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Placeholder cat
Current The Wind Chasers
Age 8 moons
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Palmer
Mother Brightfern
Siblings Quietkit, Gatorpaw
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Silvermoon (TWC)
Owner whiskers
Juncopaw is a pretty seal mink she-cat with blue-green eyes. She can control electricity as well as radiation. 



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Juncopaw is definitely not the quiet type, unless she's absolutely exhausted, which used to only happen when she had her catmint highs during her younger apprenticeship. Thankfully, her brother got her out of this habit, resulting in her being strongly against catmint and things alike. However, she still acts boisterous and rude, though not as bad as she'd act when on catmint. She still seems to have poof judgement, unfortunately, but thankfully is completely against items such as catmint, and greatly despises cats who use it, as if they're trying to torture and torment her by reminding her of her poor past.
When not being a big-mouth, Juncopaw is usually quite flirtatious, whether or not she has an interest in the tom. This is likely because it irritates her brother, and she enjoys watching him squirm. She's a talkative cat with a sharp-tongue, and due to her powers, most tend to ignore coming in contact with her. But this is primarily the reason why she's such a bossy cat: nobody loves her. With a majority of her family dead, Juncopaw only has Gatorpaw, and an extreme lack of friends who rarely near her. But of course, she still attempts to flirt whenever she has the chance, in hopes of someday wooing a tom over.
Once angered, she will go on long rages, as revealed when Gatorpaw mentions their dead family. Although difficult, it is possible to calm her down, but those who attempt to appease her must choose their words wisely, due to Juncopaw's poor judgement. Her unstable powers that can randomly act up due to her mood makes her a great threat, as a result, must attempt to flee when she's angered. This can result in an even worse tantrum, which will often last hours. So yes, she's one big mean baby.

Skills and Abilities

Juncopaw's abilities are quite unusual, even for a Wind Chasers cat. Her first ability is the power to control electricity. As a kit, her electrical powers were very very weak, only able to control faint static. But as she grew to be about four moons of age, she could give some cats shocks from static. This, of course, quickly became a fun game, especially when it came to pestering her brother. But as she grew up, so did her powers, to the point where she can summon bolts of lightning with high voltage out of mid air. She may also summon lightning storms, or turn a regular rain storm into an electrical storm. This makes Juncopaw a dangerous enemy, especially when she's angry, because her powers tend to get out of control when she's on edge.
Juncopaw's second power is probably the oddest and most unusual power in the entire well as one of the most dangerous. Cats happen to be very wary of her due to her powers having to do with radiation, and they also tend to get as far away from her as possible, fearing that if they touch her, her radiation will kill them. Gatorpaw and Brightfern tend to be two of the only cats who will touch or stand close to their family member, knowing that she can contain the radiation. But when angered or when she feels like it, Juncopaw can release highly dangerous amounts of radiation that can kill cats instantly, or morph them into monsters. Thankfully, she's aware of how dangerous her abilities are, and as a result, she doesn't use them often.
As for her natural abilities, Juncopaw happens to be a phenomenal huntress, even when she doesn't use her strange powers. Thanks to her light-weight, Juncopaw is nimble on her paws, allowing her to take down faster prey, such as rabbits. However, it's harder for her to take down larger prey without using her powers, as a result, she uses her electrical powers to fry larger prey, even though her clanmates are never pleased to have a fried dinner. She has learned her territory as well, and uses her knowledge of hunting as an advantage, and sometimes uses it in combat, though she's never a tough match without her powers.



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Palmer - Deceased, residence unknown


Brightfern - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Quietkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Gatorpaw - Living


Sherry - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Ezio - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Damian - Living
Desmond - Living




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  • She was originally named Spessartinekit, but that's a ridiculous name of a gem that a cat wouldn't know of.
  • She is based off of Cait from Fallout 4.
    • so yeah, she can have some really long and bad tantrums when mad.
    • and she's super Polyamorous.