Hickorynose is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current SplashClan
Age 46 moons (approx. 3.8 years)
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Mallowclaw
Mother CS
Sibling CS
Mate None
Kits None
Apprentices Unnamed tom, Sunfire
Deputy Position
Predecessor Duskstar, Dawnstar
Owner whiskers
Hickorynose is a black-based tabby tom with white paws.



With shorter fur, Hickorynose doesn't appear to belong to SplashClan, where cats are born with thicker and longer fur for swimming. Although his pelt consists of fine, short hair, he has a large amount of it. As a result, his fur is still fairly water-proof, despite its short length. His fur also has a course texture rather than soft, so he's not the snuggliest of cats. Hickorynose's base coat is gray-brown in color, albeit leaning towards the brown side. He has black mackerel tabby stripes as markings, as well as white paws, with the white on his hind legs reaching up to his heels. Hickorynose tends to keep his pelt well-groomed, as he takes prides in his good looks, and despises those who do not care for themselves and their pelts...after all, nobody likes sleeping in the same den as a smelly cat, no?
Hickorynose's most notable feature is his green eyes. They are wide-set and a dark olive green he inherited from his mother, and he prides in this, for his mother is dead. When he is angry, it is described that the emotion in them is unnerving. He has a lengthy and lithe build, as if he is meant for being a graceful runner. Hickorynose enjoys towering over others, however, he is not fond of being a thinner cat, as he does not feel like he's very intimidating. As a younger cat, his paws were quite massive compared to his body, making him a clumsy lad who tripped often, until he grew into his paws with long legs, which are fairly strong. Hickorynose appeared to have a bit of a bony look due to his long legs and body as a youngster, but as he grew, he gained more muscle and muscle tone, although he still isn't as muscular as most. His tail is an odd feature, and almost appears as if it doesn't belong to him. His tail is considerably thick and extensive in length when compared to his slender build.
In his youth, Hickorynose's head was considered to be notably large, until he grew into his taller build. His ears sit high upon his head and are short in length, and noted to be a bit wider than most. Hickorynose has a rounded head and fitted with a round and longer muzzle, and cheekbones that aren't too well defined. He has a smaller lower jaw that neatly fits beneath his round muzzle, and he is free of any teeth protruding from underneath his muzzle.


The first thing you will notice about Hickorynose is his fierce dedication to SplashClan. Hickorynose always goes the extra mile for his Clanmates. Hickorynose is usually seen patrolling borders, training apprentices, and playing with kits, right in the middle of Clan life. He is one of SplashClan's most respected members, resulting in his promotion to deputy. His great focus on his clan makes him come off as antisocial, despite truthfully being a social butterfly.
However, Hickorynose isn't the friendliest of faces, particularly towards outsiders and immature cats. He's to the point and bold, and won't hesitate to state his personal opinion about another feline. Due to this, he's taken as rude and too straightforward, giving him a lack of good friends. He's generally short tempered as well, and easily snaps at outsiders or those he dislikes. He's particularly poor with kits, although hr amusingly desires his own.
It is noted that Hickorynose is very secretive and defensive, particularly when it comes to personal topics. He's a cynical character who even hides things from his most trusted clanmates. He's easily embarrassed as well, giving him more of a reason to keep things "hush-hush".


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Love Interests:


"They're minor feelings, really...although I hate the fact that I'm keeping this secret hidden from Dawnstar, and I guess Duskstar as well. I do admire Duskstar for her willingness to do anything for her Clanmates (I fear that she'd kill me if she knew of my thoughts for her sister), but Dawnstar...I don't know, I guess I'm in love with her relaxed personality? So many cats are so paniced and picky about every little thing nowadays, yet she seems so chill. It's beyond embarrassing, honestly, so I hope nobody ever brings it up, and I hope I keep my feelings well-hidden. I'd die if Dawnstar found out I have a minor little 'crush' on her without me being the one to inform her." - Hickorynose's thoughts on Dawnstar
Overtime, Hickorynose has developed minor feelings of attraction and affection towards Dawnstar, despite the fact that he refuses to reveal it. Not only does he fear his leader's response, but he's terrified of the thought of how Duskstar would respond. It's noted that these feelings are minor, like a small crush, but they continue to exist. He wishes to some day inform her, especially if they grow stronger. Hickorynose is fond of Dawnstar's relaxed personality, and how she was willing to change herself for the sake of her own Clan. He does, however, find his attraction towards Dawnstar to be embarrassing, and would probably die on the spot of someone found out, and told her before he could.


Duskstar & Dawnstar:

"I am proud to serve as their deputy, despite my awkwardness around Dawnstar because of my, er...'attraction' towards her. I do find Duskstar to be quite intimidating at times, I'll admit it, or at least when I can decipher that she's Duskstar, and not Dawnstar...They're good leaders, really, they both seem to deeply care about SplashClan. I'll admit that I thought having two leaders was a bad idea at first, I expected them to clash and mindless tear SplashClan apart, but...I'm quite impressed with how well they've lead SplashClan, I personally couldn't pick a better pair to lead the Clan. I'll also admit that I'm easily embarrassed by how often I mix the two of them up." - Hickorynose's thoughts on Duskstar & Dawnstar
At first, the deputy thought that having two cats lead SplashClan was a foolish idea. He was convinced that they'd get into numorous fights, and slowly tear apart the Clan without thinking about it. However, he admits that he was very wrong, and is greatly impressed by how well the pair leads SplashClan. He does feel awkward around his two leaders, not only because he constantly embarrasses himself by mixing them up, but because he has a small amount of affection for Dawnstar. He's also fond of how much the two mollies care for SplashClan.


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  • He will have one (or two) very close mate(s), and that's it.