Placeholder cat
Current SummerClan
Age 18 moons
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Flaringflame
Mother Biological: Frostleaf
Adoptive: Dawnwhisper
Siblings None
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Dawnwhisper
Owner whiskers
Igneousflame is a handsome dark ginger tom with a striped legs, white paws, and a white chest.



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Despite losing his mother so she could go fool around with other toms, Igneousflame is a remarkably jolly character. Nothing really seems to ever phase him or put him down, although at times, his mother and father fighting seems to put him down. But as he's grown, he's grown to dislike his mother, and ignores her efforts to anger him and Flaringflame. During other times, Igneousflame seems to find things to be happy about, even if the entire Clan is depressed. Unfortunately, his optimism can get a little irritating.
He can be a bit humorous, and most of the time, it isn't even on purpose. He enjoys lightening the mood of things, as he has a thing for being happy. But because he's a bit of a klutz, he's good at making others laugh and lightening the mood of things. Igneouspaw enjoys cracking a few jokes every now and then, however, he isn't one for gossip. He finds this disrespectful towards his clanmates, especially the cat who's being gossiped about.
Igneousflame is a respectful cat, although he does get a little relaxed and comfortable around others, and may not seem so. However, this is only a playful thing, as he enjoys games and fun events. Because of this, he is often seen as a kit-like character, a bit too playful and jolly for his own good. This makes him seem quite innocent in his own little cute and goofy way. Regardless, he has great manners towards those who he is not familiar with. If he takes his playfulness a bit too far, and other are insulted by this and tell him to cut it out, he will quickly apologize and change his attitude. If others desire some space, he is more than happy to give it to them.
As a warm cat, Igneousflame is almost seen as motherly. He is quite understanding when it comes to issues such as a loss of a family member or a friend, but when it comes to love...well, that stuff doesn't make much sense. He likes comforting others, and also likes to seek comfort. Albeit a shoulder to lean on, he often needs one to lean on himself. But thankfully, this isn't too often, as he tries to remain as happy as possible. As a result, he tries to extend his warmth to others by letting them lean on his shoulder, so he can make them happy, therefore making himself even more happy.
Igneousflame can be a bit too immature, especially with is happiness, to the point where he can be a bother. He's a bit awkward in conversations, but makes up for it with his unintentional humor. He doesn't understand things such as love, and can therefore be seen as a bit on the dumb side. He'll occasionally have random bursts of intelligence thankfully, but still, he can be a bit on the dumb side in some topics.

Skills and Abilities

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Flaringflame - Living


Frostleaf - Living
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I really pity him, my poor father. My mom left him, that I later learned, yet all of these years...He's raised me with his greatest abilities, he's kept me safe, and he's kept me happy. Honestly, I don't think a cat could possibly be a better father. - Igneousflame on Flaringflame
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I never really knew my mom, since I was just a little furball when she abandoned me and dad for a bunch of other toms and kits. I feel like such a disgrace, a mistake, because she had me out of lust. Sometimes, I wish I just never knew about her... - Igneousflame on Frostleaf
Although he never really knew his mother well, Igneousflame despises her. He refuses to be referred to as her son, and has therefore disowned her as his mother. He does know that he doesn't have that many reasons to hate her, since she didn't attempt to murder him or anything, but Igneouspaw was quick to decide that what Frostleaf had done to his father was wrong. He refuses to speak with her or of her, and anytime her name is mentioned, he tends to flatten his ears, wrinkle his nose in disgust, or hiss in great distaste. Due to her actions, he also feels great degraded, as if his birth was not out of love, but simply out of lust from Frostleaf.


Really, I think she agreed to be my adopted mother so she could take care of my dad. I really didn't need another parent, but my father certainly needed a shoulder to lean on. She's a fantastic mentor as well, honestly, I think she totally deserves to become a leader or something. She could lead an army and take over the earth without a single cat hating her....also, I totally bet that her and my dad are going to get together, he has the hots for her. Don't tell either of them I said that. - Igneousflame on Dawnwhisper
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  • He is often called "Iggy" by those who are close to him, and those close to him only.
  • He struggles to grasp the concept of "love", and may or may not be infertile. However, he will still receive a mate.