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Hawkwing is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan
Given Warrior: Hawkwing
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Quailsplash
Mother Amberflash
Siblings Swifttail, Jayfur, Blacknight
Mate None
Kits None

Hawkwing is a tom that has brownish-gray fur that sometimes looks really dark and sometimes looks light. He has dark gray eyes like his sister, Swifttail.


Hawkwing is much like Hawkfrost. He is easily angered. He also has the power to make she-cats like him.


After he was born, he immediately began to like Sunkit, the daughter of one of his mother Amberflash's best friends. When Sunkit's brothers Whitepaw and Firepaw grew jealous of their sister's paying attention to any tom but themselves, he got into a big fight with them. Whitekit and Firekit took several trips to SummerClan camp to try to escape and spend some time with a few friends there, but the SummerClan warriors made sure that they didn't stay in SummerClan camp for long. The fight was calmed down when Firekit started liking Hawkkit's cousin, Sandpaw.

Pretty soon, Hawkkit becomes an apprentice, and is mentored by his father, Quailsplash, and after many moons, he becomes a warrior with the name of Hawkwing.

He is next seen with Ravenheart.


Father: Quailsplash - Living
Mother: Amberflash - Living
Brothers: Jayfur - Living, Blacknight - Living
Sister: Swifttail - Living
Aunts: Flashstar - Living
Cousins: Sandheart - Living, Caramelfur - Living, Tinytail - Living, Mudpaw - Living, Lionmane - Living

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