Ivyshade (SprC) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Ivyshade (SprC)
Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Given Kit: Ivykit

Apprentice: Ivypaw

Warrior: Ivyshade

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Crushed to death by a boulder
Debut SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 8 September 28th, 2012
Last Post Unknown
Father Singeflight
Mother Cloudymist
Siblings Falconshadow, Puddlesplash
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Firespark
Owner Stoem

Ivyshade is a tortoiseshell and white she-cat with long, ragged, patchy fur with serious, sky blue, breathtaking, piercing, sharp blue eyes, tall, muscular, limbs, large, jagged teeth, and long, needle sharp claws. Her right paw is funny looking and in an awkward shape.


Ivyshade is outgoing, creative, and funny, and is very tomboyish. Sometimes she can be childish, but that doesn't stop her loyalty.

TBC Cause Moss is lazy


Ivykit is born to Cloudymist and Singeflight of SpringClan along with her brother, Falconkit, as her mother's last litter. Her older sister, Puddlekit, is very protective of her younger siblings.

She opens her eyes and is seen staring at the other queens and kits with her brother. They notice that Soakedmoss and Shellshore are related to Froststar and bow to them. Ivykit is seen staring at Froststar as he climbs the Sky Tree, and looking on as Soaringkit falls from it.

Ivykit tells her brother that a kit was joining the Clan. That kit was Bracken. Ivykit and Falconkit watch from afar, interested. They later attend Puddlepaw's apprentice ceremony, envious they are not being made apprentices themselves. Cloudymist reassures them that they're time will be soon.

Later, Ivykit becomes Ivypaw. It seems that not long from that, she becomes Ivyshade. There are new kits in the nursery, and Ivyshade is seen gasping at how cute they are. She is seen tackling Falconshadow, like she did as a kit.

Ivyshade purrs when Icestorm announces that she is having Spottedpelt's kits.

Ivyshade's mother, Cloudymist, starts having a heart-attack. She is seen grieving after Cloudymist dies, heavily upset. TBC

Life Image



Mother: Cloudymist ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member

Father: Singeflight ~ Status Unknown

Aunt: Mistyflower ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member

Brother: Falconshadow ~ Living

Sister: Puddlesplash ~ Living

Grandmother: Skybreeze ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member

Grandfather: Birchfang ~ Deceased, confirmed StarClan member

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