Honeykit (TWC) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Honeykit (TWC)
Current The Wind Chasers
Kit Honeykit
Age Approx. 3 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Owner isaaaaaaa
Honeykit is a short, chubby she-cat with greenish-blue eyes. She is a kit of The Wind Chasers. Her parents are both unknown. She is often seen running around with other kits or bugging warriors. Her favorite cat to hang around are Agatewing, because she tends to tolerate the little molly more than most do.



Honeykit is slightly thicker than average, and considered chubby compared to other cats. Her bright fur colors (white, brown, and orange) make her easy to spot coming towards you, which will be a disadvantage in fighting when she grows into a warrior. She has a short, chubby body with extremely short legs for her body. She very much resembles the Munchkin breed of cats. Being a kit, she has little to no muscle, but most likely won't develop much as she grows either. She has an average tail, though it looks a bit long compared to her short body. She has short but fluffy fur, that doesn't do much to keep her warm, but makes her look even fatter than she actually is. She rarely grooms it, so it is also very staticky.
Honeykit's pelt is mostly white, but she has some orange and black calico patches.
Harefoot's eyes are a bright blue-green that stays rather even colored throughout her eyes.

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