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Current SplashClan
Past SpringClan
Age Approx. 20 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Kratos
Mother Maplebright
Siblings Two unknown she cats, Thistlefrost (half), Clawkit (half), Cloudkit (half), Kopa (half), Uru (half), Sonin (half), Basilisk (half), Vixenlight (half), Unknown kits (half)
Mates Lilacshine (formerlly), Babillafire
Kits Two stillborns, Houndkit, Haykit
Mentors Salmonsplash, Eaglefrost (unofficially, formerlly)
Owner Meerkat
 Jumpclaw is a black and white tom with green eyes. He is the son of Kratos and Maplebright, the littermate of two unknown she cats, the younger half brother of mulitple cats including Thistlefrost, Kopa, Uru, Gingershade and Basilisk, the former mate of Lilacshine, the mate of Babillafire and the father of Houndkit, Haykit and two unnamed stillborns. Originally born in SpringClan, his adventurous spirit led him and his friend Fuzzykit out of camp. While Fuzzykit was killed by a fox, Jumpkit escaped and joined SplashClan and is now a warrior there. Jumpclaw briefly trained in the Dark Forest, with Eaglefrost as his mentor.

Despite having calmed down a little, Jumpclaw's adventurous, rebellious and competitive nature still shine prominently, making him quite a handful. However, Jumpclaw has a true loyalty to his new clan and will give his life for it.



Jumpclaw is an average sized, well muscled tom with green eyes. His black and white pelt is at medium length, which doesn't give him too much trouble with grooming, although does take a little longer than a shorter furred cat. His teeth and claws are an average length.


Physically, Jumpclaw is a very healthy cat, with a good metabolism and a tendency to excercise. With his healthy eating and time to excercise, Jumpclaw doesn't get sick very often.

Jumpclaw's mental health is also very healthy, intelligent and with no mental health issues.


While he has calmed down slightly from kithood, Jumpclaw's adventurous and rebellious nature has always made him a handful. A difficult cat who hardly listens to anyone but his leader, Jumpclaw's independence often angers some cats and hardly even listened to his mentor in apprenticeship. However, it's his competitiveness that makes him the biggest handful. With a quick wit and a quicker tounge, Jumpclaw will try anything in his power to prove he is better than the cat he thinks he's better than.

Despite this rather rebellious persona, Jumpclaw really does care for the clan he loves more than the clan he was born in and is a loyal warrior who will fight tooth and nail for it. While he once trained in the dark forest, he only decided to do this to help his clan more and to burn off more energy, although when he realised it was wrong, he stopped. However, his training sessions never impacted on his personality and he often doesn't look back on the situation.

Skills and abilities

With his suffix being "claw", Jumpclaw is quite adept on the battlefield, with quite a bit of battle skill to back up his talking. Jumpclaw's athletic prowess, which is also quite impressive, often helps him to not get knocked over furing battle from time to time. Jumpclaw is also a good hunter, often trying to find time to hunt. As he was raised up more in SplashClan than SpringClan, Jumpclaw is also quite a good swimmer, although he isn't very keen on swimming in leaf-bare if the river isn't frozen over.

Few try to argue against Jumpclaw, with his stubborn and competitive nature. Jumpclaw never backs down from one and will keep trying to prove the cat who tried to argue against him is wrong. On occasion, Jumpclaw may see an arguement as a "friendly competition", although this will usually only be when he is bored and he will still argue hard against the cat.

Jumpclaw's impatience, however, often makes him very intolerant of kits. While he does know that most of them will become fine warriors, he isn't willing to be near them if he doesn't have to be. His impatience with kits often earns him mockery from his friends, which occasionally gets him even more irritated.



Jumpkit is born to Maplebright and Kratos, with two unknown sisters as his littermates. Fuzzykit, who's mother died while birthing him and is two moons older than the litter, becomes Jumpkit's adopted brother. Jumpkit is shown to quite jealous of Fuzzykit, who can do more things than he can. Unwilling to be second best, he tries to show that he can be just as good as Fuzzykit, although the rivalry soon stops. As Jumpkit begins to realise that they have a lot more in common than he thought, they become very close friends and they hatch a plan to escape camp. While the first part of the plan goes well, the second part goes wrong when they encounter a fox. While Jumpkit runs away, Fuzzykit is caught and mangled to death. Realising Fuzzykit hadn't followed him, Jumpkit decides not to go back to SpringClan again. After a relatively long walk, the exhausted Jumpkit stumbles into the territory of SplashClan, unaware that he actually has some SplashClan blood in him. A cat finds the young kit and gives him to a loving queen, who takes care of him until he is old enough to become an apprentice.


Jumpkit becomes an apprentice with the name Jumppaw. He is given Salmonsplash, who are both unknowingly related to each other, as his mentor. From the start, the two run into problems with each other, with Salmonsplash thinking of him as too hot headed and Jumppaw thinking of him as too strict. As a result of this, Salmonsplash thinks about retiring and Jumppaw hardly listens to him. However, as Jumppaw progresses more and more, Salmonslash realises how much potential he has and Jumppaw realises that Salmonsplash isn't so bad a mentor. While he still hardly listens, Jumppaw gives Salmonsplash more respect and vice versa.


Jumppaw soon becomes a warrior with the name of Jumpclaw. More coming soon



Kratos- Living


Maplebright- Living


Lilacshine (Formerlly)- Living

Babillafire- Living


Two unnamed stillborns- Deceased, residence unknown


Houndkit- Living


Haykit- Living


Two unknown she cats- Deceased, residence unknown

Half sisters

Uru- Deceased, no residence

Gingershade- Living

Vixenlight- Living

Heronkit- Living

Half brothers

Kopa- Deceased, no residence

Thistlefrost- Living

Basilisk- Living

Turnstonekit- Living

Kestrelkit- Living

Half siblings

Multiple unknown cats- Status unknown


Shadeleap- Deceased, Dark Forest resident


Aloisa- Living

Great Grandfather

Pelicanheart- Deceased, StarClan resident

Great Grandmother

Starfishflight- Deceased, StarClan resident





"I loved my mother, really, but I can never go back to SpringClan. I think it's best that she think's I'm dead. I really want to see her again, but how am I meant to say that I never died?"

Jumpclaw loved his mother, although did feel jealous that Maplebright always congradulated Fuzzykit before him. However, Jumpclaw kept loving his mother until he joined SplashClan. He wants to see his mother again badly, although struggles to find a way to find a way to tell her.


"My dad sounds like an interesting cat. I probably won't see him as he's more interested in avoiding the clans according to my mother, but I'll keep optimistic."

Jumpclaw is interested in his father, although he doubts he will ever meet him. Jumpclaw is not ashamed to have a rogue as his father, although he knows to never reveal that he is not a full clan cat. However, he is optimistic that he will one day see his father and talk with him.


"Oh man, my brother was a fun cat! Yeah, he was my half brother, but he was the best brother I ever had! I miss him so much!"

While he was close to his mother, Jumpclaw felt the closest to his older half brother. He would often wait to show his brother his new walking skills, or at least try to. After joining SlashClan, Jumpclaw felt guilty for leaving his favourite family member. He is still often on his mind and he hopes to reunite with him one day.



Coming soon


"He was kind of like a step father, even though I'm pretty sure he and my mother will never become mates. Despite that, it was nice to have somewhat of a father figure, although I really would have liked my real father."

Jumpclaw and Larktalon were on good terms while he was in SpringClan. While Larktalon never knew about the crush Jumpkit had on his unknowing daughter, much to Jumpclaw's relief, he was quite warm with him while he visited Fuzzykit. Jumpclaw often thought and still thinks of him as a bit of a father figure, although he would prefer his real father over him. Despite that, Jumpclaw still has a respect for the tom, although he rarely sees him now.



Coming soon


"He's a prideful bastard, just like me. I'm happy that the brother of my former mate is a friend and I don't even mind that he never liked her, it's a sibling thing apparently."

Coming soon

Love interests


"I was never even mad that she miscarried our kits and now she's scared of me. I love her like crazy, maybe I love her even more than Babillafire, but she probably won't believe me. It hurts that she doesn't think I love her anymore. I just want to tell her that I'm still in love."

Coming soon


"Yeah, I was younger than her, but there was something about her that I loved. She's the only one who knows I'm still alive from my former clan. I love her more than anything and I know she won't tell anyone."

Since kithood, Jumpclaw always felt close to Babillafire. While she was older, Babillafire loved hanging around with Jumpclaw as a kit and was devastated when he disappeared. However, when Jumpclaw revealed to her that he was still alive, they had a hapy reunion and became mates, although their love was now forbidden. While Jumpclaw never wants to go back to SpringClan, he sometimes goes to see his mate and he still keeps her in his mind. Jumpclaw knows that she has given birth to his kits and can't wait to meet them when they're old enough.


Coming soon



"I thought he could help me to become one of SplashClan's best warriors, then I saw a side to him I just didn't like. I'll never go back to him or anyone in that damn place. Even worse, he's Thistlefrost's father. I've heard so many bad things about him and how he got brainwashed by them. I'm never going to see him again."

When first joining the dark forest, Jumpclaw met Eaglefrost, who promised him that he would be a fine warrior in SplashClan and he believed him. However, shortly after beginning his training, Jumpclaw realised how shifty the dark forest was and when he finally found out the true nature of Eaglefrost, he left after just a moon of training. Jumpclaw regrets ever meeting Eaglefrost, especially when he found that that he was Thistlefrost's father.


Coming soon


  • Jumpclaw will meet Houndkit when he is a warrior and invite him to join SplashClan.
  • Jumpclaw was originally going to die for real offscreen. However, Meerkat changed her mind when she thought about a plot for him to be in a different clan and he has become one of her favourite cats to roleplay.



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