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Current Dark Forest
Past WinterClan, Loners & Rogues
Age Approx. 32 moons at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Iolitefrost
Debut CS
Last Post CS
Father Treetops
Mother Misty
Sibling Iolitefrost
Mate Visionblur (formerly)
Kit Seedfur
Mentor Rainsong
Owner Crys
Juniperclaw is a silver and white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes.



Silver tabby she-cat with a pure white muzzle, slim snow white paws, long, hind legs, a thin-furred black tipped tail, thorn sharp white claws, a nicked ear, and deep tanzanite blue eyes that glisten like burning blue stars in the night light. She has a very thin structure, and can look weak in battle.


Physical Health

Juniperclaw is rather thin for her size, but is fit, apart from that. She shows no laziness when she does her job of training and hunting.

Mental Health

Not much is known about Juniperclaw's mental health, except that she was scarred in the inside from abuse as a kit. She has nightmares of her parents' deaths and her treatment as a kit. She is clever when it comes to fighting.


Juniperclaw is quiet, independant and shy. Athough she has a strong spirit deep down, the scars from the past troubles her, giving her nightmares when she's not training in the Dark Forest. Juniperclaw can act semi-mental because she saw her parent's deaths, and because no one loves her. Juniperclaw can be dark and mysterious from the Dark Forest, but the enigmatic nature is now normal.
When she's around Visionblur, she is extremly shy, well mannered, and kind, although now that she knows that he loves Poolstar, one part of her will hate him until the bitter end. She hates her brother, and wishes to kill him whenever she has the chance. The only cat she completely loves is Seedfur, but she usually never sees her outside the Dark Forest.

Skills and Abilities

Juniperclaw is a pure fighter. She is extremely skilled at ambushing cats and surprising them so that she has an advantage.



Tanzanite was born a loner, along with her brother Iolite. She was shunned and neglected by her parents, who only loved Iolite. When a fire ocurred, Misty, her mother grabbed Iolite and took him somewhere safe, but both her parents left Tanzanite. Tanzanite somehow managed to survive, but at a terrible cost, her parents dead and a part of her scarred in the inside. 
After a long walk, Tanzanite and Iolite are rescued by WinterClan, and taken in, earning the name Tanzanitekit and Iolitekit. No one volenteers to take care of them, leaving them distraught and left orphans.


Tanzanitekit forms a crush on Visionkit, who doesn't seem to especially like her back. Tanzanitekit is shown around the camp by Hiddenkit, but faints when she seems to lose the way. Hiddenkit takes her back to the nursery in panic.
Tanzanitekit is always seen in the shadows, feeling unnoticed and unpopular. Tanzanitekit joins the Dark Forest after they tell her that she will be worshipped by all the clans if she trained there, and anyone who confronts her will pay. Tanzanitekit thinks about Iolitekit and her revenge on him. She then decides to join the Dark Forest, and train there.
When Tanzanitekit is an apprentice and earns the name Tanzanitepaw, she is dark and unpredictable from the Dark Forest. Every night she trains her, following the path of darkness until there's no way out. One night, a kit named Cygnetkit comes and Tanzanitepaw fights her, almost killing her. Silverfrost tells her to not give Cygnetkit any major injuries. Tanzanitepaw retorts, asking the point of training there if she couldn't battle.
When training, Tanzanitepaw encounters Mousedash cowering in a bush. Tanzanitepaw gets angry, telling her to not be a coward and fight. Herbpetal comes over to Tanzanitepaw, warning her about the Dark Forest and that she should leave. Tanzanitepaw doesn't agree, and is seen being angry, but then sad when she talks about her family.
Visionblur and Tanzanitepaw trains together. Tanzanitepaw pinns Visionblur down, who asks Icefeather for her help. Icefeather goes to talk to Dappledfeather, and Tanzanitepaw holds Visionblur down while fighting, and tells him that she liked him. Visionblurr doesn't seem to hear, because he's fading. Dissapointed, she wakes up.
Tanzanitepaw sees Visionblur again when she's awake, and pads over to him. Tanzanitepaw repeats what she said in the Dark Forest about her liking him, but is angry when Visionblur just replies flatly, lost in his own thoughts. Tanzanitepaw storms away, and goes hunting on her own, what Visionblur had said still on her mind. Tanzanitepaw shakes it off, and continues hunting.
Later on, Tanzanitepaw finds Visionblur with the SplashClan leader Poolstar. She is heartbroken, and asks Visionblur what he was doing with SplashClan's leader. Visionblur is irritated, and tells her that he was saving her tail. Tanzanitepaw retorts that he must have been saving Poolstar's tail for a long time. She is seen crying, extremely stressed.
When Tanzanitepaw goes to sleep, she is in the Dark Forest again. She fights Razorclaw, beating him into pulp. She then challenges Slashedface, and they fight. Tanzanitepaw beats Slashedface, and then a StarClan medicine cat warns her that she shouldn't be there. Tanzanitepaw ignores the warning, and chases the medicine cat away.
When she wakes up, far away from Visionblur, Blackstar calls for a clan meeting. All the apprentices are named warriors, and Tanzanitepaw earns her name: Tanzaniteshadow. Little does she know about Poolstar's death, so she glares at Visionblur before padding off. She is especially angry and envious when Iolitefrost mates with Goldenmoon. Upset, Tanzaniteshadow goes to her new den, and sleeps until it's time for the gathering.
Tanzaniteshadow follows the clan to the gathering, and scoots away from all the clans as she tries to find a place to sit. Tanzaniteshadow reluctantly settles near SummerClan, where it's farthest from Visionblurr. Oceanwave sees her and snarls menacingly. When Frostshell lets out the truth about the stolen kits in WinterClan, Oceanwave jumps on Tanzaniteshadow, and they fight. The furious Rowanstar tells her clan that they are leaving, and Blackstar goes with them.
Later on, Tanzaniteshadow returns to her den and sleeps. Back in the Dark Forest, Visionblur apologizes to her and that he doesnt love Poolstar anymore. At the same moment, Loonface challenges Tanzaniteshadow to a battle. Tanzaniteshadow walks away from Visionblur and tells Loonface to get out. Loonface, annoyed, attacks Tanzaniteshadow and gives her a nick in the ear. Tanzaniteshadow then claws his chest into an X, and walks away.
Back in the Dark Forest, Tanzaniteshadow is in the meeting with the other Dark Forest cats about SummerClan. She sees Ashberry and Purplepaw fighting, and is pissed. She breaks up the fight, and then runs into Glimmershadow, who agrees with her that some cats need to die. Glimmershadow says for Tanzaniteshadow to protect her friends, but she thinks that she has no real friends, only enemies.
Before the battle between WinterClan and SummerClan begins, Blackstar sets up patrols. Tanzaniteshadow looks over to Visionblur, and says she is sorry, and then asks if he can fight with her during the battle. Visionblur is okay with it, and they leap into battle. Tanzaniteshadow notices Loonface, and attacks him, both equal in strength. Tanzaniteshadow break the bone in the tip of his tail, then runs off to find Iolitefrost. After the battle, she returns to Visionblur.
After a long time, Tanzaniteshadow has kits that become apprentices. She goes up to Azurestar and asks for a name change, saying that she had a bad history with "Tanzanite" and that she wanted a name that didn't remind her of anything bad. The leader accepts, and Tanzaniteshadow is renamed to Juniperclaw. She is shortly greeted by Seedpaw, her kit.


Tanzanitepaw's Warrior Ceremony

Blackstar: ""May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather to hear my words!""
Narrator: "As the cats assemled she beckoned Reflectionpaw, Iolitepaw, Tanzanitepaw, Mottledpaw, Goldenpaw, Kumquatpaw, Creampaw, Tagpaw, Vinepaw, Firepaw, and Eaglepaw foward."
Blackstar: ""I, Blackstar, leader of WinterClan call upon my warrior ancesors to look down upon these eleven apprentices. They have trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Iolitepaw, Tanzanitepaw, Mottledpaw, Goldenpaw, Kumquatpaw, Creampaw, Tagpaw, Vinepaw, Firepaw, and Eaglepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and protect and defend this Clan even at the cost of your life?""
Narrator: "Blackstar meowed. The apprentices looked at the leader with determination in their gaze."
Apprentices: ""I do.""
Narrator: "they chimed. Blackstar nodded."
Blackstar: ""Then by the powers of StarClan, I present you with your warrior names. Iolitepaw, Tanzanitepaw, Mottledpaw, Goldenpaw, Kumquatpaw, Creampaw, Tagpaw, Vinepaw, Firepaw, and Eaglepaw, from this day on, you shall be known as Iolitefrost, Tanzaniteshadow, Mottledfur, Goldenmoon, Kumquatcloud, Creammoon, Tagblaze, Vinespirit, Firestorm, and Eaglefrost. StarClan honors your bravery and loyalty, and welcome you as full warriors of WinterClan.""

Tanzanitekit's Apprentice Ceremony

Blackstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!""
Narrator: "Blackstar's voice rang across the clearing as her Clan gathered."
Blackstar: "Today we gather for a special ceremony. The naming of apprentices! Firekit, Creamkit, Goldenkit, Cedarkit, Iolitekit, Tanzanitekit, Tagkit, Vinekit, and Mottledkit, step foward. From this moment, until you recive your warrior names, you will be known as Firepaw, Creampaw, Goldenpaw, Cedarpaw, Iolitepaw, Tanzanitepaw, Tagpaw, Vinepaw and Mottledpaw. Your mentors will be Risingspirit, Winterblaze, Appleclaw, Shadowheart, Icefeather, Rainsong, Blazeheart, Shadowclaw, and Snowshadow, respectivly."



Misty - Deceased; residence unknown


Treetops - Deceased; residence unknown


Iolitefrost - Living


Visionblur - Living 


Seedfur - Deceased; residence StarClan


Eveningshadow - Living
Iciclefrost - Living
Vacantflight - living


Endingpelt - Living


Dark Forest






Tanzaniteshadow: "And you, shut your yap."
Fogface: "Why not you first?"
Tanzaniteshadow: "Hey, go die in a hole."
Tanzaniteshadow: "You, yeah, I'll listen. But that foggy faced dork.. no way."
Fogface: "I'm not a dork! Leave me alone, kittypet scum!"
Tanzaniteshadow: "I'm not the kittypet. You're the suffering bratty kittypet here!"
Scourgepaw: "Just saying, some kittypets are hot."
Brutalpaw: "Scourgepaw, no offense, but you're weird."
Tanzaniteshadow: "At least he has a bigger brain than a mouse like you, Foghead."
—Tanzaniteshadow in an arguement with the Dark Forest cats chat

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  • Tanzaniteshadow and her brother were both originally named after two gemstones, tanzanite and iolite.
  • Juniperclaw and Iolitefrost are twins, but Iolitefrost has iolite purple eyes and Juniperclaw has tanzanite blue eyes.
  • Her former name, Tanzaniteshadow, was changed to Juniperclaw.

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