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Kestrelblaze is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan
Age Approx. 48 Moons (4 Years) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Rabies
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Berryfall
Mother Moonleaf
Siblings Risenbeauty, Cressfall
Mates Tranquilwind, Deerheart (Formerly)
Kits Lionkit, Eaglekit
Mentor Everlastingsight
Owner Stoem
Kestrelblaze is a bright ginger tom with amber eyes.


He is ignorant, hot headed, and extremly brave. He is fiercly independent, and likes to work alone in ways. He is a total hot head, and is usually never up for being scoulded. He dislikes rules, and hates when cats boss him around when he believes hes old enough to do whatever he wants. His ignorance can get him in tough situations, and he doesnt think very hard when he tries to get out of them, though he doesnt try very hard. He sometimes comes off as 'self-obsessed', and likes to admire himself at times. Through his ignorance and hot headedness, there is a soft side to him that very few cats ever reach. He can be caring and compassionate at times, and when he loves someone or something, he will fight to the end for it, even if it costs him his life. He wants to become leader more than almost anything else, and tries his hradest to reach his goal. He is very brave, and when he has his mind set to something, he wont let it go, and most likely his choice is fighting for it. Through and Through, he is brave, ignorant, and has a soft side that any cat would adore, though with his tough personality, he is very hard to love and Kestrelbaze himself has a hard time loving any cat.


He is born to Moonleaf and Berryfall secretly, alone in the forest along with Cresskit and Risenkit. He is first born, and the one who moves the most of the three, an is the strongest and largest of the litter.

He is seen waking up, his yellow eyes blazing the first time he opens them. He is the first to open his eyes, and Moonleaf licks him and leaves, making sure he doesn't see her. Later, Kestrelkit is seen when his brother, Cresskit, opens his eyes. He looks at his sister and asks Lightningdash, his foster mother, if she is dead. She purrs and says no, and licks him.

He is seen talking to Awakeningkit, as she approaches him. She explains herself, and he calls her weird, saying he's Kestrekit, and boasts that he's 'future leader and best cat in AutumnClan'. They argue, and being his ignorant self, he walks away, ignoring the she-kits wise words.

Later, he is seen at Mudstar's kitting. He approtches her and sees the blood and asks if she died. Moonleaf says no, and Kestrelkit catches a glimmer of sadness and love in her eyes. He doesnt understand, but he shakes it off and walks away, tail in the air.

He is seen later when Shadowforce brings back an almost dead Naturekit. He is seen yelling out that Shadowforce was the one to kill them, and he says he knows it was, Risenkit disagrees, but Kestrelkit says he knows. Shadowforce disagrees with him, but Leopardclaw, an elder, joins in, saying she belives he did it too. Kestrelkit chants that he should be exiled, but Mudstar only keeps him on watch, which makes Kestrelkit angry.

Later, he is seen walking out of the Nursery. He says he is going to be an apprentice soon, and Awakeningkit says shes going to be one before him, which he says no, because shes younger then him.

Later on, on the day of his apprenticeship, he becomes extremly mad. He is not made one, so he runs out of camp tp prove that he can take it. He runs into SummerClan territory, and trips over a rock. He attacks it, saying the mighty Kestrelstar never gets beaten. He sees Tranquilkit and Guiltkit. He asks Trainquilkit to play with him, and she says only if Guiltkit plays. Guiltkit says he will tell on Kestrelkit if he doesnt, and Kestrelkit runs away.

He becomes an apprentice, Kestrelpaw, and gets Everlastingsight as her mentor. He back talks her, and ignores Windpaw's congradulations. Instead, we walks out of the camp and back SummerClan, where he meets Tranquilkit again. She offers to play, but he says hes too good for her. She disagrees, and they turn their backs oon eachother.

Later, he is seen at his first gathering by his mentor. He immediatly leaves her side and joins other apprentices to challenge their skills.

Later, he becomes a warrior, Kestrelblaze, and he is really happy that he had finally made it to a warrior.

He has a one-night stand with a she-cat known as Deerheart, and after that leaves her to be mates with Tranquilwind, although he soon dies afterwards.


Life Image


Character Pixels

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Kestrelkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Thunderfoot: "May all cats old enough to chase their own prey join beneath here for a clan meeting!"
Narrator: "Kestrelkit poked his head out of the camp enterance, and walked over to the highoak to meet Cresskit and Risenkit. Cats gathered around."
Thunderfoot: "Three kits have reached six moons of their life, and I now make them apprentices. Kestrelkit, Cresskit, and Risenkit, step forwards."
Kestrelkit: "Steps forwards eagerly"
Thunderfoot: "Until you earn your warriors names, you shall be known as Kestrelpaw, Cresspaw, and Risenpaw. Kestrelpaw, your mentor will be Everlastingsight, she may teach you how to respect more, Cresspaw, your mentor will be Boltspark, and Risenpaw, your mentor will be Redfrost. Train hard!"
AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 19

Kestrelpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Mudstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the highoak for a clan meeting!"
Clan: "Gathers"
Mudstar: "Missingpaw, Kelstrelpaw, Risenpaw, Awakeningpaw, Turtlepaw, Brightpaw, Blazingpaw, Windpaw, Wavepaw, Earthpaw, Birdpaw, and Tricklepaw, step forward."
Kestrelpaw: "steps forwards ignorantly"
Mudstar: "Missingpaw, Kelstrelpaw, Risenpaw, Awakeningpaw, Turtlepaw, Brightpaw, Blazingpaw, Windpaw, Wavepaw, Earthpaw, Birdpaw, Cloudpaw, and Tricklepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your lives?"
Kestrelpaw and the rest of the apprentices: "I do!!!"
Mudstar: "Then by the power of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Missingnose, Kelstrelblaze, Risenbeauty, Awakeningdawn, Turtlespirit, Brightwish, Blazingsoul, Windsky, Wavesplash, Earthspirit, Birdfeather, Cloudcrash, and Tricklecloud"


Mother - Moonleaf - Living

Father - Berryfall - Living

Sister - Risenpaw - Living

Brother - Cresspaw- Living

Foster Mother - Lightningdash - Living

Foster Father - Thunderfoot - Living

Foster Sisters - Everlastingpaw - Living, Missingkit - Living

Foster Brother - Boltpaw - Living

Aunts - Wildheart - Living, Ripplesong - Living, Shimmershadow - Living, Reflectionsky - Living, Creamlight - Living, Kumquatcloud - Living, Silverberry - Living

Uncles - Brambleshadow - Living, Cloudclaw - Living, Thunderfoot - Living, Stormwillow - Living, Eaglefrost - Living, Leafstorm - Living, Flarekit - Living, Hummingkit - Living

Grandfathers - Shadowheart - Living, Flameglow - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Grandmothers - Silvermoon - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Crystalheart - Living

Great Aunts - Mossfur - Living, Silentwind - Living, Turtleheart - Living, Shimmeringpaw - Living

Great Uncles - Thornwhisker - Living, Snakeclaw - Living, Redstorm - Living

Great Grandfather - Icestar - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Great Grandmother - Skyheart - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Great-Great Grandfather - Shiningclaw - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great-Great Grandmother - Reedheart - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great-Great Uncle - Pebbletail - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great-Great Aunt - Whitefeather - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Cousins - Fallingkit - Living, Opalkit - Living, Topazkit - Living, Lifekit - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Flintkit - Living, Countrykit - Living, Daringkit - Living, Dreamkit - Living, Everlastingpaw - Living, Boltpaw - Living, Winterblaze - Living, Fadingshadow - Living, Redfrost - Living, Holly - Living, Missingkit - Living, Reddeningkit - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Barkkit - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Specklingkit - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Midnightkit - Living, Wispkit - Living, Sheepkit - Living, Heronkit - Living, Smallkit - Living, Mitekit - Living


  • He has WindClan, RiverClan, WinterClan, and Loner blood, because his great grandparents, Icestar and Skyheart, were RiverClan and WindClan cats, and his family lives in WinterClan, and his Grandparent, Shadowheart, was born a loner.
  • He was once described with orange eyes.
  • His mate will be Tranquilwind.
  • Stoem has fun roleplaying him because of his ignorant nature, and he is one of her favorite cats on the wiki.
  • His Life image shows a ginger tom with brown eyes when he is a bright ginger tom with black streaks and amber eyes.
    • This is because Stoem couldn't find one.
  • He was named after his blazing spirit and eyes.
  • He and his siblings wont find out Moonleaf and Berryfall are his parents for some time.

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