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Current SummerClan
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Loners & Rogues 7
Father Cricketstar
Mother Alpinefeather
Siblings Tranquilwind, Justicesight, Pridefall, Lovekit, Robinkit
Mate Flyheart (formerly)
Kits Starlingstorm, Perchkit, Pearpaw
Mentor Weaselwhisker
Apprentice Duskheart
Owner None
 Guilttrip is a brown tabby-and-white tom with amber eyes. He is the son of Cricketstar and Alpinefeather. Born a rogue, he was taken into SummerClan by their former, forgiving leader, Rowanstar. One day he wandered into SpringClan territory and met Flyheart. After a bit of chatting, he does the deed with her, impregnating her. Moons later she gives birth to his kits, Perchkit, Starlingkit, and Pearkit.



Guilttrip is very scrawny and bony, the smallest of his litter. He doesn't look well fed even if he is. His fur is a black, mixing with different shades of dark gray that seems almost metallic against the moonlight. He uses his pelt to blend into the darkness of the night. He is longfurred but doesn't worry about his pelt much. He never grooms it and doesn't care if it becomes a bird's nest.
Guilttrip's legs are long and strong, but they don't show it. He can jump rather high, but that's about it. His tail is unusually long, which he uses for balancing on thin branches. His face is small, and makes his ears look larger than they really are. His paws are small, but his claws are long and razor sharp due to being sharpened daily on boulders. HIs teeth are very sharp and yellow, rottening day by day.
His eyes are slanted, and are an unusual red. Like a ruby, they glisten and shine against the dark pupil in the middle of his eye. They stick out, as their shade of red pops against his black fur. His whiskers are about as dark as the night sky. His nose, pawpads and skin are only a little bit lighter than his whiskers.


Physical Health

Guiltrip doesn't catch many diseases, but he is prone to many with going to the Dark Forest. He doesn't fight much, so he doesn't get injured, unless he's in the Dark Forest, but he also doesn't eat much. He is underweight.

Mental Health

Guilttrip is mentally unstable. He always has death on his mind, and wants to kill anything that moves. He is smart, and uses his head to stay out of trouble and strikes at the right moments. He can be considered a serial killer.


Guilttrip is often compared to a snake; he's sneaky, cunning and clever. He uses his remarkable ability to lie to get away with anything, blaming the next guy. He lies to everybody, telling the truth once in a blue moon. He likes to remain aloof from others, but stays close enough to gather enough information to use to his power. He doesn't have any friends, and despises socializing.
Guilttrip is easily annoyed by other cats, especilly know-it-alls and kits. He goes out of his way to avoid them, and when he can't, he acts so poorly, that they would want to stay away from him. He doesn't like his littermates, especially Tranquilwind, because of her popularity. StarClan is high up on his list of dislikes, and plans on joining the Dark Forest, no matter what.
The only thing that really puts a smile on Guilttrip's face is the Dark Forest and those who inhabit it, including Scourgepaw, Tigerscar and Hawkheart. The Dark Forest is really the only thing he loves, besides blood and death. He is a trainee and a spy for them, and wants the Dark Forest to take over the forest. Guilttrip is willing to give up his life to see that happen.

Skills and Abilities

Guilttrip is smaller than most cats, and this is a disadvantage in battle. Though, he can move very fast due to his strong, long legs. He stays away from claws and jaws in fights, and hides out like a vulture, waiting for the weakest victim to fall.
Guilttrip's other senses are super efficent. His nose is like a dog's, and can track almost any scent, fresh or stale. His eyes are his strongest ability, as he can see better than most cats, especially at night. His sense of smell is also great as well, as he can sniff predators (or in his case, allies) from a distance away.

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He is born to Alpinefeather and Strongheart outside of SummerClan, along with his siblings Tranquilkit, Pridekit, Justicekit, Lovekit and Robinkit, though Robinkit dies after being born.
Strongheart brings his kits into SummerClan, and asks the leader at that time, Rowanstar, if they could stay. Rowanstar is skeptical at first, since she and their mother did not get along, but she lets them stay.
Rowanstar looks into Guiltkit's eyes, and it is said that they are deep like they could hold many secrets. It's almost as if Rowanstar was hypnotized by them. Strongheart moves his kits to the nursery after getting Rowanstar's approval. Guiltkit settles in the corner, muttering to himself, being aloof from everyone else.
A few sunrises later, Kestrelkit from AutumnClan is seen in SummerClan. He takes an instant disliking towards the tom, and threatens to report him to Rowanstar. Tranquilkit asks him why he scared Kestrelkit off, and he says it was because he didn't like him, or Clan cats in general. He also said SummerClan was okay.
He is later seen watching Tranquilkit with Kestrelpaw.
When Shiftkey becomes possessed by Shock, he watches in entertainment.
His father becomes Strongstar after Rowanstar dies, and his first duty as leader was making his kits apprentices. Guiltkit became known as Guiltpaw, with Weaselwhisker as his mentor. Guiltpaw says that Shiftkey is a traitor, and he shouldn't have an apprentice to pass down his skills to kill, but Strongstar goes against his kin, and says that Shiftkey will be mistreated by no cat.
When Lovekit dies, he doesn't feel any grief towards his sister, but just pushes it aside after telling Pridepaw. Then, he does back into the apprentices' den to eat since Pridepaw was wasting his time.
When Justicepaw wants to talk to him, Guiltpaw gives him a mean tone, that scares Justicepaw away.
Moons later, Guiltpaw receives his warrior name, Guilttrip. He is seen in SummerClan camp, frustrated that he has to clean the elders when that was an apprentice job. He goes into the den only to find the dead bodies of Firesky and Moonstorm, and studies them, taking a big sniff of Firesky's pelt. He goes to alert Pikepelt and his father.
Guilttrip is a Dark Forest trainee, and is always looking for more victims. He notices Wolfpaw and devises up a plan to trick him into training in the Dark Forest. Guilttrip takes advantage of Wolfpaw's admiration for him, and takes him out so Wolfpaw can show him his moves. Wolfpaw sends Guilttrip off his paws, which annoys Guilttrip, but he continues to act nice. Guilttrip tells the young apprentice that he knows of a great place to train, speaking of the Dark Forest. He tells Wolfpaw that it's StarClan, and the apprentice believes him.
Guilttrip meets Wolfpaw in the Dark Forest. He trains with the tom for awhile, until Tigerstar summons him and Fogface to go train with Cricketpaw. The slink through the darkness to find the she-cat, and when they do, Tigerscar orders Guilttrip to attack her. Headstrong, the mottled black tom goes after the she-cat in a pounce. Cricketpaw managed to pin Guilttrip down, much to his embarrassment. When Tigerscar comes out and tells Cricketpaw his future plans, he advances with the distraction and throws the apprentice off of him. Tigerscar tells him that he needs to shape up and then shoves into him.
Later, Tigerscar tells him that he should bring Wolfpaw down here so he can train one on one with Cricketpaw. Guilttrip accepts the old cat's challenge, and says that the best mentor will win.
A few days later, he is seen at the SpringClan border. He meets a she-cat there, who questions his being on SpringClan territory and he replies sarcastically, that it was to meet a she-cat like her.





Flyheart (formerly) - Living




Pearkit - Living
Starlingkit - Living


Cricketstar - Living


Alpinefeather - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Tranquilwind - Living
Lovekit - Deceased; Verified StarClan member
Robinkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Justicesight - Living
Pridefall - Living


Fizzlefoot - Living
Glaciermoon - Living
Aerialace - Living
Leechfang - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Moonfeather - Living
Darttoss - Living


Crystalwish - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Aspenflower - Living


Waspfoot - Living,
Finalblitz - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Violetheart - Status Unknown
Willowkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Auroraheart - Living
Starlasong - Living
Leopardkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Lightningpaw - Living


Beakkit - Deceased, verfied StarClan member
Vortexfang - Living


Fadeshadow - Living
Agateblaze - Deceased, reincarnated as Agatekit


Ospreytalon - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Bramblestrike - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Moonsight - Living
Azurestar - Living


Wolfpelt - Deceased, verified StarClan member
Owlwing - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Other Clans










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