Hawkrunner is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Hawkrunner is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Current AutumnClan
Age 42 moons (3.5 Years)
Status Living
Debut AutumnClan/Roleplay
Father Smokebark
Mother Skyfoot, Foxfur (adoptive)
Siblings Finchsong (adoptive), unnamed stillborn
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Sagewhisker
Owner None

Hawkrunner is a huge, well-muscled, sleek dark brown tabby tom with a paler underside, sharp claws, tufted ears, and piercing amber eyes. He is the son of Skyfoot and Smokebark, but was taken in by Foxfur after Skyfoot died giving birth to him and his stillborn sibling.



Hawkrunner is a Maine Coon cat, and because of that, his fur is very thick and fluffy. He tries his best to keep his pelt from looking unkempt, but with the mountain of fur he has, it's pretty hard. His fur is naturally very smooth and soft.

His fur is a dark brown, almost black color, and he has black classic tabby stripes running along body and tail, with few stripes on his face. The back of his paws are pure black, which serves to keep his paws warm when walking through snow or cold water. His eyes are a bright, piercing amber color, and his nose is a salmon-pink color. His chest is a paler brown color, and his muzzle is practically white. His inner ears are very pale pink, and he has long white ear fur.

He has hard, rough, dark gray paw pads, which aide him with climbing and running. His paws are huge when compared to other cats, and his claws are extremely sharp, albeit small. His tail is very long and fluffy, and could pretty much be compared to a feather duster. He has small tufts of black fur on his ears, which is a trademark of Maine Coons. His whiskers are very long and thick, and range from white to gray in color. His ears are large and can pivot very well, which helps him hear prey from far away. He has long, sharp teeth, which are yellow in the back.


Hawkrunner is physically a very healthy cat. He rarely ever gets sick, and when he does, it's only a minor cold or whitecough. His thick pelt prevents him from being cold in the winter, but he has a tendency to overheat easily in the summer. Due to being such a large cat, he sometimes has joint pains. He usually hunts and patrols every day, which serves as exercise for him. As such, he's normally pretty thin.

Mentally, Hawkrunner is a mess. He suffers from anxiety, which causes him to stress over even the smallest things, as well as causing him to have poor self-confidence. On rare occasions, he's too stressed to even eat or function properly. He tries to hide the fact that he's stressed around his Clanmates, which comes easily to him.


Hawkrunner is generally very kind, but can be extremely aggressive when he needs to be. He's also very intelligent and clever, and can come up with solutions for tough problems very quickly. His cleverness also helps him lie easily, which, in turn, makes him feel bad about himself. Because of his anxiety, he has little to no self-confidence, and has trouble accepting compliments. Making friends doesn't really come easily to him, and he doesn't enjoy being the center of attention, but he is very loyal to the friends he does have. He often holds grudges that last for months upon months, which has made him quite snappy whenever those names are mentioned.


Hawkrunner is an exceptionally fast runner and climber, and he can outrun most of his Clanmates. However, because of his massive paws, he often has trouble staying silent while hunting. In turn, his paws help him with climbing, and give him more traction. He is extremely powerful, and can inflict serious damage in battle, between his powerful forelegs and strong jaws. When it comes to swimming, his thick fur weighs him down, and he's very glad that he hardly ever has to swim.


Kithood and Adolescence

Coming Soon


Coming Soon



Skyfoot - Deceased, StarClan resident


Smokebark - Deceased, StarClan resident


Unnamed stillborn - Deceased, residence unknown


Tulip - Living



Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


  • Hawkrunner is asexual.

Life Image

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