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Current Bone's Clowder
Age Approx. 50 Moons (4.1 Years)
Status Living
Debut CS
Father Merrick
Mother Fayette
Siblings Littermates: Two unnamed cats
Half-siblings: Ezio, Pyria
Mate Unnamed she-cat (Formerly)
Kits None
Owner sɹǝʞsıɥʍ

Kirtonos is a smoky black tom with soft black fur. He wanders between the Port City and the Clans, but can usually be found hanging around the edges of WinterClan, SpringClan, and SplashClan, convincing loners to travel with him to the City, where he serves Bones. He is the head messenger, and is known among the clowder for being the head executioner, as well.



Kirtonos wouldn't be such a successful intimidator and flirt if it wasn't for his appearance. He primarily thanks his fur for his larger appearance, with its long length and thick breadth. He takes great pride in his appearance, and as a result, grooms himself surprisingly often. He usually does this while awaiting his next assignment, or right after a swift meal. Kirtonos's fur is a dark obsidian with smoke hues as well, particularly visible at the ruff around his neck, and his underbelly. His fur is notably fluffy and surprisingly soft, with his tail being notably feathery as well. His ears have slight black tufts on their ends, giving him an almost lynx-like appearance.
Despite his frequent grooming, Kirtonos's fluff fur still gets extremely tangled after he swims, particularly on his broad chest. When his pelt dries, it gets a slight wave to it until he grooms it once more. His fur lacks a sheen or shine to it, despite his coat remaining healthy. When it comes to shedding season, Kirtonos sheds in clumps, rather than by individual hairs.
Kirtonos is a notably burly cat, although definitely not the swiftest of the bunch. He's compactly built, with strong muscles and thick, long legs to give him an intimidating height. His long fur adds to his appearance as well, making him seem even bigger than he truly is. His paws are large and blocky, like a pair of giant mitts, and deliver powerful blows, although he tends to be a bit more clumsy with their larger size. He has a broad head and shoulders with a short neck, with cheek bones that are considered to be average. His claws are of an average length, with their sharpness depending on how often he sharpens his claws. His tail is noted for being long in length and slightly crooked, although he still remains a bit clumsy.
The tom's large head is fitted with small, triangular ears, as well as a wide muzzle. Kirtonos's most attractive feature may be his charming smile, as well as his vibrant green eyes that easily stand out on his dark facial features. His nose is black, while his whiskers are shorter and dark in color as well. Kirtonos, like most feral cats, has yellow teeth, although they appear a bit brighter due to his darker coat.


Kirtonos is known for being boisterous, not necessarily 'rowdy', but a very loud and vocal character. It is noted that he has a very loud and almost 'booming' voice that can easily be heard through The Port City, particularly while he's on patrol. He's one for taking charge and command, known for his leader-like qualities. With this demanding trait, he requires great respect from those around him. He doesn't play nice with others when treated as a low-life, although he has a respect for authorities who respect him as well.
Because of his earnest ways, Kirtonos gains decent respect, and often works his way up in the ranks when joining clowders or factions. He doesn't appreciate too much 'fun and games', particularly during work-time. He will not tolerate goofing off during the incorrect times, and won't hesitate to deal out punishment. He takes his work greatly to heart, and puts in his full effort to receive the best results. He can be taken as up-tight, but when around close friends (or pretty mollies), he loosens up and becomes much more relaxed, and will even joke around when in a good mood.
Kirtonos is known for his smooth tongue and intimidating appearance...or, by the local ladies, he's known for being extremely charming. The silver-tongued tom has no difficulty in persuading others and bending them to his own will. He's also known for sweeping the ladies off their paws with his attractive appearance and clever words. Kirtonos can also be terribly frightening while in verbal combat, and is also undeniably flirtatious as well as self-centered.
It can also be noted that Kirtonos isn't all brawn, he is in fact quite an intelligent figure. He's surprisingly organized as well, although everyone has their flaws. Kirtonos has a tendency to put himself and his duty before others, as he prefers what is best for himself. Close relationships tend crash because of this. He'll push all others away to focus on himself and what he believes is most important: his duty. This does, however, make him feel remarkably lonely in the end.


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Kithood and Adolescence

Born to the famed hardy sea cat, Merrick, Kirtonos was born with lots of weight on his shoulders. Out of the litter of three, Kirtonos seemed to be the strongest, and his father immediately had high hopes for his son. While his two brothers were taken to live the shameful lives of kittypets, Kirtonos was selected by his father to live on the ships and travel around the globe. With this great privilege came even higher expectations from his family. He does not recall his mother well, having been taken from her at such a young age. She was also constantly on the move.
The beginning of his years were spent training and travelling by the side of the famous Merrick. Kirtonos was one of the few cats who was able to see more than The Port City. Instead of living his in a twoleg home, a Clan, or even in the city, he spent his time on islands and unknown lands. While waiting to arrive on solid land, Kirtonos spent his time training with his skilled and burly father. His sire was an expert hunter, seeing that the mice needed to be kept in check on the ships, but Kirtonos, on the other hand, was clumsy at hunting mice. He was better at fishing, and most of all: fighting. His power was incomparable.


Before long, Kirtonos was a powerful and independent adult, but had lost his interest in ship-life. He was more interested in his homeland, especially after the death of his father, who had fallen overboard during one of their explorations in the sea. The tom, however, never recalled his mother, and had no interest in reuniting with his brothers, for he found them to be an embarrassment due to their soft nature.
Thus, the smoke tom spent the rest of his time by exploring, until he felt like he needed a responsibility. He decided to temporarily settle down in the Port City, where he was recruited as a sort of mercenary on multiple occasions. He was great at killing things.
But those jobs were always temporary. Kirtonos wanted a permanent job, one where he could hold a mighty title for years, and be proud of it. That was when he met Bones, and was offered the position of Head Executioner and Messenger.
It is noted that he doesn't take breaks often, but is spotted fishing on a rock. He then returns to shore after catching  perch, so he may eat it, only to be interrupted by Voyage and Symphony. The pair explain that they're looking for Bones, and he leads them to his leader.



Fayette: Deceased, residence unknown


Merrick: Deceased, residence unknown


Unnamed she-cat: Deceased, residence unknown


Two older unnamed toms: Living


Pyria: Living


Ezio: Living




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Unnamed brothers:

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Love Interests

Harmony: (Formerly)

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