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Gustywind is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Bustywind, Gustywind
Age Approx. 144 moons (12 years) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed in an avalanche
Debut Archive XXII
Last Post Unknown
Father Breezecloud
Mother Willowflame
Siblings Pumpkinpatch, Shallowsplash, Frostshell, Winterbreeze
Mate Cedarflame (formerly)
Kits None
Mentor Goldenpelt
Apprentices Stoatpelt, Aerialace, Chillfoot, Opalgaze, Thunderclaw, Darkpaw
Owner Bbun

Gustywind is a brown tabby tom with pale green eyes. He was a senior warrior of WinterClan, under the leaderships of Reedstar, Blackstar, Risingstar, Azurestar, and Guppystar. He is the son of Breezecloud and Willowflame, and the brother of Pumpkinpatch, Frostshell, Winterbreeze, and Shallowsplash. He has mentored Opalgaze, Stoatpelt, Thunderclaw, Aerialace, and Darkpaw, and partially Chillfoot, and was mentored by Goldenpelt. He was formerly the mate of Cedarflame, who was left with his kits when he died in an avalanche along with Stormblaze. He is depicted as grumpy and snappy, but is sympathetic to those who have disabilities.



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Snappy, grumpy, pessimistic, foolish and intolerant of kits, yet a bit sympathetic, Gustywind is a cat a kit would probably steer clear from. His snippy attitude would usually catch a cheerful apprentice off guard, and he often argues with his fellow senior warriors. He had gotten this from his father, who shared a similar deposition. It may change at times, to suit the other cat, but for the most part, he usually stays like this. For example, while he is sleepy, he often takes a long time to respond, and is slow to catch up. He also likes to try out new "accents", to get a taste of what they feel, and is occasionally spotted failing to mimic them.
He is easily fooled, often tricked by his Clanmates. Thus, several accidents occur due to this flaw, but he usually catches these quickly. He has a heavy attention span, and often pays deep attention to things. Gustywind also seems to point out odd occurrences a bit earlier than other cats. However, they may not believe him, but he doesn't care, as he thinks that it is their problem for not believing him. He also despises kits, as he finds them foolish, and they often drive him into a screeching fit. He cannot stand their nature, and wishes not to get involved with them.
Aside from his normal grumpy act he puts on, he is sympathetic to those with notable disabilities, such as missing body parts, and missing senses. The tom cat chooses to act kinder to cats like these because he does not want to end up like them. He also chooses not to be disrespectful, as they are "special", and thus treats them as so. A notable cat would be Opalgaze, who he has treated this way, but not out of his own respect, but because he was his own apprentice.


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Gustykit is born to Breezecloud and Willowflame of WinterClan, along with Winterkit, Frostkit, Shallowkit and Pumpkinkit. He is then shown playing games with his siblings. Later on, he becomes an apprentice, and his mentor is Goldenpelt.
Soon, he becomes a warrior under the name Gustywind.


As a senior warrior, he gets an apprentice, Aerialpaw. He is shown giving him his assessment, and leaving camp afterwards, telling him not to slip on some pebbles, sarcastic when remarking that it would be a good idea. His apprentice becomes a warrior, Aerialace.
He is shown training a number of cats in one of his training sessions, among them Strongheart, Winterblaze, and Hawkheart. Not long after, he gets can apprentice, Chillpawpaw. He guards camp, along with Cuckoofoot, another older she-cat, and it is noted that he received a new apprentice. He is still on guard when SummerClan attacks, and goes into battle.
Gustywind asks why SummerClan scum is doing around the camp, and watches one cat, Junenose, kill Agatewings with a few sharp cuts to her throat. Angered by this, he accepts Cedarflame's help and attacks Fogstorm. Afterwards, he attacks Lakesand. and delivers a blow that was from her neck to her belly, and watches her bleed before attacking Gingertail, kicking her and leaping onto her back. He then nicks one of her ears before she dies. Soon, he and Cuckoofoot dash along the battlefield, and see many cats, among them Snowfall and Graymoon, dying in the battle. Then, Gustywind attacks Whitebirch and the two tumble for a bit before claiming that WinterClan must win the battle. He proceeds to slash at his throat, killing him. Rainheart, Crabheart, Mothclaw, Fallowpaw, Sootflight, Longtail pounce on him, and pushes them all back. He then bites Fallowbreeze's throat and kills her, and does the same to the rest of them. It is noted once he killed Mothclaw, his pelt is drenched in blood. He claims that he had to protect his clan by killing them, and attacks Blueflame. The two fight before Blueflame dies under Gustywind's claws. He then returns to camp, and by the time he reaches it, he faints due to the loss of blood.
When Risingstar returns from getting his nine lives, he is the first to greet him. It is noted that he had recovered from fainting and was supposed to stay in his nest due to his wounds, which were still sore. He tosses and turns in his den a bit more while he is sleeping. He moans more, calling for Cedarflame. After his wounds had healed, he calls Cedarflame and Chillpaw to come with him to hunt. Cedarflame comes along, and she ends up near a large badger. Gustywind yowls to get away from her, and lands a blow on it. The badger manages to reopen one of Gustywind's old wounds, and blood trickles out of it. Cedarflame finishes off the badger, and while it is unconscious, the two cats run away. While doing so, Cedarflame asks if he can be her mate, and he hesitantly says yes. The two arrive at camp, out of breath, and Gustywind goes back into his den.
A quarter-moon passes by, and Gustywind is shown in his nest, sleeping. He keeps an eye open in case if trouble starts up. It is revealed that he had been sleeping throughout the quarter-moon to regain his energy that he had lost. Cedarflame asks if she can join watching too, and Gustywind sleepily tells her to go ahead. At the next half-moon gathering, Gustywind has gotten over his sleeping habit, and talks to Ripplesong. He asks her what has been happening in AutumnClan.
He defends Risingstar when Fernshade accusing him of making Strongheart, Alpinefeather and Frozenheart leave WinterClan. Gustywind responds that she shouldn't blame her leader for something he did not cause, and that he wasn't even there when they left. Gustywind then buts into her, telling her to leave the clan. He is shown padding up to Violetheart's and Finalblitz's dead bodies, and asking what happened.
Gustywind soon swaps apprentices with Wildheart and gets a new apprentice, Opalpaw. When she asks him when they can start training, he replies that they can start right now, if she wanted. It is shown that he is still surprised that Risingstar was generous enough to give Chillpaw to Wildheart and let him have Opalpaw instead.
A few days later, badger attack WinterClan camp, and Gustywind is one of the first cats to fight. Angry, he leaps onto a badger's back, saying that he was fighting for Frostshell. The badgers shakes him off, and Onionwhisker and Sedgeheart come and help him fight it. However, the badger manages to shake Onionwhisker by the scruff, and Gustywind and Sedgeheart watch in horror as the badger throws Onionwhisker across camp, until she hits a rock and lands with a thud. Blood trickles out of her mouth. Gustywind yowls that the badger was a savage beast, and he was now fighting for Frostshell and his fallen companion. The two proceed to attack the badger, Gustywind biting the badger's legs and Sedgeheart biting the badger's neck. Soon, the badger falls to the ground, and he is relieved.
Soon, he and Cherryspots are shown fighting another badger when a smaller badger attacks Cherryspots. At first, he is relieved to see that it is smaller, and would be easier to fight, but he is dead wrong, and Cherryspots' belly is clawed open by the badger. Even more angry, Gustywind yowls that he will show it who is the stronger one, and kicks it with his hind leg. This allows him to watch Cherryspots give her final messages, including one to her mate, Rabbitclaw, before she dies.
Gustywind then pads up to his apprentice, asking her what did she need. He is then shown lying in his den, watching Risingstar return with some apprentices, thankful that he was not too soft on them. He then asks his apprentice, Opalpaw, if anything was wrong, commenting that she didn't look so good. When Risingstar is frozen, Gustywind pads over to his body and comments that he was frozen, asking the situation would get any worse. He adds that Hawkheart would probably take over Risingstar's duties.
He is sent on a hunting patrol with Crowfoot, Dreamflight and Flintpelt. The former two arrive near the latter, and Gustywind tells them to get ready before they leave. Crowfoot is about to look at a jasmine vine, when Gustywind jerks his tail back. He hisses at him, but Gustywind rolls his eyes, telling him what he was doing wasn't funny. After Flintpelt suggests they should leave now, he is gone, as he dashes off into the clearing. When Dreamflight calls that her brother is hurt, he arrives with a rabbit in his jaws. He asks Crowfoot how did Flintpelt died, and tells him that he should have watched him or else he wouldn't have died. He then calls him an idiot. When he returns, Cedarflame reports that she was expecting his kits, and Gustywind is soon chosen to go on a patrol with Daringheart, Dawnpaw, and Firestorm.
Upon seeing the former leader return, Gustywind is unamused, and comments that Risingspirit went from a leader in ice to a "zombie" warrior. He questions if kits would be raining down the hills, in disbelief. He is seen returning from camp with a lapwing in his jaws, which is noted to have strayed onto WinterClan territory before he caught it. As Azurestar is about to announce something, Crowfoot notices that Gustywind pads nearby with a matted pelt, and he assumes that he had came back hunting, and left something on the fresh-kill pile. He feels the urge to ask him a question, and turns to Gustywind, asking him about his hunts. Gustywind, sitting down, informs him that the prey stocks were the same as usual - abundant - even in greenleaf, although he believes it may grow scarce at one point. He twitches an ear, and asks Crowfoot what else he wanted, but the latter's gaze signals that he learned enough, and shifts back to his original position.
When Waspface is made the new deputy, Lichenfur and Clawtooth are surprised, as they expected Gustywind was to be the next deputy, and so is Waspface. As Stoatpelt and Sedgeheart leave camp, he halts them, glaring at them, and they tell him that they were to join hunting with Neritetail and Stormblaze. He allows them to pass, but doesn't know that they plan to infect his Clanmates. Shortly afterwards, he scouts the area for trespassers, and is far from Crowfoot and Dreamflight. He is said to have decided to go by himself, doubting about the amount of hazards. He then scents the area with his nose, and concludes that nobody was out there. Twitching his tail tip, he returns to camp, head held high.
He, along with Stormblaze, Neritetail, and Crowfoot, go on a border patrol. Gustywind leads the patrol, and points out some SummerClan cats at the same time with Crowfoot. They chuckle for a brief moment, and point to a few cats at a pine tree. Gustywind points out that they had some SummerClan cats, after they emerge and face them, and suggests for them to teach a lesson, assuming that they crossed a stretch of neutral territory. He wonders why, and twitches his tail. Some time after the fight, he and Stormblaze share a vole, and he splits it in two with a forepaw. Gustywind then feasts, and he is noted to not be affected by Neritetail's death, as he hoped Neritetail would be present in StarClan. Gustywind is also noted to not able to imagine Neritetail harming others for her desires, and shrugs off his thoughts as he finishes. He then goes off to the warriors' den to rest with Stormblaze, and thinks that no other terrible things could occur to the Clan.



Father: Breezecloud - living

Mother: Willowflame - living

Mate: Cedarflame - Deceased, status unknown

Brothers: Winterbreeze - Deceased, suspected StarClan member

Sisters: Pumpkinpatch - living, Frostshell -deceased, residence; StarClan, Shallowsplash - living

Half-sisters: Fernshade - living, Irisfrost - living

Half-siblings: two unnamed kits, deceased, residence unknown

Half-nephews: Badgerpaw - Deceased, suspected StarClan member, Gemcave - living

Half-nieces: Crescentpaw - status unknown, Breezefrost - living, Snowbreeze - living


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Gustywind: "Aerialpaw! Its time for training!"
Aerialpaw: "Battle training!"
Gustywind: "Got it. Make sure you don't go slipping on pebbles when we fight, that's a good idea."
Frostshell: "Give these kits liberty, or give them death! Send them home!"
Gustywind: "Wow! What such colorful vocabulary you're using, Frostshell."
—Gustywind, while about to train his apprentice WinterClan/Roleplay/Archive 25



  • He was mistakenly called "Bustywind". (we still love ya, Leggy 8D)





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