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Hunter (Lo) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Hunter (Lo) is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Hunter (Lo)
Placeholder cat
Current Loner
Given Hunter (Lo)
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Ice
Kits None
Owner None

Hunter_(Lo) is a black tom with yellow eyes.


Hunter is a stubborn tom. He will never admit that he was wrong and he'll never give in unless he's no choice or if he can help it. If he is friends with somebody, he is the most loyal cat you will ever meet. He is strong and he's an excellent hunter. He is clever and in battles he is always the last to go down.


Hunter first met Ice when she was pregnant and began to like her. They hit off as great friends. After they departed, they didn't see each other for a long time.

Then Hunter met Bo, a flirtatious, clever, and quick she-cat. He had feelings for her deep down in his heart, but he wouldn't admit to himself that he kind of liked her. Then he got caught in a love triangle.

Immediately after meeting Bo he met Ice again at a dump. He was eager to see her again. They spoke only few words before Hunter had the feeling someone was in trouble—and indeed someone was. Ice and Hunter ran to the river to discover Bo and Nana nearly drowning. Hunter saved Bo and Ice saved Nana.

After everyone was on shore, Hunter went to get cobwebs for a gash on Ice's leg, while Nana carried on about how she pitied Bo and that she had heard Bo talking in her sleep about a tom that had cheated on her. Hunter had overheard when he brought back the cobwebs, and Bo ran away. Hunter wanted to follow her and both stay with Ice but when he tried to say goodbye to Ice, Ice turned away, breaking his heart. He sadly followed Bo.

He followed Bo to the trunk of a tree, which is where Bo admitted to him that she truly loved him—and where Hunter and Bo shared their first kiss. Afterwards, Hunter, feeling confused and wrong inside, left Bo by the tree.

Later on, that night, he padded to a twoleg alley, where he saw Nina and Ice fighting against/arguing with Bo and Bo's long-lost friend Squirrels. Later on, Bo got mad at Squirrels for hurting Ice, and Squirrels was never seen after that. Hunter was very upset with Ice and Bo arguing, and left.

In the morning, he padded back to the twoleg alley and found Ice, and then they went on a walk and talked for quite a time, and then Hunter left to think. Then he made his decision and found Ice again and admitted to her his true feelings for her and asked her to be his mate. This is where Ice and Hunter shared their first kiss.

They are now mates, and live in a den close to Fronds' and Nina's den with Ice's kits and his foster kits, Cloud and Snow.


Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Mate: Ice - living

Kits: None (yet)

Step-kits: Cloud - living, Dawn - living

Character Pixels

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Ice: "I'm kinda sad. My mate dumped me, and I'm going to have kits soon."
Hunter: "Oh, I'm really sorry about that..."
—Hunter and Ice's first conversation Loners/Roleplay
Hunter: "Ice... I...I've been thinking about this for a long time...maybe too long. And I've finally come to my decision. I love you, Ice. And I think of Bo as a sister. But I love you with all my heart...will you be my mate?"
Ice: "Yes!"
—Hunter asking Ice to be his mate. Loners/Roleplay

Life Image image


  • It was organized between ~~Silverflower~~ and Firestream12 that there be a love triangle between Hunter, Ice,and Bo
    • Hunter was originally going to be Bo's mate, until it was organized that she would fall in love with Zander.

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