Jadewhisper is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
' Jadekit
Age 56 moons old
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Sickness
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Earthclaw
Mother Unknow she-cat
Sibling Rainshine(half)
Mate Cinnamonflame(formerly)
Kits Jewelpaw, Spicepaw, Shiftkey
Mentor Unknow SummerClan she-cat
Owner Patch

Jadewhisper is a slender, silver and white tabby she-cat with large, amber eyes flecked with aqua, and white paws.


Jadewhisper is calm and silent. She isn't the most social cat in the clan, but she can be pretty friendly to everyone she knows well. Her hatred to WinterClan and AutumnClan is real, and despises them more than anything, mostly because they like the cold and she had a bad history with them.


Jadewhisper is a SummerClan cat, but she does not have any SummerClan blood because her mother was a loner and her father was a Wind Chasers cat. Jadewhisper is seen at the border between AutumnClan and SummerClan. She meets Cinnamonpaw, and they fall in love.

When Jadewhisper goes to sleep, she dreams about Cinnamonpaw and the future. She sees herself having kits with Cinnamonpaw.

Jadewhisper is seen hunting with Duskjaw. They enjoy the company of eachother, but Jadewhisper thinks about Cinnamonpaw. They race to the camp, and Jadewhisper wins.

Jadewhisper and Duskjaw hang out together. Jadewhisper looks into the future, and sees herself having kits with Cinnamonpaw. She then see's Duskjaw, playing as their father.

At the clan meeting, Brambletail notices Jadewhisper uneasy when Feathernose talks about mating with cats from other clans. Jadewhisper thinks about Cinnamonpaw.

Cinnamonpaw visits Jadewhisper on the border. They play for a while, enjoying each other's company. Jadewhisper then has to leave, and admits to Cinnamonpaw that she loves him. They become mates. She then leaves, worried about Duskjaw.

Jadewhisper expects kits, and she asks Duskjaw to be their father. Little does Jadewhisper knows that Cinnamonpaw joins the clan. Jadewhisper is stunned when Cinnamonpaw busts into the SummerClan camp.

When Cinnamonpaw joins the clan, Jadewhisper is shocked. She notices that Duskjaw feels cheated, so she tries to confort him by telling him that she loved him. Cinnamonpaw is one one who's hurt, so Jadewhisper adds that she loves Cinnamonpaw more. Swiftpaw attacks Duskjaw, but Jadewhisper runs in front of Duskjaw, protecting him.

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Father: Earthclaw - Unknown

Mate: Cinnamonflame(formerly) - Living

Siblings: Rainshine - Living, Spiraleye - Living

Nephews - Syskykit - Living, Meteorkit - Living, Swampkit - Living

Neice: Shorekit - Living


"I don't care is someone is great at hunting, or anything. I just care if they have a good heart." Jadewhisper to Duskjaw in SummerClan/Roleplay

  • Duskjaw - "Me? Jadewhisper... I love you... And I know you arent telling me who the father is for a reason.. But i will love them."
Jadewhisper - "I like you too. That's why I want you to be the kit's father." Jadewhisper to Duskjaw in SummerClan/Roleplay


  • Jadewhisper will have a mate later on.
    • Her mate will be Cinnamonflame.
  • Jadewhisper has The Wind Chasers blood, because her father with Earthclaw.
  • Rainshine is Jadewhisper's half brother, because they have the same father.
  • Jadewhisper likes Cinnamonflame and Duskjaw, but she likes Cinnamonflame more.
  • She has a british accent.
  • She used to have like, a power to see into the future, but she lost it.

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