Kain is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Kain is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Loner
Loner Kain
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Richard
Mother Alexia
Siblings None
Mate Cecil
Kits Celina, Sodapop, Cloud, Icy
Owner None

Kain is a pale creamy colored tom with cornflower blue eyes.



He is a lithe, muscular, and actually quite fetching tom. He has strong hind legs, which help him leap well. He has soft, pale colored fur that is normally sleek and shiny. Kain is also quite tall, mainly because of his long legs. He has powerful, broad shoulders and sharp claws and teeth.
Kain has cornflower blues eyes that are rather attractive to stare at. He has a pink nose that is nicely shaped, and long, white whiskers. Kain also has a nicely shaped body altogether, and is the complete opposite of an eyesore.
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Physical Health

For a loner, Kain is quite well fed and does not have any diseases. He is strong enough for most challenges, many being challenges other cats may not be able to face.

Mental Health

He is the opposite of impulsive, as he thinks before he jumps into some random situations.


Quiet, cold, and rude come to mind at first when one might think of Kain. Most of the time, he ignores others, though he snaps often. Kain usually gives others the "cold shoulder" when they approach him, unless they provoke him. Though he acts cold most of the time, he has a hidden little warm spot in him for those he cares deeply about, though not many see this side. Though he doesn't show it much, he truly in facts loves Cecil, despite the fact he mainly acts cold to her as well. He is normally quiet, and not one to start a conversation due to this trait.
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Skills and Abilities

Kain is stealthy, making him an excellent hunter. He is a better fighter than he is a defender, and is quite speedy. He can also leap long distances.



Coming Soon


He appears alongside Cecil, and mocks her upon slamming clumsily into a tree. She snaps at him, and he licks her ear to make her feel better, and she calls him a "meanie". He often follows her into situations he'd rather stay out of, though he promises to protect her if anything bad happens.
Cecil runs away, only to emerge and leap on Kain, much to his shock and surprise. She bounces around like a kit and tells him that she wanted to practice fighting, with claws sheathed, most definitely.


Celina - Living
Sodapop - Living
Cloud - Living
Icy - Living


Life Image

Character Pixels

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  • Kain's day of birth is November 22nd.

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