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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Given Grayfur
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Darkpelt
Mother Starlight
Sibling Blacknight
Mate Snowfur
Kits Darknight, Iceflow, Wintersnow
Mentor Lionmane
Apprentice Darknight
Owner None
Grayfur is a gray, striped tabby tom with piercing green eyes.


Grayfur is a kind-hearted, brave tom who cares for all of his clanmates and loves his kin more than anything in the world, and he loves his mate and kits and would protect them with his life. Grayfur is a proud, caring cat.


Mother: Starlight - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Father: Darkpelt - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Brother: Blacknight - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Mother-in-Code:: Winterheart - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Father-in-Code: Strongheart - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Sister-in-Code: Frosty - Living

Brother-in-Code: Frostclaw - Living

Mate: Snowfur - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Son: Darknight - Living

Daughters: Iceflow - Deceased, Residence - StarClan, Wintersnow - Living

Grandsons: Darkslash - Living, Geckokit - Deceased, Residence - Unknown

Granddaughters: Icestorm - Living, Leafstem - Living, Birchtrail - Living , Swanfeather - Living, Spiritheart - Living

Great-Grandson: Cheetahpaw - Living

Great-Grandaughters: Sapphopaw - Living, Tealpaw - Living


Grayfur was born to Darkpelt and Starlight, along with his brother Blacknight. When he was an apprentice he fell in love with Snowpaw, and when they became warriors, known as Snowfur and Grayfur, they became mates. Snowfur's mother and brother died, and Snowfur almost killed herself, but Grayfur saved her before she could. The two cats had three kits, who grew up to become warriors. His son had 4 kits, Icekit, Darkkit, Leafkit and Birchkit. Darkkit looks just like him and Darknight.

He is later seen grieving over Snowfur's dead body, and later on, he dies to a fox. He is later seen by Sapphopaw, with Snowfur, now Snowstar, and is mentioned to be a different cat, although he had the same name and appearance, and Snowstar explains to Sapphopaw that she and Grayfur were reincarnations of themselves in a different life.

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