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Gatorpaw (TWC)
Placeholder cat
Current The Wind Chasers
Age 8 moons
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Palmer
Mother Brightfern
Siblings Juncokit, Quietkit
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Rebekkah
Owner whiskers
Gatorpaw is a ginger-and-white tabby tomkit. His powers are unknown, and it is doubted that he even has any.



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Unlike his living sister, Juncopaw, Gatorpaw is a remarkably calm and passive cat, a nice balance and break compared to his littermate. He was rowdy as a kit, however, when he matured, he became quite an admirable and perfect cat...almost to the point where it's annoying. He seems to be passive and casual in even the direst of situations, causing others to freak out on him when he simply responds: "another settlement needs our help someone needs out help". He's all about diplomacy and forming more relationships, he's a nerd that way.
Thankfully, Gatorpaw's a protective cat, meaning he gets at least a little salty when someone hurts those he takes under his wing. He usual tries to talk things out, but when ignored, he does look to violence, although he prefers to not harm others. But yeah, he's a pretty boring and chill guy, sometimes he's fun to be around, and other times, how plain he is just makes him straight-up unbearable. Especially when it comes to work and helping others. Oh yes, this little guy is all about making others happy and coming together with others to make the world a better place. If he was leader, his one goal would be to expand The Wind Chasers and take in all the poor kitties willing to surrender and pitch in. Thankfully, he's not going to be leader, ever.
If there's one thing that isn't annoying about Gatorpaw, it's the fact that he's certainly a shoulder to lean on when another's in need of support. He's, obviously, a supportive tom, although he tends to rebuff flirting and what not. He has a kind, understanding heart. At times, he even almost seems nostalgic for his past when he was just a young kit, happy with his mother and two sisters. But whenever he mentions this past, Juncopaw basically threatens to take his life.

Skills and Abilities

Because he was born without powers, Gatorpaw has spent a majority of his life working in his battling and hunting skills. As a result, he is one of the best at fighting in the Clan, using his larger size and strength as an advantage. Because of this, he is a slower cat, but a brawler at best. He will drag any enemy to the ground and rip them apart, his heavier weight due to his muscular build giving him an advantage. Due to this, he is sent on border patrols often, seeing that he is one of the very few cats able to fight very well without using any special powers. His one weakness in combat is fighting in trees or while in the air, seeing that he's a taller cat, and tends to be a bit clumsy.
Though poor at running while hunting, Gatorpaw is an exceptional fisher. He uses his hooked claws to his advantage while waiting on the banks of rivers, and due to his patient personality, he has an even greater advantage. During green-leaf, he fishes quite...unusually. While most of his Clanmates would use their powers to hunt fish, Gatorpaw puts his entire body in the water while fishing. He may not be swift, but his stronger hind legs allow him to push off of the banks of rivers or the ground below him. He'll stand still in the water and let fish near him before swiping out of at them. He is not usually succesful when hunting like this, so he tends to stick to the banks of the rivers, where he's actually good.
Despite his lack of powers, Gatorpaw seems to have one unusual ability: his resistance to radiation. This is no power that he was born with, or a power in general, rather something he has gained over time due to being with Juncopaw. It turned out that she did tend to "leak" some radiation every once-in-a-while when around her brother, and over time, his body adjusted to it and grew a resistance. Now, he can withstand higher amounts of radiation that would cause most cats harm or mutations, or even death.



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Palmer - Deceased, residence unknown


Brightfern - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Quietkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Juncokit - Living


Sherry - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Ezio - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Damian - Living
Desmond - Living




I never knew my father...honestly, I don't really care to get to know him, not like I can anyways, 'cause he's dead. Anyways, he deserved what he had coming, he left mom with us, and she didn't really want to have us. Kidnapping my OP sister so he could try to kill everyone...that was low. Justice was served. - Gatorfang on Palmer
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My mother's death was....unfortunate, although she never really wanted to have kits. She wasn't too much of a close mother, it was a bit upsetting, but maybe it was for our own good. She taught us some valuable lessons, and how to use our powers. She also kept us in line. She really just wanted to be a Medicine Cat...and drool over Swampstar. That always creeped me out, especially since she named me after him. The poor guy. - Gatorfang on Brightfern
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My sister never deserved to die, but she was a danger to us all. Sure, Quietkit was mean to me everyone once in a while because I didn't have any special powers, but her death was unjust. I understand that Swampstar had no choice, Palmer wouldn't drop her, and she was a threat to us all...Sometimes, I just wish things had gone differently. - Gatorfang on Quietkit
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Deear StarClan, where do I start...? Me 'n Jun had a pretty rough relationship at the end of our apprenticeship, when mother died and I was foolish enough to mention our sister. She just went on one of her rampages, she can't really control those, and I pity her. But hey, she helped me discover my radiation resistance, did she not? Juncosong is always there for me, and I'll always be there for her. If she ever needs a paw, she can always count on me. - Gatorfang on Juncosong
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  • Since his mother is a creepy stalker of Swampgator, she named her son after him.
  • He is based off of Preston Garvey from Fallout 4.