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Icepetal is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Given Icepetal
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Impact of her fall from tree
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Alexander
Mother Snow
Siblings None
Mate Firefall
Kits Ashberry, Strikekit
Owner None

Icepetal is a white tabby she-cat with deep, sky blue eyes, a black tipped tabby tail, silver and black stripes, and long silver whiskers.


Icepetal is a very kind most of the time, but can be very snappy if you make her mad. She is a great fighter and hunter. She has a strange fascination with birds, and refuses to accept them as prey. Icepetal is always disappointed that Strikekit, her son was born with a disorder. She is very stuck up and bratty at times, and can be pretty hard to understand whenever she's angry. 


Icepetal was born a rogue with the name of Avi. Her parents were Snow (Mother) and Alexander (Father). She has no other siblings. Once she was six moons old, she ran away from Twoleg Place forever and traveled to SpringClan. She became an appprentice, and soon, a warrior. She is a very skilled hunter and an average fighter. She hopes to have an apprentice one day.

Icepetal is seen with her friend, Snowfire. She gets annoyed when Snowfire tries to suicide, and saves her 3 times. She goes to Bluefeather and Firefall, who's fighting. She breaks up the fight.

After, Firefall takes Icepetal to the elder's den. He tells Icepetal that he loves her, but Icepetal says that she wasn't ready to take on a mate. Firefall leaves, heartbroken.

Icepetal is seen weeping when Firefall mates with Birchtrail and have kits. She begs for Firefall to forgive what she said before. Firefall rests his tail around Icepetal, and she feels better. Icepetal says that she always loved Firefall, and Firefall agrees. She then asks about Birchtrail and her kits. Firefall says that he only cared about Icepetal and his kits.

Icepetal is later seen hunting, and climbs a tree, but she falls, and dies.

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Mother: Snow - white she-cat with green eyes; Unknown

Father: Alexander (Alex) - gray tom with blue eyes and white flecks; Unknown

Siblings: None

Mate: Firefall - Living

Sons: Strikekit - Living

Daughters: Ashberry - Living


  • Her rogue name, Avi, means "Bird" in Latin.
  • Icepetal will mate will Firefall in the future. He will leave Birchtrail to mate with Icepetal.

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