Gylfie is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Gylfie is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current Loner
Given Gylfie
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown, unnamed tom (adoptive)
Mother Unnamed she-cat, Perri (adoptive)
Sibling Soren (adoptive)
Mates Adder (formerly), Bruno
Kits Owlet, Mouse, Elaine, Clover (adoptive)
Owner None

Gylfie is a tawny she-cat with a brown-streaked white chest and yellow eyes.



Gylfie is very short and small, a light brown-tawny she-cat with a white chest and belly with brown streaks. Her eyes are a bright yellow, and are very wide and round, giving them an 'owlish' look. She is long-haired.


Physical Health

Despite her small stature, Gylfie has a strong immune system and is very healthy. However, her size can give her a disadvantage in fights, and can make her vulnerable during illnesses and pregnancies.

Mental Health

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Skills and Abilities

Gylfie is a very good fighter, but her strong point is her tree climbing ability. Gylfie can 'tree run' running through the forest via tree.



Gylfie was born as a loner. Her birth mother died, so another she-cat, Perri, took her in as her own to be the adoptive sister of her son Soren. As kits, Gylfie and Soren felt smothered by Soren's overprotective mother, so as soon as they could both survive without milk they left in the night. Gylfie stayed as a loner, but Soren chose to become a member of Storm Fronts.

Role play

Gylfie is mentioned at first, in Soren's thoughts. He thinks how their overprotective mother, Perri, kept them in the den, until they had snuck off in the night. He tells Finch about Gylfie, and notes that he needs to visit her.
Gylfie is running through the forest, toward the sound of shrieking cats. She crashes into Seireithe, before attacking the cats who seem to be the attackers, Lishoan and Torture. Ferocity, Lishoan's brother, then leaps out of the bushes, spitting shame on Gylfie, and slices open her leg. Gylfie tries to convince Ferocity of Lishoan's true nature, saying that he wanted to harm defenceless kits, but Ferocity ignores her.
After Pelli furiously breaks the fight up, and she leaves for the sake of her kits. Gylfie follows them, saying that it was the right thing to do. In the morning, Gylfie watches Tiny swim, thinking how brave she was. She then heads through the forest by tree, to see if Lishoan and Seiriethe are gloating over their victory. She spots them asleep in the den past sunhigh, and is disgusted, as they forced out a family with kits. She  heads back, and then meets Soren. She greets her brother warmly, and tells him about the recent fight. Soren tells her about life in The Storm Fronts, stating that it wasn't going very well with him taking the severely injured Emily to a twoleg to heal. Gylfie comforts him, pointing out that Emily could have died if he hadn't.
After saying goodbye to Soren, Gylfie then catch's Tiny's scent, and tracks her before realizing she headed into twolegplace. Gylfie begins to follow, fearful for the kit's safety. In twolegplace, Tiny talks to two kittypets, Skye and Primrose. Gylfie watches under a bush, and is spotted by Skye, who sqeauls. Gylfie is annoyed, muttering how kittypets sqeaul at everything. When Skye apoligises, saying she was claustrophobic, Gylfie is exasperated as it is a large garden.
Later, Gylfie walks past Chamomile and Burnet's den, hearing Chamomile's kits. She thinks to herself that she longed for a family but no tom really wanted to settle down. Gylfie then finds Jasper and Tiny being brutally attacked by Sierra. Gylfie leaps to defend the kits, and holds Sierra back as they escape. She attempts to drown Sierra, but is overpowered. Sierra is chased up a tree by a badger, but she furiously stuns Gylfie to give the badger another target before she escapes. Gylfie and Sooty get away by tree-running, a skill Gylfie has.
After being treated for wounds, Gylfie and Raindrop go hunting. However, Raindrop attacks a clan cat called Troutfin, and is terribly injured when her leg is broken by a monster, which crushes Troutfin to death. Gylfie drags Raindrop to safety as another monster crushes Troutfin's body for the second time. Gylfie is screeches, covered in blood. Her screech is heard by Jasper, and everyone heads over, unaware of the events until Tiny sees Raindrop. In a state of shock, Gylfie flees.
Gylfie is found in twolegplace by Bruno, and is comforted by him. They go to see Raindrop, who is being cared for by Pelli. Shortly after, Gylfie is confronted by Adder, who begins to flirt with her. Gylfie's wish to become a mother shows when she flirts back, and the two mate before Adder leaves. Gylfie finds herself a cosy den for the winter, and after a painful labour, she gives birth to three kits, naming them Owlet, Mouse and Elaine
Jasper comes across Clover, who has been abandoned by her mother. He and Tiny take her to Gylfie, who accepts her as her own daughter. Gylfie begins to teach the four kits how to survive in the wild. Soren visits her and the kits, happy to be an uncle. One day, Adder attacks Clover, killing her and then eating her organs and insides. Gylfie is horrifyed and distraught as she realises how Clover died, and is comforted by her surviving kits as she grieves. When Gylfie sees Adder, she attacks him, but Adder escapes. Gylfie moves her and her kits to another area, frightened if Adder should come back.
A romance begins between Gylfie and Bruno. The two go out playing in the snow, and Gylfie almost drowns as she falls through some ice. Bruno saves her, and the romance becomes more intense. Owlet leaves the nest, and unbeknownst to Gylfie and his sisters, begins to plot revenge against Adder. Gylfie and Bruno begin to see each other more regularly, and Bruno brings her a lilac flower, to her joy. After some time, the two voice their feelings about each other, and Bruno then asks her to be his mate. Gylfie happily accepts, and wonders how Owlet, Mouse and Elaine will react.





Adder (formerly) - living


Owlet - unborn


TBA - unborn

Adoptive brother:

Soren - living


Unnamed she-cat; status unknown

Adoptive mother:

Perri - possibly living


Soren - Gylfie's best friend and adoptive brother. She treats and loves Soren as a brother.

Love Interests

Coming Soon


Sierra - Gylfie loathes Sierra for attacking innocent cats and kits, and was brutally attacked by her. In return, Gylfie gave her a viscous reminder of her. Gylfie vows to make sure that Sierra won't forget her.
Adder - ​ when Gylfie realized that it was Adder that killed and ate Clover, she became set on revenge. Gylfie will get it, and Adder will learn the hard way.


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