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Current WinterClan
Past Loner
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Bone
Mother Leaf
Siblings Talonclaw, Thornfang, Redpelt, Auroraspirit, Nightheart, Lightning (Half), Blade (Half)
Mate Winterblaze
Kits Frozenheart (Adoptive Son), Ravenpaw, Dawnpaw, Frostpaw
Mentors Golddust, Blizzardheart
Apprentices Iolitefrost, Alpinefeather, Eveningshadow

Icefeather is a small, muscular, sure-footed, breath-taking, glossy, thick-furred, shining, pure white she-cat with sparkling, bright, crystal blue eyes and three claws marks on her left cheek. A blue and black feather is seen by her right ear.



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Icefeather is usually happy, playful, and loving, but she can be serious and stern. She shows no mercy for her enemies on the battle field. Icefeather is also caring, strong, hard-headed, and hard to agree with. Cares deeply for her friends and family, and always wonders what happened to her family after she was abandoned. She loves her sibling, Talonclaw and would be devastated if anything happened to him. She shows a true love for Winterblaze, and would die for him. Although she appears fierce, she has a soft spot for kits, and someday wants some of her own. She is the smallest cat of her generation, but is very talented at fighting and hunting. She is willing to put her clan first and die in honor of the warrior code. She is nice to everyone she meets, for the most part. Icefeather is an excellent mother and is a bit protective of her kits. She can get emotional and upset over really small things. Icefeather is also very sarcastic and sometimes a little grumpy.



Ice is born to two loners, Bone and Leaf, along with here siblings, Red, Night, Aurora, Thorn, and Talon. She is the smallest of the litter, and her parents were almost positive she was born deaf, but suprised them a moon later when she wasn't. She is often seen playing with her siblings or exploring the den.Winter is shown to be walking through the forest, when he comes across Leaf's den. Ice is noted to have looked at Winter curiously.Later on, Ice is dropped off in the middle of the woods, because Leaf no longer had any milk to feed her, let alone her other five kits. Ice travels for a while, meeting all kinds of animals and cats. Sometime later, she finally arrives in WinterClan.

Ice is renamed Icekit and welcomed ino the nursery, where she meets Risingkit, Beautifulkit, Iriskit, Fernkit, Bramblekit, Wildkit, Moonkit, and Cloudkit. Icekit is most often seen playing with the other kits or anything she comes across. One day, Icekit sticks up for Bramblekit, when Risingkit tells her off and calls her a rogue. Upset and angry, she attacks him, then runs away. Icekit is noted to be gone for a while, until Blizzardpaw brings her back to camp. There she is shown to do nothing and her playful attitude evaporates. Then, a tom from the Dark Forest named Shadefur is shown to enter her dreams.

Much later, she is shown running away again, but ends up nearly getting killed, first from the extreme weather, and then from getting her stomach sliced open by Shadefur. Icekit nearly dies, but is not taken to StarClan. She starts developing a sudden affection for Blazekit. She is shown to go to the SummerClan border where they meet Brindlekit. Iriskit is struck by lightning so they have to return to camp. Icekit meets the new Clan member, Hawk, and guides him to the leader's den to see Reedstar. Hawk's brother and sister, Winter and Claw come to camp, looking for him. Icekit introduces herself to them politely. Icekit's brother, Talon, shows up at camp one day, claming he was abandoned also. Icekit is happy to see her brother alive and they share a happy reunion.

Icekit shuffles over to Risingkit, Clawkit, Talon, and Winterkit while they are playing, asking if she could join in. Icekit and Winterkit play before Icekit gets up to go on a walk. Winterkit follows, and Icekit is grateful of his company. They exchange words, and suddenly Icekit feels something, "funny in her chest." She is most shocked when Winterkit admits that he likes Icekit, but Blazekit argues with him about it. Not wanting to be apart of it, Icekit leaves, but Winterkit follows and makes her feel wanted. Icekit wonders if Winterkit was better than Blazekit. Sometime later, WinterClan's kits become apprentices. Icepaw is happy to get Golddust as a mentor, and is shown celebrating with Winterpaw. She trains constantly with her mentor, and hunts frequently, as seen catching a hawk.

Icepaw is shocked when Winterpaw and Blazepaw start arguing yet again. Icepaw leaves, but Winterpaw shows up again and they admit their feelings. Icepaw is most often seen hunting or fighting with Golddust, or training with Shadefur. She is a normal apprentice and can be found talking with her friends around camp. After Crystalheart's death, Icepaw is seen talkin with Blazepaw, saying she was sorry she hurt him. Winterpaw sees this as a sign of affection and goes to the lake, but Icepaw follows him. They have a small fight, and Icepaw leaves. Icepaw is devasted when Golddust drowns in the lake, and is shown sitting by her body most of the day. Winterpaw comes to her aid and sits next to her, calming her. After Golddust's burial ceremony is over, Icepaw's new mentor is Blizzardheart.

A while later, Icepaw is made a warrior with the name Icefeather. She is thrilled when Winterblaze asks her to be his mate, to which she replies yes. They sit vigil for camp. Icefeather is starting to be stalked by a Raven. The Raven is shown to mysteriously vanish into thin air, which creeps out Icefeather. Icefeather congradulates her brother Talonclaw when he and Irisfrost become mates, and sometime later are expecting kits. Icefeather is overjoyed. When Risingspirit becomes deputy, she is shown to be nodding her approval. Yet another fight brews between Winterblaze and Blazeheart, but Icefeather isn't around to witness it. They argue about Icefeather's feelings before Psyheart comes up and starts being affectionate towards Risingspirit, changing the subject. Icefeather falls out of a tree, but lands safely on her paws.

She is shown putting her tail on Wildheart's shoulder and watching Coyotefang leave. She congradulates Shimmershadow and Wildheart about their unborn kits. Icefeather finds a small kit in the woods, a gray tom with a white muzzle and paws. She gains motherly instincts and becomes his new mother until he is six moons old. He is named Frozenkit. Blackstar holds a ceremony for the kits of the nursery. Icefeather gains her first apprentice, Iolitepaw. She trains with him often. Later, Icefeather is seen explaining Clan tradition to Frozenkit. When Wildheart, Blazeheart, and Risingspirit explain how kit love isn't healthy to Strongkit and Alpinekit, Blazeheart meows how Wildheart was the one who had crushes on both Blazeheart and Risingspirit, but Wildheart retorts that she never actually loved him. Icefeather curtly agrees.

Icefeather walks to the lake in her free time, but sees her reflection transform into a black cat with red eyes. Icefeather panicks, but the figure is gone seconds later. Icefeather is normally seen as a regular warrior, hunting and fighting. She watches Winterblaze leave camp and follows him, only to find him being attacked by his father Darkshadow. Icefeather helps drive Darkshadow off, but Winterblaze is severly injured. Icefeather is seen guiding Winterblaze out of the medicine den. Winterblaze replies that he wasn't helpless elder when he smells the scent of the nursery and milk on her. He asks if she was pregnant, and Icefeather is shocked. She goes in to get checked but is left alone when Wildheart and Shimmershadow need help.

Overtime Icefeather eats less and les(s, and this is noticed by Talonclaw and Winterblaze. She collapses suddenly, and sees a vision of Shadefur brutally murdering a kit. She goes into the Dark forest for real and confronts Shadefur. She is almost killed, but wakes up in time.SummerClan and WinterClan are brewing a war, and Icefeather trains with the newly-named Frozenheart. Later, she is seen training with her mate, when Winterblaze almost gives her the killing bite. She is seen looking at him, shocked. Icefeather notices that he seems frightened and deep in thought, asking him gently if he should ask Beautifulface for thyme. Icefeather participates in the big battle between SummerClan and WinterClan, and brawls with Auroraspirit. Right before Auroraspirit kills Icefeather, Icefeather suddenly realizes that they are kin. Auroraspirit is shocked and driven off, while another cat slashes at Icefeather's throat. Winterblaze comes to her rescue, and eh fight for the rest of the battle.

Afterwards, Icefeather is seen cheering for the newly named Risingstar, and is seen beside Winterblaze. She grieves for Frozenheart, who left to join SummerClan. She visits Talonclaw, her brother, and Irisfrost's new kits, Gemkit, Leafkit, and Snowkit. She starts having very strange pains, and starts to get sick. Bramblethorn, an elder, helps her by getting the right herbs. Winterblaze says that she must move into the nursey right away. Icefeather is very distraught when Brackenpaw kills himself because of being bullied and being a homosexual. Icefeather is horrified about thinking of her kit's future and if they'd share the same sad fate at Brackenpaw. Icefeather soon starts having birthing pains while Risingstar, Wildheart, Fernshade, and Finalblitz are arguing. Wildheart helps her to the nursey while Brambleshadow and Talonclaw gather up the kits and fetch Winterblaze. Stormwillow helps Icefeather give birth while Beautifulface is absent. She finally gives birth to Dawnkit, Frostkit, and Ravenkit, and she names them with Winterblaze.

She is half-alseep when her kits open their eyes, and when they want to go outside the nursery, she sleepily tells them not to wander that far. Ravenkit attacks her randomly, and Icefeather notices that Ravenkit's eyes flashed red. Ravenkit tries to learn battle moves from Winterblaze, but Icefeather doesn't let her. She spends a lot of time with her daughter. Later on, her kits become apprentices, and she gains one herself, Eveningpaw. Ravenpaw tries to approach her to ask her a question, but stutters and doesn't know what to say.


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Icekit's Apprentice Ceremony

Reedstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their first prey gather beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!"
Reedstar: "Winterkit, Hawkkit, Beautifulkit, Risingkit, Iriskit, Wildkit, Cloudkit, Bluekit, Shootingkit, Icekit, Blazekit, Talonkit, Shimmerkit, Sedgekit, Palekit, Mosskit, Fernkit, and Bramblekit, you have all reached your sixth moon and it is time you become apprentices."
Reedstar: "You will be known as Winterpaw, Hawkpaw, Bramblepaw, Beautifulpaw, Risingpaw, Irispaw, Wildpaw, Cloudpaw, Bluepaw, Shootingpaw, Icepaw, Blazepaw, Talonpaw, Palepaw, Shimmerpaw, Sedgepaw, Mosspaw, and Fernpaw, respectively, with your mentors being Shadowgeart, Froststripe, Thornwhisker, Shinefrost, Azuregaze, Shallowsplash, Blackshine, Goldenpelt, Snowheart, Belltail, Golddust, Lightningflash, Pumpkinpatch, Frostshell, Fadeshoadow, Moonsight, Silvermoon, and Bristlemoon, respectively."
—Icepaw's Apprentice Ceremony WinterClan/Roleplay/Archive 9

Icepaw's Warrior Ceremony

Blackstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here to here my words!"
Narrator: "All cats gather from the clan"
Blackstar: "I, Blackstar, leader of WinterClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your lives?"
All apprentices: "I do"
Blackstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. From this moment on you shall be known as Risingspirit, Wildheart, Hawkheart, Winterblaze, Talonclaw, Icefeather, Brambleshadow, Fernshade, Irisfrost, Cloudclaw, Bluespirit, Blazeheart, Shootingheart, Paleclaw, Shimmershadow, and Coyotefang"
—Icefeather's Warrior Ceremony WinterClan/Roleplay




Shadefur: "Come on!"
Icekit: "I'm just a kit, Shadefur!"
Shadefur: "Doesn't matter, weakness is not allowed!"
WinterClan, Shadefur and Icekit training in her dreams


Blazekit: "You are beautiful."
Icekit: "R-really? You think I'm beautiful?"
Blazekit: "I do."
WinterClan, Icekit and Blazekit in the forest.
Winterkit: "Icekit, your a great and funny cat, with so much bravery and strength beneath that beautiful white coat, Your smart, independent, and courageous beyond any other cat, I just hope that Blazekit can see that."
Icekit: "Y-You really think so?"
Winterkit: "I've ALWAYS thought that."
Risingkit: "I thought you didn't like me."
Icekit: "I never really hated you, well, maybe I did at one point, but I just, you know, flipped out..."





Icepaw.: "Thanks. Golddust's being grumpy again."
Winterpaw: "Well, nip her if you must."
Winterpaw: "Hi Icepaw..."
Icepaw: "Hi! Is something wrong?"
Winterpaw: "Well, I'm sitting alone, since you and Blazepaw were together, I thought I would leave you two alone..."
Icepaw: "What? I don't like him anymore, I like you!"
Winterpaw: "But I may not be good enough for you! I'm just a stupid loner."
Icepaw: "Well, I was a loner too, don't forget! We're the same, in fact, you might be better... I'll be at camp, tending Crystalheart's kits..."
Icefeather: "I can't believe we're finally warriors!"
Winterblaze: "I can't believe it either! Icefeather.... I love you, more than anyone else. I have one question. Will you be my mate?"



  • Most white cats with blue eyes are deaf, but Icefeather is an exception.
    • Even weirder, she has extraordinary hearing.
  • She has Flame Princess' (From Adventure Time) voice as a teenager.
  • She could be claustrophobic.
  • Moss has created two stories of how she came to WinterClan.
    • In another version, Leaf was killed by dogs and Ice and her siblings were forced to run, and they had no idea that Bone was still alive.
  • She truly did love Blazeheart once, but her heart belongs to Winterblaze.
  • A running gag made by Moss is that each of Leaf and Bone's kits appear in every clan except FreeClan and the Wind Chasers. Icefeather and Talonclaw are in WinterClan, Redpelt is in SplashClan, Aurorasprit is in SummerClan, Nightheart is in AutumnClan, and Thornfang is in SpringClan.
  • Icefeather's feather is based off of Mink's feather from Cow of the Wild.
  • Icefeather was originally named Snowfeather, but it got changed to Snowyfeather, and then Frostsong, but Moss officially decided Icefeather because she used it in her other fanfic, "Icestar's Wish."
    • She is very special to Moss.
  • One of her kits will be reincarnated from her grandmother, Ravenwhisper. (Read Ravenwhisper's page for further details)
  • Icefeather will kill Shadefur a second time in the Dark Forest battle.
  • Icefeather will, in fact, reunite with all her siblings, her father, and learn about her mother's death. This will happen on July 31, Moss's 1 year anniversary on the wiki.
  • A song that fits Icefeather is "The Kill" by 30 Seconds to Mars.


Mate: Winterblaze - Living

Daughters: Ravenpaw - Living

Dawnpaw - Living

Son: Frostpaw - Living

Mother: Leaf - Deceased, confirmed StarClan member

Father: Bone - Living

Grandmother: Ravenwhisper - Deceased, reincarnated as Ravenpaw

Sisters: Auroraspirit - Living

Nightheart - Living

Brothers: Talonclaw - Living

Thornfang - Living

Redpelt - Living

Half-Brothers: Blade - Living

Lightning - Living

Nieces: Nightfire - Living

Snowbreeze - Living

Blisskit - Living

Sootkit - Living

Cavernsong - Living 

Cypressclaw - Living

Swiftkit - Living

Nephews: Shadowforce - Living

Goldenstripe - Living

Snap - Living

Gemcave - Living

Leafgaze - Living

Racoonkit - Living

Forestpath - Living

Arcticpaw - Status Unknown,

Covetsunami - Living

Runningkit - Living

Sunkit - Living

Grand-nieces: Beepaw -Living

Blowingpaw - Living

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