The Clans didn't all start the same time in this roleplay, instead, they gradually became what they were today after certain events took place. The founders of each Clan, respective to the order of founding are: Aeneas, Malus, Vita, cs, cs, and cs.
Below is the detailed history of each individual Clan following the rename associated with their founders.


Founder: Aeneas

Leaders: Arawn, Ivystar, Lionstar, Applestar, Sorrelstar (current)

Deputies: Arawn, Bronwyn, Gorsetail, Lionheart, Applestorm, Sorrelflower, Falconheart, Ivyfoot (current)

Medicine Cats: Alphonse, Emberleaf, Fogstorm, Sweetnose, Rooknose (current)

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Founder: Malus

Leaders: Cedarstar, Salmonstar, Dawnstar & Duskstar (current)

Deputies: Argus, Cedarfang, Salmonsplash, Willowflame, Puddlecloud, Iceshadow, Dawnstorm, Hickorynose (current)

Medicine Cats: Anubis, Rednose, Puddlesplash, TBA (current)

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Founder: Vita

Leaders: Froststar, Lakestar (current)

Deputies: Timor, Nox, Lightstorm, Lakestorm, Goldpetal, Spiderfeather (current)

Medicine Cats: Trico, Honeydapple (current)

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Founder: Ivy

Healers: Calliope, Callisto, Nightstar, Lichenstar

Subordinates: Camilla, Celeste, Aspenleaf, Loonpelt

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Founder: Amon

Leaders: Set, Thoth, Thunderstar, Antstar (current)

Aides: Iris, Nephthys, Hathor, Swiftbreeze

Heirs: Set, Thoth, Thunderfoot, Antwhisker

Deputies: Ra, Owleyes, Nettlefur, Eagleclaw, Cherrywhisker, Applewhisker (current)

Healers: Isis, Ahmose, Foxstorm, Salmonsplash (current)

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