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Gullbreeze is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current WinterClan
Age Approx. 12 moons (1 Year)
Status Living
Debut WC Archive LII
Father Unknown
Mother Guppystar
Siblings Antkit, Blackpaw, Sootlegs, Lizardkit, Cormorantpaw
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Sandtail
Apprentice Darkspirit
Owner Rainlegs

Gullbreeze is a short-furred, torbie-and-white molly with a short, rumpy-style manx tail. She is the daughter of Guppystar, and is a warrior in WinterClan. Her littermates are Antkit, Blackpaw, Sootlegs, Lizardkit, and Cormorantpaw, all of whom are half-clan. Her mentor was Sandtail, and she is currently the mentor of Darkpaw.

She is known for being more calm than her brothers, and although getting both them and her friends into trouble, being very easy-going and confident.



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Gullkit is born to Guppystar of WinterClan and an unnamed loner, who happened to be a ginger-and-white manx, living near FreeClan's old territory. She is born to a litter of six, consisting of Lizardkit, Blackkit, Cormorantkit, Antkit, and Sootkit. She is delivered by her aunt, Applewhisker, and the medicine cat, Beautifulface.
She and her siblings are moved several times between the nursery and medicine den, before finally taking a home in the leader's den with their mother. She is later seen three moons later, marching outside with her siblings. She is noted to be short and stocky, and easily fits her mother's image of an ideal warrior.
A moon later, she and her siblings are seen tumbling out of the leader's den to eat a rabbit caught by their mother. She and Sootkit challenge other kits to a fight, and team up to "defeat" their opponents. After the death of Lizardkit, her sister, two moons later, she and her brothers are made apprentices. She is apprenticed to Sandtail, and seems shy about meeting her mentor.


A few days afterwards, she is sent to the gathering with her mother. Gullpaw is the smallest cat in the patrol, and is noticeable scared, especially after she gets lost in the crowd and winds up in the heart of the SummerClan patrol. She smells blood, and curious as to what it is, since she was at a peaceful gathering, she heads to the source, meeting Harepaw. The two talk for a little while, until the gathering ends and Gullpaw locates her family.
Gullpaw returns to WinterClan with her mother, and immediately barges into the apprentices' den, to wake up Ivypaw, Crowpaw, and Dipperpaw, in order to tell them about the SummerClan cat she met. Crowpaw and her tussle for a bit, dragging Dipperpaw into the brawl, but finally break up once Gullpaw agrees to take her friends to SummerClan to meet him.
A few days later, the trio are seen on the edge of SummerClan's border, having traveled all night and most of the day to each the edge. They hear a patrol coming by, and hide in some bushes so they can see who the approaching cats are. They all return home after meeting with Harepaw, and somehow weren't caught.
Four moons later, she and her brothers were named warriors in a massive ceremony containing eighteen apprentices. She earns the name Gullbreeze for her easy-going nature, and is seen sitting on top of the high rock, wondering about what was waiting in store for her in the future. She Walks back to her mother's den and climbs down from the raised area, to attack Dippercloud. She discusses sneaking off to the catmint patch with Ivysnow, Dippercloud, and Crowclaw during their vigil, and Ivysnow storms off, declaring their behavior "childish". Gullbreeze is a little disheartened, but encouraged by Crowclaw that he would change his mind.
Gullbreeze is next seen napping inside her mother's den, after Guppystar had left for SummerClan, to make an alliance. She is woken up when Stonefrost brings a kittypet up to the mouth of the den, to meet Guppystar, and she intercepts them before they enter. She warns Stonefrost that her mother hated newcomers, and then tells the pair that Guppystar was away on business. She and Stonefrost begin to panic about the situation when they realize the cat had kits, and the two end up resulting in moving the queen to the prisoner's den, to keep her away from the rest of the clan before Guppystar came back.
Gullbreeze next receives her first apprentice, Darkpaw, and after seeing that the tom disliked her, orders him to clean the elder's bedding.
Later on, Gullbreeze is seen walking over to Crowfoot's body after her uncle's death, and sits next to her mother and aunt. Sootlegs and Cormorantstorm join her, and the three wail softly as they mourn. Guppystar orders them to move so the body could be prepared for the vigil, and Gullbreeze, after saying goodbye to her siblings, approaches Spiderpaw and asks her if she could come with her to gather watermint and lavender to mask the scent of death on Crowclaw's pelt. Spiderpaw accepts, and has her littermate, Graypaw, come with them. After Guppystar had sent Darkpaw off on chores, Gullbreeze has the party find him, and they all go to gather aromatic herbs together.



Unnamed manx tom: Status Unknown, most likely living


Guppystar: Living


Antkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Blacktuft: Living
Sootlegs: Living
Cormorantstorm: Living


Lizardkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Azurestar: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Reedstar: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Marshshade: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Wolfpelt: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Risingfeather: Deceased; Confirmed Dark Forest member
Owlwing: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Sorrelstep: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Guppysplash: Deceased; StarClan resident
Moonsight: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Fadeshadow: Living
Bluekit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Hiddenshadow: Living
Visionblur: Deceased; StarClan resident
Crowfoot Living


Petalkit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Applewhisker: Living


Loyal: Living
Web: Living
Romeo: Living
Rollingstone: Living
Lionkit: Living
Minnie: Deceased; Unknown residence
Chaplin: Deceased; unknown residence
Rook: Living
Molecloud: Living
Dolphinwave: Living
Seedfur: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Magpiekit: Living
Birdkit: Living
Catfishkit: Status Unknown
Roseleaf: Living
Greenkit: Status Unknown
Stoatkit: Status Unknown
Aspenflower: Deceased; StarClan resident
Willowkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Lightningstorm: Deceased; StarClan resident
Leopardkit: Deceased, Confirmed StarClan member
Regretpaw: Status Unknown, most likely deceased
Beakkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Briarshine: Living
Pebblesong: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Shadestripe: Living
Stormwhisker: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Mottlenose: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Yellowbird: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Thornkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Foxtail: Living
Alpinefeather: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Aerialace: Living
Leechfang: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Slugface: Living
Pridefall: Deceased' StarClan resident
Tranquilwind: Living
Lovekit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Robinkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Guilttrip: Living
Justicesight: Living




"My mother is the clan leader, and despite begin particularly bossy towards me and my siblings, I love her. She's a fantastic role model, and I've been determined to become the best warrior possible for her. I hope she is proud of me, and I yearn to follow in her impressive footsteps.' -Gullbreeze on Guppystar
Gullbreeze easily looks up to her mother, and after hearing stories of her mother's first gathering after her birth, Gullbreeze is determined to become a strong enough warrior to make her mother, clan, and the whole forest proud. She aspires to be leader like her mother, grandfather, and grandmother, and isn't aware that it's most likely not a possibility, but nobody has had the heart to tell her this yet.


"Sootlegs is a pain in the butt. He's my best friend, and probably my favorite brother though. He listens to me and lets me boss him around, plus he usually takes the blame if we get caught! ...okay, maybe I blame him and everyone believes me, but that's the same thing, right?" -Gullbreeze on Sootlegs
Gullbreeze and Sootlegs are a dynamic duo: they constantly get into trouble, and because they're the leader's kits, they often avoid trouble as well. This has led both of them to have quite the egos, but they don't let their inflated dreams to get in the way of their friendship. The both believe that they are Guppystar's favorite, and fight over who will become leader after her, because she took over after her father, so why couldn't they? Overall, though, Sootlegs is her favorite of her littermates, and she enjoys her time with him.


"He's pretty great. He and I never hung out quite as much as Sootpaw and I do, but Blackpaw and I definitely will be close our whole lives. He's got a cool tail like mine, and he's also about my size, so he's more fun to fight with." -Gullbreeze on Blacktuft
Blacktuft and Gullbreeze aren't quite as close or disastrous as she and Sootlegs, but the two do get along quite well, and play when they get the chance. Gullbreeze definitely could see him being the deputy to her leader someday, but she hasn't told him yet that that's destined to be her job, not his.


"I can't believe she died. Lizardkit was my only sister! She was so pretty and she was gonna be the daughter who gave momma I have to be twice the warrior than I was gonna be, because I have to live for her, too. I miss her a lot." -Gullkit on Lizardkit
Lizardkit and Gullbreeze were quite close when they were together. Lizardkit hated fighting, while Gullpaw lived for it, so the two decided that Gullpaw would be the strong warrior their mother wanted, and Lizardkit would have tons of strong kittens for Gullbreeze to train, to balance each other out. Gullbreeze was probably hit the hardest out of her litter by her death, and still can't get over the fact that she died so close to becoming an apprentice.


He's kind of a pain, but I still like him. He's really proud of his tail, but I don't get why, because mine is so much cooler." -Gullbreeze on Cormorantstorm
Cormorantstorm and Gullbreeze don't see each other much, since their mentors work on practically opposite schedules, but Gullbreeze is both relieved and distressed by this. She loves her brother and enjoys playing with him, but sometimes his arrogant attitude clashes with her own, and they bicker. Thankfully no fights have been too big, and the two still get along on most other things.


"I don't even remember Antkit, because he died so little. I'm sure we would've been close though! He had a cool name." -Gullpaw on Antkit
Because Antkit was so young when they died, Gullbreeze never really got to interact with him. She hopes he's doing well in StarClan and is taking care of Lizardkit, and looks forward to meeting him when she dies.



"Crowclaw may be a little too aggressive or distant at times, but really he's probably my best friend. We make fun of each other a lot, and he's always challenging me to do stuff that could potentially make Guppystar mad, but we've never been caught so far. I like play-fighting with him and he puts up with how hyper I can be, so we're definitely super cool." -Gullbreeze on Crowclaw
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"I really hope I don't squish him to death. He has trouble recovering from our play-fights, but he's still really cool. He's really calm, too, so he's a nice balance to Crowclaw. I like going hunting with him a lot, because he's not constantly trying to make everything a competition, so we actually get work done!" -Gullbreeze on Dippercloud.
Coming Soon


"Ivysnow is super calm and SUPER smart. Even though he never joins in with play-fighting and thinks I'm not that bright for accepting Crowclaw's challenges, I think he secretly does like me as much as I like him. He's like a littermate, honestly, and I hope I don't bug him too much." -Gullbreeze on Ivysnow
Coming Soon


"He's really orange. Like, really, really, really orange. I met him at the gathering after Jaystorm beat him up, and I still don't really know what went down with that. But he seems really cool, even for a SummerClan cat." -Gullpaw on Harepaw
The two spoke a little at their first gathering, after a young Gullbreeze became lost from her clan, and ended up by the SummerClan cats. She followed the scent of blood to find that Jaystorm has beaten him up, and listened as the cheeto-orange cat explained the whole situation. They talked for a little bit before the gathering ended, and Gullbreeze hopes to see him again next moon.




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