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Current StarClan
Past Kittypets, AutumnClan
Age Approx. 14 moons at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by rocks
Debut Coming soon
Last Post AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 29
Father Daxter
Mother Peach
Siblings Alexia, Danny, Misty (foster), Tony, Paul (Unknown to Geckonose)
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Crys
Geckonose is a sleek, sandy brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. She is known for being a rather disrespectful, picky cat that likes to sleep in daylight and hunt and battle train by herself at night. Her family is unknown, as she was a kittypet with parents that had to leave her the moment she was born. She currently has unknown siblings and does not know their names, but no doubt has some.



Geckonose is a tabby with sandy brown fur, speckled with darker spots on the coat. Her light chest and belly are patternless and a creamy shade of desaturated ginger. Her nose is a brownish pinkish shade, and so is her earpink. She has a lighter muzzle than the chest and her coat. On her legs and tail are faint tabby marks. She has pink paw pads, nose, and dark whiskers.
Her long, slender frame is small and nimble, and her legs are very strong. Her size is rather small for a cat her age, but it may have been that she was the runt of the litter when she was born. She has somewhat large and triangular ears, a pointed face with a tapered muzzle, and large, amber eyes. The tail is long and thin furred, and her paws are large and firm. Muscles can be seen through the thin, short fur. She has a lighter belly that caves in. Her body is an advantage and a disadvantage in battle.
Cats may think of her as an ugly cat, inside and out, but to her, she believes that she's prettier than any cat in the clan.


She isn't too mentally stable, but she isn't insane, either. She is very intelligent compared to the rest of her clan mates, but she is absolutely terrified of the cats larger that are larger than her. She especially doesn't like it when numerous cats she's wary of are around her. She usually never gets nightmares, nor does she get any pleasant dreams. Why she has a fear of large cats is unknown, as she lived with twolegs for quite a while.
Geckonose is healthy in physical health. She excersizes frequently in the night, mainly practices her battling and climbing skills alone by using a tree as the target. However, she does not like to move around in the day, weary by the night of hunting and training. She has a very strong immune system, and whenever she suddenly gets sick, it leaves as quickly as it comes.


Picky, picky, picky. That's what describes her in only a few words. She is picky when choosing her food, picky when choosing friends, picky when being told what and what not to do. She can't help it; it's just who she is. Along with her picky nature, she is quite disrespectful and snappy, but these traits don't stop her from being a deep yet a shallow cat. She does have a kinder, loyal side towards her clan, even if she doesn't like the clanmates themselves.
She can be quite shallow at times, and even lazy. She doesn't like to move when there are other cats around for unknown reasons. She likes to excersize and hunt in the night, where cats are asleep and she's the only one awake. She frequently sleeps for short periods during the day time, making cats think that she is just a lazy, unhelpful cat that is nothing but a burden to the clan. She's quiet but sharp tongued and annoying. Even if she cares for her clan, she is absolutely terrified of her clanmates and uses words in defense. Despite this, she is willing to help her clan at any causes, which is why she hunts at night.
Her anti-social nature doesn't help her get along with her clan mates, too. She doesn't like training with her former mentor, Darkshade, because she fears that he may be everything she doesn't want a cat to be. She doesn't like to talk to her clan mates, and usually speaks to herself when she does talk. She also has a rebellious streak, and never cares for his orders, as she likes to find out things herself. Despite her bratty personality, she is very intelligent for a cat her age, and is closely attached to StarClan, which is partly the main reason why she hunts and trains by herself at night. She also seems to know the herbs, even if she doesn't pay attention to them.


She is extremely fast and nimble, which gives her an advantage in battle. She is a born climber, and can easily leap over gorges and dens. She likes to spend her time up in trees, feeding herself on birds and other animals in the sky. She absolutely hates water, and is a poor swimmer. She relies more on defense and speed than offense, as she's not the best fighter, but a better evader. Her eyesight isn't very good during daytime, so she relies on her keen nose and ears.



She was born to an unnamed mother and father in a litter of kits. Before she knew their names, the two-legs took away the mother and siblings, and left the little kit alone. Her two-leg couldn't find a good name for the kit, and continuously called her "Gecko" for her skill of climbing almost anything that wasn't a smooth surface. Later on, they thought up of a name for her, and named the kit Mila.
Mila grew up happily with her housefolk, unaware that she was part of a litter and had parents that left her, nor did she ever find out in the history of living with her owner. Spoiled, pampered, and fattened, the only thing that didn't happen to Mila was being neutered. When she was out enjoying the garden, she asked another kittypet what it means to be "neutered", in curiosity because she heard her housefolks say it in their chatting. The kittypet told her about the Vet, and the effects of going there. Frightened, she ran away from her housefolks the next day and set off into the wild, shocked about the fact that she couldn't have a future if she stayed with her owners.
Mila continued living alone, but eventually starved because she had no food to live on. For a five moon old, she was suprisingly strong, but she was in no doubt, going to die if she wasn't taken in by another cat. After a while, she found herself at the AutumnClan camp, and joined to survive and learn how to cope on her own. With her new name as Geckokit, earned when she told the leader she could climb well, she was nursed by another queen until she was six moons of age, and then she was mentored by Darkshade, with her apprentice name as Geckopaw.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon



Foster Mother:

Unnamed she-cat; deceased, residence unknown


Merida; deceased, residence unknown
Minty; deceased, status unknown


Dash; living
Richie; status unknown

Great Aunt:

Leah; deceased, residence unknown


Peach; deceased, residence unknown


Daxter; deceased, residence unknown


Volkner; deceased
Dallas; living
Timmy; status unknown
Cosmo; status unknown


Venia; living

Foster Sister(s):

Misty; living


Addertail - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Earthspirit - Living
Bakura - Deceased; Residence Unknown
Yami - Living
Seto - Living
Sunsetfall - Living
Rumble - Unborn
Frogstep - Living
Brightwish - Living
Wavesplash - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Windsky - Living
Lee - Living
Grace - Living
Darkstorm - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Morgan - Unborn
Stoatpelt - Living
Mottledfur - Living
Gingernose - Living


Paul; living
Tony; living


Alexia; living


  • She was originally named Fernpaw, until Crys changed her completely.
  • She is based off Crystal's crested gecko, only there's a gender-bend.
  • She does not know she has siblings, but they are named in the character template and family.
  • Her name was first Fernpaw, then Turtlepaw, then Geckopaw, which she stuck to until her warrior name.


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