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Placeholder cat
Current AutumnClan
Past Loner
Sonin, Gingershade
Age 25 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Kratos
Mother Unknown she cat
Siblings Three unknown she cats (littermates), two unknown she cats (half), Kopa (half), Uru (half), Jumpclaw (half), unknown tom (half)
Mate Malcom (formerlly)
Kits Pollenkit, Ashwoodkit
Owner Meerkat
 Gingershade is a ginger and white tabby she cat with green eyes. She is the daughter of Kratos and an unknown she cat, the littermate of three unknown sisters and the half sister of multiple cats including Kopa, Uru, Jumpclaw, Basilisk and Vixenlight, the former mate of Malcom and the mother of Pollenkit and Ashwoodkit. Born a loner, Sonin joined AutumnClan and is now a warrior under Tigerstar's reign, not having a name change at first, then later deciding to have one.

Gingershade is fiercely loyal to her clan and is rather competitive and brave, although her long fuse leads to a fierce temer. After having given up on impressing her first crush Sleetfang, Gingershade began a potentially dangerous relationship with SplashClan warrior Ratwhisker which ended.



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Loyal and slightly stubborn, Gingershade is a relatively easy cat to get along with, although her slightly stubborn side sometimes makes her difficult in arguments. However, Gingershade is very intelligent and often tries to talk it out with other cats if she realises that she either won't win an argument or if the situation doesn't need to esculate. Gingershade also has quite a good and slightly dark sense of humour, which often helps her to get along with some of the less serious members of the clan.

After her last failed relationship, Gingershade has became more fearful of love and this has given her a bit more of an anti social edge. While she still remains friendly, she finds it a lot harder while speaking to toms, thinking that they may fall in love with her. 

Skills and abilities

A very good hunter and an average fighter, Sonin is quite adept at using her teeth and claws, either for hunting or on the battlefield. Also rather athletic, Sonin is quite a good tree climber as well.



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Kratos- Living


Unknown she cat- Status unknown


Three unknown sisters- Status unknown

Half brothers

Kopa- Deceased, no residence

Jumpclaw- Living

Basilisk- Living

Half sisters

Uru- Deceased, no residence

Vixenlight- Living

Half siblings

Multiple unknown cats- Status unknown


Zira- Living


Ferahgo- Deceased, no residence

Badrang- Deceased, no residence

More coming soon




"I honestly don't care about my father. If he doesn't want to know me, then so be it. I've heard that I have several half siblings from different she cats. That's not a cat I want to know in my life!"

Unlike some of her half siblings, Gingershade has no interest in meeting her father. Gingershade is unsure why he left her mother and moved on to different she cats and harbours a grudge towards him, wondering why he didn't want to be a father figure.


"He's a charming little one, my only surviving kit. I'm so proud of him, even if he sometimes struggles to understand why cats fall in love. I don't think he's interested, but we'll see. Even if he doesn't want to do things, I'll always love him until I die. I do regret leaving him with his father when I went back to my clan though,but now he's with me I'm glad I get to know one of my kits."

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Love interests

Sleetfang (formerlly)

"I honestly never should have tried to impress him. Maybe I never should have even developed a crush on him. I guess I just wanted too much from a cat who may have never had what I wanted or even needed. Sometimes, yeah I wish it went better, but it probably never would."

Having a crush on him since the first day she joined the clan, after the death of his mate, Sonin immediately tried to impress him and show how she could help him get some closure. However, unknown to her, Sleetfang thought of her as quite weird. Sonin continued trying to get his affections, although he never showed anything towards her. Sonin has recently stopped trying to have a relationship with him and now regrets ever having a crush on him.

Ratwhisker (Formerlly)

"I know I really shouldn't have done this in the first place, but Ratwhisker was everything Sleetfang isn't. He was arrogant, fearless and best of all, he returns my feelings. Then he DUMPED ME! He dumped me because there was "Someone else!" He told me I was the perfect cat for him and now I'm distrustful of SplashClan because of him!"

After having failed with Sleetfang, Sonin developed a stronger, yet potentially more dangerous crush on SplashClan cat Ratwhisker. After having briefly compared him to her former crush, Sonin considered him a far better match for her. Despite his arrogance, Gingershade loved Ratwhisker for who he is and vice versa. However, Ratwhisker later falls in love with another cat and breaks it off with Gingershade. Distraught by his decision and with two failed romances, Gingershade has now become distrustful of the clan he was born in and never wants to see Ratwhisker again.



"I honestly don't know what to think about the father of the cat I once had a crush on. I haven't talked to him much, but he always gives me a weird smile, like I'm going to become mates with his son. I want to give him a piece of my mind, but I'm too respectful for that."

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  • Gingershade's littermates may be introduced later.
  • Gingershade has clan blood, as her father's lineage is SplashClan and also may have some clan blood from her mother as her father prefers clan or former clan cats.
  • Gingershade believes in StarClan and will go there when she dies.
  • Gingershade and Ratwhisker will rekindle their relationship and will keep it this time until either of them dies, although nobody will find out about them.



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