Knifeflight is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current SpringClan
Past Kittypets
Given Knifeflight
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Ghostface
Mother Primrose
Sibling Insanekit
Mate Bloodmoon
Kits Crimekit, Corpsekit, Deathkit, Twistedkit
Apprentice Raventalon
Owner User:JessieFlynn
]]Knifeflight is a black she cat with amber eyes, an orange tail tip, and sharp claws.



Knifeflight is a slender black she-cat whose fur is easy to groom. Her amber eyes are very scary and cats know when she's looking at them. Her tail has an orange flame shaped tail tip. Her claws are super sharp and can rip through anything.
Knifeflight's slender built makes it easy for her to sneak around through the undergrowth and kill cats quickly.


A very sassy she cat with an attitude.
Knifeflight has shown her attitude to Pelli and Thunderrumble alot.
Everytime she is angered she will lash out and probley go on a killing spree.
She's shown to be mentally unstable by killing her own kit and mate.
When Knifeflight is upset she takes her anger out on her own kits.
Two of Knifefight's kits thought their mother was sweet and caring; they didn't know about her dangerous side.

Skills and Abilities

As a very fast she-cat who enjoys killing, she is very sly.



Coming Soon


Knifeflight is first seen returning to camp after killing Corpsekit and her own mate Bloodmoon. Along the way, Thunderrumble growls at her
She runs into Pelli at camp who confronts her and asks what happened saying she smells cat blood.
Knifeflight tells Pelli she saw Deathkit and Corpsekit leaning over Shadekit like they were about to kill her.
Knifeflight threatened Pelli that if she told the Clan leader what really happened she would regret it.
Her three remaining kits, Deathkit,Twistedkit, and Crimekit, are seen in the nursery wondering where their brother and mother have gone.
A day after she kills Nixie a rogue by a blow to the neck and Eagle a young kit.
After she kills Nixie and Eagle she get's into a fight with Pelli and Thunderrumble taunting them the whole time.
A week later she returns to camp while her kits Deathkit and Crimekit run over. Twistedkit is hidden by her best friend Poolkit. During the same day Knifeflight is attacked by Thunderrumble.
Knifeflight and Thunderrumble have a huge fight ending in her own death. Before she dies, her last kit is born, which Twistedkit renamed Brightkit.




Love Interests


  • Pelli - ever since Pelli found out Knifeflight killed Corpsekit, she was disgusted and became very hostile, and she didn't believe Knifeflight when she lied to her that the Dark Forest warned her about Corpsekit. Pelli is wary of Knifeflight, and makes sure to stay out of her way.
  • Thunderrumble- Killed Knifeflight


  • JessieFlynn thinks the song "Breath No More" by Evanescence describes Knifeflight in a certain way.
  • She represented her owner JessieFlynn/Jessie's messed up side.







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