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Placeholder cat
Current AutumnClan
Past Loner
Ice, Icerunner
Age 45 moons
Status Living
Debut CS
Father TBA
Mother TBA
Sibling TBA
Mate Unknown she cat (formerlly)
Kits Sleetfang, unknown kits
Apprentice Tanglepaw
Owner Meerkat
 Icerunner is a dark grey tom with amber eyes. He is a former loner and a current AutumnClan cat. He is the mate of a deceased she cat and the father of Sleetfang and unknown cats

Icerunner is a loyal and self- assured cat who often relies on his own skills to survive and is also willing to show his skills to others.



Icerunner is a large cat with amber eyes that contrast against his dark grey pelt. His pelt is at medium length, which doesn't give him too much problems, although it does take him a little while to finish grooming, but not near as much as a long-haired cat. Icerunner's fangs and claws are at a normal length and sharp.


Icerunner, with his healthy metabolism and healthy eating habbits, is physically a very healthy cat who hardly gets sick, although he is suspectable like all cats.

Icerunner's mental health is just like his physical health, with no known mental health issues.


Loyal and self- assured, Icerunner is a rather serious cat at times, although this is often due to his stoic disposition. Growing up with only his siblings, Icerunner still often relies on his own skills that he developed, despite living in a clan now. However, Icerunner does know when to relax and also loves to show the skills he had learned during his time as a loner.

Skills and abilitites

With his suffix as runner, Icerunner's most prominent skill is his speed. Despite his size, Icerunner can quickly weave around places and cover a lot of ground in little time. This also makes him a successful hunter. While not very well known for his skills on the battlefield, Icerunner has quickly grown accostomed to the way AutumnClan fights.



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Icerunner is first in the roleplay spotting a vole. He pounces, missing at first, but using his speed and eventually catching it. His speed and skill impresses Tanglepaw, who is now his apprentice. He tells her that the way he caught the vole was the way a loner catches a piece of prey.Tanglepaw replies that it was awesome how he catched it, her eyes shining. Icerunner smiles, then kinks his tail over his back for her to follow.




Sleetfang- Living



Sleetfang"It's so hard to see my son. He's the only survivor of his litter and he always tries to get my attention. I bet he thinks I don't love him, but it's the very oppisite. I love him more than any other cat, but when I want to show him affection, his mother gets into my mind. It sucks that I can't even look at him when he looks so much like me." Icerunner on his son.

Icerunner feels ashamed and conflicted about not being able to comunicate with his son, due to his mate and Sleetfang's mother popping into his mind. Icerunner really loves his son, but he finds it hard talking to him, even when Sleetfang tries to get his attention. He often ignores him to get over the pain, althought his often results in more pain.


Tangleblaze"My apprentice wass really something. She was quite wise, even more wise than the other cats I know. I never exactly called her a friend, but certainly someone I could trust." Icerunner on his apprentice.

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  • Icerunner is beased off the first mate of the main protagonist of a series that meeerkat is currently writing.
  • Icerunner has a fear of falling in love again due to his thoughts that it was his fault that his mate died.
  • Icerunner does not believe in StarClan.



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