The world must be deaf, because I am the only one who can hear the silence." -Cadence Donnelly


With ginger fur, piercing grey eyes, and a lethal snarl, Heronfall is quite the she-cat. Legacy not, she is still besides herself, not afraid to show who she is, making her a respectable feline.

Heronfall is a proud, mischievous warrior of AutumnClan, clever, manipulative (Should it have to come to that), and has a dashing mind.

Born in the brisk mountains at the lethal maw of a chilling cavern, she is built, and hard to come by trust, for when she had taken someone to her liking, well, it didn't turn out 'lovely'. She came to WinterClan first, although she did not take them to her cold liking; to untrustworthy, in her opinion, so she respectably moved along, eyeing the rest of the five clans, steadily realizing where her heard belonged; not among the ridiculous, the wet, the cold, but the clever, mischievous: AutumnClan.

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