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Gingerpaw (SprC) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Gingerpaw (SprC)
Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Given Kit: Gingerkit

Apprentice: Gingerpaw

Age Unknown
Status Faded
Cause of Death Killed by badgers
Debut Warmpelt's Story
Last Post Unknown
Father Bird
Mother Shade
Sibling Warmpelt
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Sandstone
Owner Bbun
Gingerpaw is a ginger tabby tom with bright yellow-amber eyes. He is the brother of Warmpelt, and the son of Bird and Shade. Taught from a young age to despise his brother, he was a source of bullying to his sibling. Portrayed as arrogant yet intelligent, he often showed off, mainly to impress his parents - but did have an honest side to him. He was killed when his brother had pushed him into a clearing filled with badgers - and was slaughtered by them as a result. During his time in StarClan, he became resentful of himself, often pointing out his various flaws. This eventually left him to take his own life - by jumping into a dip filled with pointed rocks - and bled to death.



Gingerpaw is of small stature and build. Since he died an apprentice, his height is much shorter compared to other cats in SpringClan and StarClan. Since he died as a apprentice, he is noticeably short and stout as well. His fur is of a semi-long length and of thick, fluffy texture, which was inherited by his mother, Shade.
Gingerpaw has a ginger pelt of a bright hue. He has a pure white chest and paws, which he obtained from his father, Bird. His stripes are visible, but are at their thickest and darkest around his face and tail-tip. His tail is somewhat long and slender, for a cat his age, but would be considered to be average by an adult cat.
Gingerpaw's eyes are of a pale yellow-amber color, that is lightest near the iris, but gradually darkens the further away it is. It has some flecks of green and orange here and there, and they are faint, too. His nose is a dark pink, and his whiskers are of an average length, and white. Due to his death as an apprentice, his teeth are in excellent shape, and appear to have few signs of wear.
He has average sized ears that are pointed at the tips, giving them a triangular look, and has skin of a pale color. He is stocky with short legs, and a rounded muzzle, as well as broad shoulders. His claws are blunt and pale-colored, and has a short, wide chest.


Physical Health

Like the rest of his Clanmates, Gingerpaw was fit and active, as he often went patrols, and hunted with his mentor, Sandstone. Even during his time in the afterlife, he is still in peak physical condition. He often trained during his free time, trying to be considered the best apprentice SpringClan had ever seen.

Mental Health

Not much is known about Gingerpaw's mental health, other than his death had impacted him severely. This caused him to become what others thought to be distant and aloof, as he tried to hide his guilt from others. Before his death, however, he was mentally sharp, and had no mental illnesses nor disorders.


Arrogant, bossy, and nosy are just three traits that Gingerpaw possesses. Receiving these traits from his father, he is also quite defiant. He refuses to do orders unless it is a command - and only when he has fussed enough. He has a short temper - when blown, it can trigger a nasty action from Gingerpaw. However, he is honest, and tries not to tell any lies - doing so will make him feel excessive guilt for not speaking the truth.
When he went to StarClan, he began resentful and spiteful of himself. Gingerpaw often complained about his various flaws, viewing them as obstacles in his life. Such flaws, like his excessive pride, were what he thought to have led to his death. He also seems to have been influenced by his mother, Shade, who taught him that he was better than everyone else. When he died, he no longer supported her claims, and viewed them as mere lies.
Intelligence is also another characteristic he has, and uses it to his advantage. He is keen about details, and tries to figure out the meaning behind each one. He however can discard details he finds as petty - but they may be important overall. His vocabulary may not be the greatest, but he has a long memory - obtained from his father. He uses it to his will by often outsmarting other cats, and tries to best them at what they do - with unsuccessful results.

Skills & Abilities

Gingerpaw is notably good at balancing with his long, slender tail - if he did survive to warriorhood, he would have been known as Gingertail. Its length is what gives him grace and agility while he hunts, despite being an average runner. His senses are nothing out-of-the-ordinary; they function properly as well as any other cat's. His fighting skills are above average, but not well enough to be recognized. In battle, since he has a relatively small build, he uses it to his advantage - although he may sometimes feel squashed.



Gingerkit is born to Goldshade and Dirtbird along with his sibling, Warmkit - who is then simply known as "Runt". As Goldshade leans over her two kits, it is noted that he opened his eyes first, and stumbled across the nursery earlier. However, he is asleep with his sibling, and huddles close together. Goldshade pushes his sibling out of her nest so she can see Gingerkit better, who she deems attractive, like her mother.
It is mentioned that Gingerkit's father, Dirtbird, despises everything - except for Gingerkit, whom he adores, as did every cat. Each day, before they went off to sleep, Goldshade ushers Gingerkit into her next, and touches the top of his head with her muzzle, and tells him that she loved him. She curls her tail around him, which leaves his brother to sleep alone.
As he bats at a piece of moss, Gingerkit sighs, signifying that he was bored. Runt asks if he could play, and Goldenkit refuses, telling him to go away, as well as calling him a rodent. Runt protests that he needed two kits to play the game, and he was the only other kit. In response, Gingerkit informs his mother that Runt was attempting to play with him. After she punishing him, Goldshade hisses at him to leave his brother alone. When Bluefeather asks Runt what he desired, she asks him if Gingerkit had bet him to eat deathberries. Runt explains that he wanted to play with his sibling, but his mother scolded him, and had tossed him across camp.
Afterwards, as Bluefeather argues with Goldshade that she was treating Runt unfairly, she mentions that she did not let him play with his brother, and raised to him to think that he was superior to his brother. Gingerkit insists that he was better than him, claiming that he was stronger, larger, swifter than him, and that he considered his coat pretty. He adds that Runt was scum under his paws that slowed him down, as his mother had said. Bluefeather asks her how she could teach Gingerkit such behavior, stating that her son was having a terrible life, and that she was teaching his brother that he was scum, claiming that she didn't deserve to be a mother. Gingerkit, eyes wide with fear, asks if he no better than his brother, and Goldshade assures him that he was, stating that Runt was a weakling, and he was her strong warrior. She then licks him on the head affectionately.
Not long after, Goldshade comes up with an idea to get rid of Runt, and stands up to make sure Gingerkit would be safe while she was gone. After she tells him of the game, Runt wonders if he could play with Gingerkit. As Goldshade leaves Runt on the Twoleg nest's doorstep, it is noted that he would grow up to kill Gingerkit. When he introduces himself to Nikos, Runt mentions his brother - who he deems great, but notes that his mother had said he was scum underneath his paws. After finding out that she had left Runt to the Twolegs, Morningstar announces that Goldshade is exiled from SpringClan, and Gingerkit would be taken in by Snowshine, who would show him the workings of the Clan.
Soon, he becomes an apprentice, and his mentor is revealed to be Sandstone. It is noted that as Warmpaw pads next to his brother, Gingerpaw still despised him. Gingerpaw then tells him not to stand too close to him, as he would rub off runt on to him, and he would shrink, which would hinder his hunting skills. He then speeds up to walk with the mentors. Warmpaw then bumps into him, and reminds him that he said not to touch him. Sandstone then yowls at him after failing to stalk a bird, and Gingerpaw explains that it was his brother's fault. He then flicks his tail towards him, and explains that he touched him, therefore making him have the "runt bug". Sandstone scolds him, telling him to quit being a mouse-brain, and there was no runt bug nor filth cat. She adds that he was being stupid for the sake of being stupid, and if he continued, he would have him clearing out the elders' den for moons. Gingerpaw hisses at his brother, stating that he was to kill him, as he costed him his dignity.
Sandstone tells Gingerpaw that Warmpaw did not do anything, and tells him to quit being a mouse-brain, and follow her. Gingerpaw ignores her, and pins Warmpaw down, as he attempts to bite his brother. Sandstone asks what was wrong with him, and picks him up, off his brother, and flings him away. Sandstone asks if he was fine, and Warmpaw confirms that he was, stating that he did it to him all the time. Sandstone hisses that Gingerpaw was just like his mother, and that he despised Warmpaw for no reason, and he was overly hostile. She adds that the SpringClan leader was wrong to let his mother into the Clan, and advises him to stay away from his brother, so he didn't give him the "Tree-brain bug". She then picks up Warmpaw, and puts him up the from of the patrol. When Warmpelt states that he scented something, Gingerpaw asks if it was the scent of his blood on his claws. Sandstone scolds him, claiming he was getting out of hand.
When Sandstone scents badgers, Gingerpaw is the first to find a tree, and climbs up a solid oak, settling on a low branch, as he watches the badgers near him. Soon, Warmpaw attempts to find a tree, and he climbs up the oak, but Gingerpaw hisses at him, making him go back down. Snowflower tells Gingerpaw to let his brother up, as he was to die if he didn't. Warmpaw wonders why he couldn't go to Snowflower's tree, but Gingerpaw does not allow him. Spottedheart tells him that he was to be exiled for murder, and Warmpaw claws his way up the oak once more, but Gingerpaw swats at him. Gingerpaw recalls that his mother got exiled from attempting to get rid of Warmpaw, and that he was to succeed in not helping his brother. Sandstone insists that he was talking foolish, and Gingerpaw grins as a badger picks up Warmpaw with his teeth.
After escaping the badger, Warmpaw climbs up the tree, and hidden by the leaves, he states that he would show him what happens when he messed with him. Warmpaw then shoves Gingerpaw off the branch and into the crowd of badgers below. No other cats see him, and Warmpaw yowls convincingly as his brother falls to his death. It is noted that this would be his first murder, and not his last.As Warmpelt spots Shellshore carrying kits, he wishes that they were his, until he remembers his brother, claiming that anyone crossing the runt would be punished.
In StarClan, he is shown to be resentful toward himself, and often points out his various flaws. He often blames himself for the deaths Warmpelt had caused, and wishes that he could have prevented them. Gingerpaw also plans to eventually kill himself - but often fails to, by being scolded by other fellow StarClanners. 


Gingerpaw is a member of StarClan.
He is seen bracing himself as he approaches an area in StarClan where a long, steep cliff stands, with pointy rocks below. He states that it was to come, and puffs up his chest as he crouches on the cliff's edge. With great force, he pounces into the sea of sharp rocks, and feels all the pain he felt while abusing his brother, Warmpelt - which he kept secretly, from when he could speak to his bloody death. His pelt is noted to look brighter than ever, and he mutters something as he comes closer to the ground. While thinking about the deaths of cats like Cloudstorm and Snowflake, he decides to make a small smile of his face, as it seems that he would finally die.
A blunt stabbing pain then pierces Gingerpaw's chest, as it were a stick piercing a leaf. His blood flows out like a rapidly flowing river, and his heart throbs. As more blood trickles out of his tiny heart, the world begins to look darker to him. His blood begins to cover not only rock, but part of the ground as well. Gingerpaw closes his eyes for a final time, and lets go of the rock. His pelt is matted in blood, and begins to fade as he falls of the rock. His pelt fades more as his body closes in on the ground, and as it is about to hit the ground, it completely fades away.


Mother: Shade - Status Unknown

Father: Bird - Status Unknown

Brother: Warmpelt - Deceased, Verified Dark Forest Member

Grandmother: Unnamed she-cat - Deceased, Unknown Residence

Foster Mother: Snowshine - Deceased, Verified StarClan Member


  • He was originally described with green eyes in Warmpelt's Story, but this was changed.



Runt: "Can I play?"
Gingerkit: "No! Go away, Rodent!"
Runt: "But, you need two kits to play that game with! And I'm the only other kit!"
Gingerkit: "Mommy! Runt's trying to play with me again!"
—Gingerkit and Runt, after Gingerkit is asked to play a game Warmpelt's Story

Gingerkit: "But I am better than him! I'm stronger, bigger, faster, and my coat is pretty. He's just scum under my paws that slow me down - that's what Momma said."
Bluefeather: "HOW COULD YOU TEACH GINGERKIT THAT? Your poor son is having a terrible life, adn you're teaching his brother that he's just scum! you don't deserve to be a mother!"
Gingerkit: "You mean I'm not better than Runty?"
Goldshade: "You are, sweetie. He's a weakling, and you're my strong warrior."
—Goldshade and Bluefeather arguing about the former's care of Runt Warmpelt's Story

Gingerpaw: "It's Filth's fault. He touched me. Now I have the runt bug!""
Sandstone: "Quit being a mouse-brain! There is no runt bug! There is no filth cat! You're being stupid for the sake of being stupid! If you don't stop this, I will have you clearing out the elders' den for moons!"
Gingerpaw (to his brother): "I'm going to kill you. You cost me my dignity!"
—Gingerpaw, when being scolded by Sandstone Warmpelt's Story





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