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Jackdaw that Caws Loudly

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Jackdaw that Caws Loudly is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Jackdaw that Caws Loudly
Placeholder cat
Current Tribe of Endless Hunting
Past Tribe of Rising Moons
Jackdaw that Caws Loudly
Jackdaw that Caws Loudly
Jackdaw that Caws Loudly
Age Approx. 75 moons old(6.2 years)at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a owl
Debut Archive 1
Last Post Unknown
Father Ronan
Mother Jackdaw
Sibling Roman
Mate Eel that Shocks
Kits Swan that Flies High, Owl that Flies Swiftly
Mentor Poppy that Swims
Apprentice Hornet that Stings
Owner Rosie

Jackdaw that Caws Loudly was a black tomcat with green eyes, scar running along his side, white tail, paws, and chest. He is the son of Ronan and Jackdaw and brother of Roman. He is the mate of Eel that Shocks and father of Swan that Flies High and Owl that Flies Swiftly. He was the To-Be of Poppy that Swims and former mentor of Hornet that Stings. He is a former cave-guard of the Tribe of Rising Moons and now resides in the Tribe of Endless Hunting.

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