Current SummerClan
Age 24 moons (approx. 2 years)
Status Living
Debut 2015
Owner Isaaaaaaaaaa!
Indigoshore is said to be a plump she-cat with a short, well filled-out body. She has muscles under her thick fur on her back and forelegs. She has thin, hardly seen white whiskers. Her ears are mostly average with a rounded tip, because of her ragdoll breed.
Her base pelt color is a light grey-white, which is light enough that she can easily blend into snow. Her eyes are a pretty and sparkly blue or indigo that she considers beautiful.


Physically, Indigoshore is rather well-off. She is a rather fat cat compared to others her age, but this doesn't affect her life too much. Her full form does not stop her from winning fights due to her immense physical strength. Her fur is long and fluffy, making her look even more filled-out than she is but keping her warm in leaf-bare.
Mentally, Indigoshore is relatively fine. She has not had time to develop any mental illnesses, though as she ages she may show signs of a little generalized anxiety disorder. She has a phobia of the living dead, even though cats don't have these in their stories she constantly has dreams of cats awaking from the dead.


Indigoshore is often described by those who don't know her well as somewhat of an asshole. She is sarcastic and rather blunt, often stating blatantly her rude opinions.



Indigoshore is often seen wandering around camp or joining patrols, not doing anything major.
Her first major appearance is when she is sitting near the fresh-kill pile, talking with Fogsky and Swampstar. When Swampstar mentions his mother, Ysoltstar, she makes a rude comment about how he should be over her already, considering he complained about her when she was living. Swampstar soon becomes irritated with her, and leaves. Indigoshore turns to Fogsky and sighs, saying angrily that nobody wants to hear the truth anymore, but Fogsky replies that every cat loves their parents no matter how irritating they may be when sick or hurting. Of course, this does nothing to tone down Indigoshore's attitude.


  • She is The Gay.

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