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Here the Clans members meet under the full moon to share news of their Clans.



Gathering Times

Month (Year is 2017) Date Type of Moon
January 23rd Full Wolf Moon
February 22nd Full Snow Moon
March 23rd Full Worm Moon
April 22nd Full Pink Moon
May 21st Full Flower Moon
June 20th Full Strawberry Moon
July 19th Full Buck Moon
August 18th Full Sturgeon Moon
September 16th Full Harvest Moon
October 16th Full Hunter's Moon
November 14th Full Beaver Moon
December 13th Full Cold Moon

Gatherings #2 (September 16th, 2017)

Cats Attending:


Antstar trudged through the thick snow, black pelt bristled against the cold air. She scented the air, her pace slowing as she scented both SpringClan and AutumnClan. She cast her golden eyes onto the few warriors she had brought, she had banned apprentices from coming to this one so only about three older warriors had come to it this time. Match Antstar's pace, was Cherrywhisker. The red-and-white tabby lurching with each step through the thick snow with a mumble. Not too far behind her, a small curly-furred gray tom struggled through the snow. His eyes squinted against the white blanket that covered the ground. Antstar had told every warrior she brought she wanted no talk of the recent death of Rookheart.

Sorrelstar, having left camp early with a small pawful of warriors - consisting of the deputy and medicine cat, of course, Ravenwing, Bonetail, Wolfstorm, Swiftpaw, and Otterdance. The tortoiseshell tabby leader remembered the times she would be doing the Gatherings with Falconheart. Oh how she missed him..

Waspstar led about a third of her camp, Skinkfang proudly trotting behind her with his two sisters, Morningbreeze and Silverface. The tortoiseshell caught scent of AutumnClan amd signales for her cats to stay close. Skinkfang eyes the area. They were coming to the little lake, the island in the middle of the lake silent, some cats gathering onto the tree that led to small island. But I am the Chosen One 11:07, September 18, 2017 (UTC)