happened. He says a fox did it, but Frostshell doubts the tabby almost instantly. She looked at the two remaining kits, and started weeping, hoping they would make it out before they both died.
The day before WinterClan attacks SummerClan arrives, and Frostshell feels apprehensive about what will happen between SummerClan and her home Clan. When SummerClan unexpectedly attacks, Frostshell looked for a SummerClan cat she can trust. That cat being Whistlewind. Frostshell told Whistlewind that she will get the two kits home, and Whistlewind miraculously trusts her, realizing after Frostshell had disappeared, that she said two kits rather than three.
Frostshell ran to the outskirts of camp, looking everywhere for Bluekit and Cedarkit. She found tiny kit tracks in the snow, leading to SummerClan territory. Being optimistic, the warrior followed them, just hoping she would find them.
The tracks proved to be a worthy ally, as Frostshell found the cold and tired kits, trembling in a bush. She tells the kits that it is time to get them home. Bluekit told Frostshell to look behind her, and Hawkheart appeared out of nowhere, threatening Frostshell, and telling her it is time to meet StarClan. Frostshell lashes out at him, telling him this all could have been avoided if he didn't steal the SummerClan kits in the first place. Hawkhear fights back harder, telling her to grow a spine. Frostshell fought as hard as she could, biting down on Hawkheart's tail, doing anything she could, but Hawkheart was too strong. He slammed her to the ground, onto a sharp rock, that protruded into Frostshell's head, killing her slowly.
Hawkheart leaves, and Frostshell gathered the kits around her to say one last goodbye, wishing them the best of luck and safety as they go back to SummerClan. Bluekit and Cedarkit tell her that they do not want her to die, and they thank her for getting them home safely. Frostshell tells them that she loves them, and starts to say that they should always remember something, but gets cut off as death called.
The cat that stole her love's heart, Sedgeheart, finds and carries Frostshell's dead body back to camp. Risingstar and WinterClan mourn her loss, and say that she was right, and her and many other cats would be there if she had been listened to.
Frostshell appears in StarClan, looking down at Bluekit and Cedarkit, who had returned home. She thinks to herself that she got them home, and purrs, being happy. She is greeted by Paleclaw, who comes to tell her that Hawkheart was made deputy. Frostshell is outraged, saying Risingstar cannot be that foolish, but then remembers that he had no idea what the intentions of Hawkheart were.
Frostshell is thanked by many StarClan members including Suntail, the mother of Cedarkit and Bluekit, Featherstorm, the father of Goosekit and Goosekit himself, for keeping the kits as safe as she could. Later on, Sunstar, the former SummerClan leader, tells SummerClan that Frostshell is to thank for some of them being there.
Frostshell sits alone in StarClan, looking down at Duskshadow and Sedgeheart and sighs. She thinks to herself, that she is forgotten amongst most Clan cats, but she has done something they should be thankful for.
She gives Emeraldstar the life of justice.





Breezecloud - Deceased; verfied StarClan member


Willowflame - Living


Winterbreeze - Deceased, suspected StarClan member
Gustywind - Living


Pumpkinpatch - Living
Shallowsplash - Living


Fernshade - Living
Irisfrost - Living


Two unnamed kits - Deceased; Residence Unknown


Badgerkit - Living
Gempaw -  Living
Leafpaw -  Living


Crescentkit - Living
Breezekit - Living
Snowpaw - Living


  • She helped out Goosepaw, Cedarpaw and Bluepaw because Rowan wanted her to have a major role before she died.
  • Frostshell wasn't very fond of Sedgeheart ever since the she-cat stole her love, but she is forever grateful that Sedgeheart had brought her body back to camp.




Frostshell: "I will bring the kits...don't worry."
Whistlewind: "You were the cat that told at the Gathering, weren't you...?"
Frostshell: "*nods*"
Whistlewind: "I trust you."
Frostshell: "I promise I'll get the two home! *runs off*"
Whistlewind: "Two? There's supposed to be three!"
—Frostshell's promise to Whistlewind The Battle of the Century



<p style="text-align: center;">Frostpaw's Warrior Ceremony</p>

Reedstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the high rock for a clan meeting!"
Reedstar: "If you guys are done now, I'd like to get on with your Warrior ceremonies. Silverpaw, you shall be known as Silversnow. Lightnignpaw and Pumpkinpaw shall be known as Lightningflash and Pumpkinpatch, respectively. Duskpaw can be Duskshadow, and Frostpaw can be Frostshell. Shallowpaw shall be known as Shallowsplash, Goldpaw as Golddust, and Gustypaw as Bustywind. Winterpaw shall be known as Winterbreeze, as well. StarClan honors all of your dedication to your Clan, and eagerness to aid your clanmates"
Clan: "*cheers*"

<p style="text-align: center;">Frostkit's Apprentice Ceremony</p>

Reedstar: "All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the high-rock for a clan meeting! It has been six moons since the birth of Pumpkinkit, Silverkit, Lightningkit, Shallowkit, Goldkit, Duskkit, Gustykit, Winterkit, and Frostkit, and with the new... company, we need all the help we can get. The kits who I named above, please step forward."
Reedstar: "All of you shall now be called Pumpkinpaw, Silverpaw, Lightningpaw, Shallowpaw, Goldpaw, Duskpaw, Gustypaw, Winterpaw, and Frostpaw. Silverpaw, I will be your new mentor. Azuregaze, you will mentor Lightningpaw, and Moonsight will mentor Shallowpaw. Goldpaw will be mentored by Blackshine, and I expect you train her well. Ratface will mentor Duskpaw, Goldenpelt will mentor Gustypaw, Mistcloud will mentor Winterpaw, and Snowfall will mentor Frostpaw. Belltail, I know you have only been a warrior here for a short while, but I trust in you to mentor Pumpkinpaw well."




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